DirectIndustry ---- The Virtual Industrial Exhibition This RSS feed keeps you abreast of new products in industry. With over 11.000 manufacturers, DirectIndustry ensures comprehensive product updates in categories such as electricity, mechanical transmission, hydraulics, robotics, machine tools etc... <![CDATA[Meady brand cast iron shredder sewage pump with cutting impeller for dirty water]]> 1.Using a cutting impeller with against a spiral diffuser plate.
2.Single vane iron impellers with tungsten carbide tipes
3. Serrated sunction cover is field replceable.
4. Built in thermal protector prevent motor failure due to overloading.
5. High head capabilities available on certain models.

Water temperature: up to 35c
PH: 6.5-8.5
Density of liquid:1.3g/cm3
Insulation: B class
Protection : IP68
Maximum immersion depth:10m
Cable length: 8m
Power: 0.75-7.5kw
Head: up to 30m
Capacity: up to 120m3/h


for residential ,commercial ,industrial sewage treatment
for poultry ,dairy, hog and fish water processing.]]>
Fri, 29 May 2015 04:18:15 +0200
<![CDATA[Fiber laser cutting machine Energy-saving new model GN-NCF3015]]> Laser type: fiber laser
Laser wave-length:1070nm
Laser power: 500W
Cutting area:3000mm*1500mm
Max cutting thickness:6mm
Cutting accuracy:≤0.03mm
Min cutting kerf:0.10mm
Cooling model: water cooling
Power supply:AC 380V±5% 50Hz
Main power: 4.5KW
Applicable metal: steel, stainless steel,galvanized steel,etc.

Equipment Feature

1.Advanced fiber laser source equipped
2.Components from world famous suppliers, Panasonic,Yaskawa,YYC,Simens,Precite,etc.
3.Low energy consume, no maintenance cost
4.Quality assurance, long warranty. various warranty plan for you to choose.
5.Professional and fast respond service mechanism, door to door after-sale service, free 24/7 online technical support and before-sale technical consultation.

Applicable Field
Widely used for metal sheet processing, advertising trademark, advertising character,
high/low voltage electrical cabinet, mechanism parts, kitchenware, cars, mechanical, metal craftwork, saw blade,
electronic parts, eyeglasses, spring, circuit board, kettle, medical microelectronics, hard ware,
knives tool, measurement, instrument, etc.

CE ISO Certificated, Machine and Service Quality Double Assurance!]]>
Fri, 29 May 2015 04:07:35 +0200
<![CDATA[NdFeB magnet with low weight loss material for aircraft ]]> Coating: NiCuNi
Application: Motor, aircraft

Because there is Nd-rich phase and iron-base in NdFeB magnet, and it is easy to be oxygenated and corroded, which restrict application in some fields, such as the motor of elevator, wind-drive generator, methane generator, and so on. To improve it, we developed the low weight loss magnets.

At present, the best low weight loss magnets we could produce are as follows:
132.9℃, 2.9atm and 95%-100% moisture for 168 hours, the weight loss is less than 5mg/cm2.

Certainly, real weight loss could differ according to the dimension of magnets.

This kind of low weight loss magnets could enhance the anti-corrosion resistance, and prolong the longevity, and decrease the cost of maintenance.

If you have any demand on NdFeB magnet, please feel free to contact us.]]>
Fri, 29 May 2015 04:04:44 +0200
<![CDATA[New Upgraded Rigel Articulating Video Borescope from Medit Inc. is Now Available ]]>
Camera’s Other Outstanding Features

The camera has been popular among different types of professionals for its great price-value ratio and outstandingly high performance. It is used for a wide range of applications by municipal workers, contractors, engineers, technicians, mechanics and other specialists to avoid costly equipment disassembly, repairs and downtimes.

Rigel works with waterproof probes of different lengths and diameters, which all feature optimum tip articulation, allowing for thorough examination of problem areas. The probes of 1m (3.3’) and 2m (6.5’) have 180 degree angulation in both directions, and 3m (9.8’) probes articulate 120 degrees in 2 directions. The probes are equipped with a locking mechanism that enables operators to lock the camera in the desired position. The super sensitive CMOS video chip (60 fps@AVGA) and adjustable, high-output LED light illumination allow for capturing sharp, color-rich images of different internal structures.

