05 March 2013

ATC DigiTec Division of Marsh Bellofram Introduces Bearingless AC Tachometer Generator Series

ATC DigiTec Division of Marsh Bellofram Introduces  Bearingless AC Tachometer Generator Series

The ATC DigiTec Division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation, a member of the Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies, has announced the global market introduction of its highly compact 758-GF86/XF86 series of industrial open face AC tachometer generators, part of its WESTCON product family. These tachometers are designed primarily for use on shaft ends to measure speeds of up to 100,000 RPMs and extremely low torque burdens of less than one ounce-inch.
Designed primarily for use by OEM’s, ATC DigiTec 758-GF86/XF86 series AC tachometer generators are speed transducers of the most basic form, consisting of simply a stator and a permanent magnet rotor mounted onto a rotating shaft within a customer’s own specified equipment. Potted models (designated with the letter “P” in the type number) are also available with stator windings encapsulated within an epoxy material for greater protection. The compact size of the 758-GF86/XF86 series allows them to be installed in inaccessible or otherwise hard-to-reach areas such as gear boxes, diesel engines, and conveyor systems, saving space and reducing costs. In addition, as their rugged, bearing-free and brush-free design requires absolutely no maintenance, they offer increased reliability and minimized downtime. Units are designed to meet MIL-S-901 high shock, as required by specification MIL-T-16049. They are also impervious to oil, grease and relatively high temperatures.

As an accompanying accessory, ATC DigiTec also offers digital RPM indicators that operate from AC and DC voltage signals, as well as from AC frequency. These meters are specially modified to reduce rapid fluctuation, displaying their output in display digits that result from varying speed drive rates.

For more information about the 758-GF86/XF86 series or other products available from the ATC DigiTec Division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation, visit www.marshbellofram.com.

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