The control unit is lightweight, compact and features a rubber anti-slip handle, which is extremely important for operators who have to work in wet conditions or wear gloves. It is equipped with a 3.5” color HD digital LCD (720x640 pixels), SD memory card and USB slots to store inspection data or transfer them to a laptop and a video output to connect a larger TV monitor. All functions, for example, capturing images or videos of the inspections, zooming in/out, or adjusting light intensity can be performed by means of control buttons on the unit. Rigel operates on a powerful, rechargeable LI-polymer battery that allows users to record up to 4 hours of inspection videos.

The Rigel Articulating Video Borescope, featuring extra durable, metal-braided probes, was designed to make remote inspections fast, easy and highly informative.]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 23:27:45 +0200
<![CDATA[Universal Fit Plug-in Loop Detector]]>
The ULT-PLG also features:
Universal compatibility - fits a wide variety of popular gate operators
ECO friendly - low current draw
ULTRAMETER™ digital display - quick selection of optimum sensitivity setting

EMX has proudly manufactured its access control products in Cleveland, OH since 1987.

For more details, visit]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 22:03:57 +0200

Color Touch Screen Display
From Low to High Powers (1 to 250 W)
Advanced Features like Data Logging and Data Transfer to PC
Available in 2 Models:
Pronto-250: Broadband YAG Calibration (0.248 – 2.5 µm)
Pronto-250-CO2: CO2 Calibration

The product will be shown for the first time at the Laser World of Photonics show in Munich, at the Laser Components booth (B3.303). The Pronto-250 and Pronto-250-CO2 will be available for delivery in July 2015 but orders can be placed now.]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 20:55:29 +0200
<![CDATA[Marlon CS Diamond Meeting Pod]]>
For the project, eight identical Marlon CS Diamond panels each measuring 214mm x 2645mm were installed between timber beams. The finished result was a stylish ‘meeting pod’ which fitted in perfectly in the modern design studio. The 2.8mm thick Marlon CS Diamond sheet with a striking prismatic embossed finish ensured the level of privacy required by a workplace meeting space whilst allowing the room to benefit from plenty of daylight.]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 17:22:54 +0200
<![CDATA[Modular and expandable advanced power analysers]]> Thu, 28 May 2015 16:47:27 +0200 <![CDATA[Verderflex is proud to launch its latest innovation in peristaltic pump technology, Steptronic.]]>
The units are highly adaptable, offering a wide range of flow rates (0.1 to 1310 ml/min) with a class leading 4096:1 turn down ratio and speeds in excess of 400 RPM. Steptronic has multiple AC & DC input power options and can be controlled remotely by digital, analogue and HMI signals including 4-20mA and 0-10V.

Steptronic has a wide range of accessories and options including IP66 rating, special casings, remote power packs, foot switches and the option for factory programmed custom configured speed, torque and ramp settings.

Head options include the new VF "Mini-Load", as well as the proven high performance Verderflex "EZ" pump heads. The Mini-Load is very sleek and compact in size with a number of features including the latest 4 roller design, unique tube clamp inserts, dual stackable/multiple pump head facility all with quick tube release functionality.

The Steptronic is the ideal cost effective single source solution giving all users from design engineers to large OEM manufactures maximised performance and reliability. Steptronic can help you by reducing downtime and eliminating the design uncertainty and risks associated with the separate specification of pumps, drives and control systems.

Typical life science applications include the bio-decontamination systems from dental to endoscopy equipment, as well as pharmaceutical equipment including bioreactors. We understand that the accuracy of dosage and reliability is critical for example in methadone dispensing systems, chlorine monitoring applications, water treatment, bench-top laboratory cross-flow filtration environments and industrial lapping machinery.]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 16:21:40 +0200
<![CDATA[Maintechworld presents the new depalettizer]]> Automatic machine suitable for emptying bags of about 25kg containing
"granulate or powders materials" with a potential maximum of 500/600 bags / hour.
The machine consists of:
- lifting pallet full of bags, to place in the holding position the rows of bags; provided with rails and activation by robust gearbox;
- Special grip assembly bags [patented] activated by suction cups in a vacuum,
for the simultaneous operation of 5 bags per time.
This group is mounted on a supporting frame of rails and operated by a strong gearmotor;
- Vacuum generator integrated through use of appropriate vacuum pump(customized);
- Group of blades to cut the bags made of special steel, operated by electric motors and safety controls;
- Unloading group composed of a material collecting bin with vibrating grid to empty bags;
- Automatic ejection system for emptying bags placed in hopper side ;
- PLC control system with touch-screen graphical panel for managing the complete system and color display to check the operating status, diagnostic alarms and possibility of historical pages dedicated to various jobs of empty bags, data base organized by date, by typology of material.
optional possibility "MACHINE STOP REACHING at # NUMBER of bags unloaded.
The system does not include rotary valve extraction material and relative loading silos machine CS.
These components will be added separately after considering the type of material and loading distances.
PRODUCTION 500-600 bags / hour
The system is a solution for emptying fully automatic and highly efficient that it allows to have substantial savings for the following points:
- Increased productivity (an human operator can have a productivity maximum of about 120 bags / hour);
- Reduced heavy job ;
- Increased safety (total elimination of manual lifting);
- Increased flexibility (the machine is suitable for different types of empty bag).
The machine consists of:
-lift pallet for bags /position gripping a whole row of bags;
- Group gripping bags by suction cups in vacuum, for the gripping of 5 bags at a time and complete transverse drive mounted on linear guides balls bearings.
- complete group and blades made of hard steel, it’s driven by two electric motors;
- emptying hopper with vibrating grid to emptying bags;
- automatic pneumatic ejection of the empty bags beside the hopper;
- PLC control system with touch-screen graphic panel permits to manage the complete machine constantly displaying the operating status, diagnostic alarms and possibility to manage historical pages of various amounts of empty bags, by date, by type of material .
- Technical data:
- Compressed air consumption: 5 Nl / h
- Voltage: 400V/3/50-60Hz
- Size 2500x3500 mm H = 4000
- Weight: 1300 kg]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 15:54:26 +0200
<![CDATA[Rotronic CL11 - Indoor Air Quality Data Logger]]>
Using the ROTRONIC software package SW21, it can be easily set to record as required and data can then be downloaded, saved and analyzed.

• Measures and logs CO2, relative humidity and temperature
• ROTRONIC HYGROMER® IN-1 humidity sensor
• 40,000 data point memory for CO2, humidity and temperature values
• Maximum, minimum and average values displayed
• Adjustable audible and visual CO2 alarm
• Optional external temperature probe
• Includes software for configuration and data download]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 14:54:59 +0200
<![CDATA[New Head of Sales for Jenoptik Lasers.]]>
His former jobs included Director Sales Europe at RM Microdevices and various functions at Ericsson. Having worked in several functional areas, Klaus Büsselmann not only has extensive sales know-how, but he also has long-time experience in leadership and project management.

At Jenoptik, he is responsible for the global sales of the innovative laser systems. Jenoptik is one of the few suppliers world-wide that provides high-quality and reliable series production of the complete laser beam sources technology chain – from semiconductor materials to diode lasers and solid-state lasers. Jenoptik lasers are very reliable, efficient and powerful. They are mainly used for industry and medical technology.

From June 22-25, 2015 Jenoptik will present its range of products at LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich, hall A3, booth 235.

Please find a picture of Klaus Büsselmann in the Jenoptik picture database Lasers & Material Processing / Press.]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 14:18:24 +0200
<![CDATA[Walter Cut]]> Contra blades and internal cooling.

Facts and advantages:

No loss of the cutting edge during machining due to the optimal, positive-locking design of the insert seat
Improved tool life and productivity thanks to optimum cooling directly in the cutting zone from a coolant pressure of just 10 bar
Optimum chip control thanks to internal coolant supply
Can be used on all conventional clamping blocks
Low vibration tendency thanks to strengthened shank]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 13:27:17 +0200
<![CDATA[Meech announces appointment of new General Manager for Chinese region]]>
With a background in sales and over five years’ management experience in the Chinese region, Meech is confident that Richard will take the business to the next level.

Explaining what drove him to apply for the role, Richard says: “Meech’s leading position in the static control and web cleaning sectors is undeniable and over the past ten years the company has continued to strengthen its position in the fast-growing Chinese market.”

He continues: “For these reasons, I felt now was the best time to take on a new, challenging role that will help Meech exceed the high targets it has set. I am very much looking forward to taking on this new leadership challenge.”

Chris Francis, Managing Director at Meech International, comments: “We are delighted to welcome Richard to our international team. China continues to be an important region for Meech and his experience and management skills make him the best choice for leading our local team. We’re excited for what the future will hold with Richard as the head of Meech (Shanghai).”]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 12:56:56 +0200
<![CDATA[Yokogawa releases FAST/TOOLS(R) R10.02 web-based enterprise automation solution]]>
Development background
Yokogawa has identified a rising need for the integration of the various disciplines and functions required for the delivery of human-centric information solutions utilising new technologies such as industrial cloud computing, industrial SaaS, and the Industrial Internet of Things. In essence, the aim is to connect sensors, devices, and plant facilities to facilitate the remote access of data and enable supervisory control from just about anywhere. The FAST/TOOLS enterprise automation platform addresses these needs by offering comprehensive solutions for the deployment, operation, and monitoring of control system environments. This will help companies make faster decisions, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and achieve operational excellence.]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 12:06:08 +0200
<![CDATA[Edit your nestings directly onboard the machine]]>
Libellula.WIZARD is a customizable, onboard CAM application on-board dedicated to the programming of any kind of sheet metal cutting machines.

An intuitive, easy-to-learn touch screen interface allows to prepare a nesting for production queue directly onboard the machine, without interrupting the production flow, avoiding any time losses or interruptions while moving from the technical office to the workshop, offering the possibility to save up to 85% of your time compared to a traditional software solution.]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 11:37:34 +0200
<![CDATA[VE 8 Energy Case]]> As an easily portable system (wheels and built-in trolley), the VE 8 Energy Case can diffuse for 8 hours an omnidirectional 360-degree light, non-glaring and non-shaing. It will enable you to intervene at night in the event of a network outage, specifical tasks, fire, incidents or accidents.

Technical Specifications :

- Peli branded black case, 1440 model :
External sizes : 50 x 30,5 x 45,7 cm
Internal sizes : 43,4 x 19 x 40,6 cm
Equipped with wheels and handles, built-in trolley system
Depressurization system
Padlock locking available (padlock not included)

- 1 charger (12V 8A)
Input : 230V +/- 15% 50/60Hz
Output : Charge d’entretien de la batterie +/- 3%
Residual ripple < 200 mV
Power : 8A]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 10:47:35 +0200
<![CDATA[Pipe and Sheet Metal YAG Laser Cutting Machine GJMSJG-150300DTG]]>
Machine Features:
1) YAG laser 850W
2) Working size 1.5m*3m
3) Automatic following focus device realizes dynamic focus continuous cutting
4) The working table is equipped with universal wheel and pneumatic loading device
5) Be equipped with integrated rotary device
6) Cutting both sheet metal and pipe

Machine Application:
1) Sheet Metal Application
2) Automotive Industries
3) Aerospace Industries
4) Metal Art Work
5) Machine Manufacturer
6) Furnitures]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 10:46:33 +0200
<![CDATA[Permeability Testing Instruments ]]>
Labthink permeability testing instruments can test various materials, including films, sheeting materials, containers, etc. Under guidance of different test methods, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, organic gases, combined gases, etc. can be measured.

By participating inter-laboratory round-robin organized by PIRA, Labthink proves that it can supply the world with superior products and services!]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 10:22:39 +0200
<![CDATA[XL Corner post]]> Thu, 28 May 2015 10:12:38 +0200 <![CDATA[Energy Harvesting meets Display - No Batteries, No Wires]]> SR06 is a combined room temperature and humidity sensor with display.
SR07 is available with set point adjustment, day/night time mode and multi function push button.

SR06 LCD is the highlight of this new and innovative series. With its maximum power energy management the unit operates without external supply voltage.
The custom solar cell self-sufficiently powers the device and the energy is harvested by artificial or natural light sources in a room.

A continual indication temperature and humidity, set point, fan stages, presence and window status without user wake up is displayed and the ability to control room comfort levels with set point and fan stages buttons.

External reset option and the integration of external values such as occupancy or window status via the EnOcean bi-directional “Smart Acknowledgement” technology.

Besides the standard 55mm x 55mm grid dimension of switch manufacturers the SR06/SR07 is also available with 63mm x 63mm, therefore no intermediate frame is required and an impeccable design is preserved.]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 09:59:34 +0200
<![CDATA[Hydraulic press 4 columns vertical for SMC molding 3000T 4C by GMR presse]]> The press in question is designed expressly for the operations of forming of plastics sheet to hot.
Horizontal slider of the lower bank, in order to allow easy loading of the molds in the machine and unagevole extraction of the finished piece in the event that its dimensions are such that it can not be extracted under the press.
Device for control and correction of the parallelism between the movable platen and the bench nellultima molding step to ensure that the material is distributed properly inside the mold, and avoiding harmful side thrust components.
The system consists of 4 points of response and control to the sides of the cabinet.

Maximum thrust force: 3000 Ton
Maximum pull force: 100 Ton
Maximum opening between floors: 2,400 mm
Racing mobile surface: 1,900 mm
Passage between columns front: 3,200 mm
Passage between columns laterally: 1,300 mm
Dimensions of the plans: 3,200 x 2,600 mm
Approach speed adjustable: ~ 200 mm / s max.
Maximum speed pressed up to 1,000 tons: 20 mm / s
Maximum speed pressed to 3,000 tons: 5 mm / s
Minimum speed pressed to 3,000 tons: 1 mm / s
Opening speed adjustable quick: ~ 200 mm / s max.
Total installed power: 250 kW (including auxiliaries)
Voltage supply: 400 V
Fuel tank capacity: 5.000 lt.
Dimensions of maximum: 5,200 x 3,800 mm xh 10,000 hole depth (bench at floor): 2,000 mm
Overall height hole: ~ 8,600 mm]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 09:36:24 +0200
<![CDATA[F381A a digital indicator for load cells and displacement sensors]]>
This product is ideal for monitoring the load of press machines used for assembling automotive parts, motors, and many more!

SD card slot is optionally available for data recording too.
If you have any questions, please contact us anytime!

 LCD Color Display (Touch Panel)
 High-speed sampling: 4000 sps
 Load cell and displacement inputs
 High and low limits for curve
 Various hold functions
 High & low limits for load and displacement
 SD card option is available]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 08:39:36 +0200
<![CDATA[SYNERGY Harmonious mixture of materials]]>
The SYNERGY range offers plenty of space to accommodate interfaces, has no slanted inclinations and is very easy to assemble thanks to the 3-part enclosure design. The top and bottom parts and the aluminium frame are assembled using four connecting parts made of reinforced polyamide and corrosion-free stainless steel screws with the reliable Torx drive. The advantage of this type of assembly is that the parts are only screwed together from below, so that there are no visible screw heads that might spoil the visual impression. The top part including the recessed control panel, the bottom part as well as the battery compartment cover are made of flame-resistant material ASA-PC-FR (UL 94 V-0) in black (RAL 9005). The aluminium body has been blasted from all sides with glass beads, then anodised in silver, offering exceptional stability and heat dissipation as well as a high-quality appearance. PCBs can be mounted in the top or bottom parts, and vertically on all 4 outer sides. The connectors serve as positioning aids. In addition to this, battery compartments with battery clips are available as accessories for 2, 3 or 4 x AA batteries, depending on the size of the enclosure; wall mounting units as well as extenders for extending the PCB attachment domes are also available.

In addition to the standard sizes, the aluminium profiles are available on request in special lengths, each in increments of 5 mm. SYNERGY is ideal for individual applications according to customers‘ wishes, for example with EMC aluminium vapour plating or special colouring of the plastic parts, mechanical processing for interfaces, digitally printed foils, lettering, printing or anodising of the aluminium profiles in black.]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 08:31:28 +0200
<![CDATA[IEC IP67 400A Industrial plug/socket 400V for airport ,mine field ]]>
Product Model:QX75006

Product Type: Industrial receptacle /socket

Protection Ratings:IP67


Earth Contact Position:6h

Rated Current(A):400A


Standards:Conform to European/International Standards EN/IEC 60309-2




3.Food service industry

4.Chemical industry





9.Power station


11.Indoor and Outdoor places

12.Tertiary industry etc.


Our company focus on bringing in advanced technology and equipment, which adheres to the ISO9001:2000 international quality system,quality certification.To be a export-oriented enterprises, QIXING also get international agencies of Product Certification in the following relevant fields: CB , CE , CCC , TUV , GS , SEMKO , ROHS. We are continuing to introduce high-level technical and business management talents, gradually gain first-class production technology. Company is specialized in industrial plugs, sockets, coupler(connector)and so on.

All our products not only have the merits of dust-proof,waterproof,Corrosion-Proof and heat-resistant,UV-stop and so on,but also easy to plug-in and stable to connect. Completely replace the electrical plug and socket of the new patch devices, deeply accept by domestic and overseas customer.They are widely used in Ironmaking and Steelmaking,Petroleum Chemical Industry, Electricity, Electronics, railway, Construction Site, Airports, mine, post-mining land, water treatment plant and port, Pier, market, hotel. They are also a great new generation of ideal power supply of Plug-in device and used in power apparatus bring in from abroad,Connecting support and servicing installation.

Our products command a good market both at mainland and abroad, exports to Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions. They are served as the basis for approvals by local customers.]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 08:03:10 +0200
<![CDATA[Farley Laserlab Contour DF3015 Plus Fiber Laser Cutting Machine]]> 1. Expert database allowing for quick change over between jobs
2. BECKHOFF CNC Control System
3. Exchange Working Table
4. Re-trace Mode allows for the operator to control the cutting process if a cutting error occurs
5. Laser Source::IPG / RAYCUS
6.Germany Precitec Laser Cutting Head

Technical Parameters:
1. Cutting Area( Length * Width): 3000mm *1500mm
2. Laser Wavelength: 1070-1080mm
3. CS Cutting Thickness: Max.16mm
4. SS Cutting Thickness: Max. 8mm
5. Interface: USB RJ45
6. X -axis Stroke :3048mm
Postion Accuracy: 0.05mm
Moving Speed: 80m/min
7. Y-axis : Stroke : 1524mm
Position Accuracy 0.05mm
Repeatabiity Accuracy 0.03mm
8. Z-axis : Stroke 150mm
9. Max. Loading-bearing : 800Kg]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 05:18:02 +0200
<![CDATA[New Karl Fischer Titrator KF-31 "CONVERTIBLE"]]>
KF-31 is fully comply to Karl Fischer volumetric/coulometric method for water contents determination with modern technology feature.
5.7 inch touch panel color display. Availability for various option like Water Vaporizer. Intuitive, easy operation software. Multi language. "CONVERTIBLE" function, switchable titration between by menu between volumetric to coulometric vice versa.]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 03:49:20 +0200
<![CDATA[PCD Step Drilling Reamer]]> Precision hole machining for auto industry with great surface treatment.
Work pieces such as various materials, such as cylinder head, cylinder block, transmission, auto piston, auto engine, crankshaft, and so on.

1. Very high precision and high processing efficiency
2. High abrasive resistance and thermal conductivity and strong toughness
3. Can realize high speed milling and hole machining
4. Workpiece with very good surface after machining
5. Long service life, 10 to 20 times than other hard alloy tool.

The PCD Step Drilling Reamer tool bit uses PCD blanks manufactured by world famous companies.
The body part uses high quality tungsten carbide and tool steel.

Quality Control:
We have dedicated team of quality control and precise equipment to keep good and stable performance.

Customer-tailor Service
Customer-tailor would be available upon customers’ requirements.
Our business partners are all over the world including some cutting tool industry giants.]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 03:37:55 +0200
<![CDATA[Electrical Flexible Conduit]]> Product Features
Our company is specialized in manufacturing Electrical Flexible Conduit and Flexible Metal Conduit for many years. We constantly improve our techniques and upgrade technology to provide the best Flexible Tube to our customers.

The Electrical Flexible Conduit (Square Locked) is in good flexibility and extensibility and surface is neat. The characteristics of tube can be adjusted customized according to different requirements. The tube can be coated with braiding or plastic cover. The material of plastic cover is optional for different characteristics of oil resistant, abrasion resistant, low temperature resistant or fire retardant.
Product Specifications
Tube Material:Stainless Steel / Galvanized Steel
Coating Material:PVC / HDPE / LDPE / LSZH
Coating Color:Black / Grey
Temperature Range:-25 ℃ ~ 105 ℃
IP Rating:IP67 (Coated)
Approvals:EN (CE) / CCS]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 03:12:30 +0200
<![CDATA[Graphic Display 12864 LCD Module]]> 1. Graphic Display
2. High Reliability
3. Light, Thin
4. View Wide
5. Low Consumption
6. RoHS

-Parameters :
2.Module size:70.7*69.9*9.0(mm)
3.Active Area:56.27*38.35(mm)
4.Number of Dots:128*64
5.Dots Pitch Size:0.44*0.6(mm)
6.Dot Size:0.39*0.55(mm)
7.Backlight:LED White
8.LCM Tech:COG
9.Operating temperature: -30℃~+80℃

1. Various types of portable and desktop industrial equipment
2. All kinds of handheld devices

Should any of the items be of interest to you, please feel free to contact me.]]>
Thu, 28 May 2015 03:01:44 +0200
<![CDATA[TECHNI-FLOW : AIR OPERATED DIAPHRAGM PUMPS TFG800 2ʺ  FOR CHEMICAL FLUIDS]]> Furthermore, our new diaphragm pump Techni-Flow TFG800 plastic is available in a number of materials further increased so as to maximize the number of compatible chemical fluids.]]> Thu, 28 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Acnodes’ New 17” Fanless Touch Panel PC Features Celeron J1900 Quad Core 2GHz Processor]]>
Acnodes has designed this new panel pc around a rugged aluminum housing to meet the harsh industrial environmental standard. Its front bezel has been tested and rated to comply with IP65 water and dust resistant standards. Thanks to its passive cooling concept, the FPC827 provides not only high performance and reliability buy also noiseless and power saving benefits. While FPC8217 has an elegant and modern appearance, it is also capable of operating in environments with temperatures ranging from 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to +50°C) and relative humidity of 10% to 95%. To fulfill different application needs and to secure the system from power input changes, this system accepts a wide range of 9~36V DC power input. This unit also supports optional ARM, wall, rack, VESA and panel mounting which enable easy installation in various applications that are in confined spaces.

More information may be found at

Our product line configurations are illustrated on our web site at However, most of the commercial and industrial computers are custom built to customer’s exact requirements. Contact us via e-mail: or telephone (1-909-597-7588) for more information.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 18:55:21 +0200
<![CDATA[Flexible tray packers for plastic bottles]]>
Most important characteristics of the VZT2XX tray packers:

- Different sizes available according to your needs & space available
- Servo controlled for exact positioning and smooth movements
- Wide range of products can be packed
- Easy setup and short change-over times thanks to recipes
- Mobile system that can be swapped between production lines => more flexibility in production
- Optionally with economical leak tester

The following options are available on the tray packers:

- Rotation wheel: this option is mostly used in case of oval bottles. Bottles that are not accumulating at 1 side will be orientated in that way so that they still can be stacked automatically.
- Rotation unit: products can be rotated 0°, 90°, 180° or 270°, depending on the requested stacking pattern. This will result in a higher fill ratio in case of big rectangular bottles.
- Side shift station: when packing round bottles, the filling rate of the layer can be improved by the use of a staggered pattern.
- Block formation: this function allows to feed in the bottles faster in a stable way
- Vibrating guidings: advisable in case of sticky materials (PP, PET, PETG)
- Ioniser: prevents major problems with static charges on the bottles that can result in falling bottles.
- Vacuum under the bottles at the pusher position. This increases stability.

Depending on your needs, there are also other types of tray packers available:

- Low cost collection table / tray packer - VZT11X range
- Inverted tray style packing tables (bottles are palletized with the neck down in the tray) - VZT23X range

Please contact one of our specialists so we can help you in choosing the right solution for your project(s).]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 18:41:46 +0200
<![CDATA[High Contrast Thin Film Polarizers]]>
Typical polarization ratio of these polarizers is well above 1000:1 (Tp:Ts). For optimal performance, high contrast Thin Film Polarizer should be mounted in an appropriate holder alowing angular adjustment.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 15:49:19 +0200
<![CDATA[Pneumatic linear balancer with pneumatic gripping tool for rolls of cloth]]> The pneumatic linear balancer can be used, for its easy use, in applications for the handling of loads not over hanged.
It is supplied in the version hanged to jib cranes and light crane bridge systems, in aluminium profile.
Gripping is made with a gripping tool with two jaws, properly shaped, on the sides of the rolls of different diameters.
The self centring opening and closing of the jaws allow an accurate control of the gripping point.
Both the controls for gripping and releasing, than those with the lifting and lowering of the load, are located on the control handle.
Max capacity 250 kg.
Max vertical stroke up to 2 m.
Diameter of the rolls 150 – 450 mm]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 15:47:24 +0200
<![CDATA[To Mini Motor the future of handling is integrated]]>
With the new Series DBS consisting of motor and integrated drive, Mini Motor proposes the best solution to many sectors of industrial automation, with special regard to packaging, which is of strategic importance to the food and pharmaceutical, and change of format sectors.
In addition to models 55/100 and 55/50, the Series DBS has also been extended with two new products, as follows: MCDBS with angular warm gear reducer, and DBSE with epicycloidal reducer with reduced
These new products stand out for a section board of 55mm, power up to 220W, torque up to 0,7 Nm,
drive with profibus and modbus field bus, 24 and 48 Vdc. An SSI multi-revolution absolute encoder
of 4096 impulses offers ever greater possibility of speed, torque, position and homing regulations.
Technical features are:
• 5 digital inputs and 1 analogic input
• 1 relay output (NO)
• Serial port RS485 for parametrization
• Connectors (IP67)
Motor is three-phase, 4-pole, sinusoidal, close shape, provided with rotor with NdFeb magnets,
safety heat protection, permanent magnet stationary brake (optional), class F winding, IP35 protection.
Thanks to DBS solution, we can have:
• Easy installation,
• Less wiring,
• Lower costs.
The new Series DBS, thanks to the installation of 1 single feeder and 1 interface module, turns out as
a simple and inexpensive solution, which enables to install a small-size electrical switchboard and solve
any problem typical of standard systems that require many Servo Drives and wires.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 14:55:31 +0200
<![CDATA[New Motorbase line type MB 50]]> Wed, 27 May 2015 14:28:33 +0200 <![CDATA[Android KitKat BSP for iWave’s i.MX6 SOMs]]>
- i.MX6 ARM Cortex A9 Quad, Dual, Dual Lite & Solo CPU
- 1GB DDR3 RAM (Quad, Dual, Dual Lite CPU version)/ 512MB DDR3 (Solo CPU version)
- Freescale PMIC
- SPI NOR Flash
- eMMC Flash
- uSD slot
- Standard SD slot
- USB 2.0 Host
- USB 2.0 device
- 10/100/1000 Ethernet
- PCIex1 Port
- CAN Port
- LVDS display port
- Capacitive multi-touch
- PWM for backlight
- HDMI Port with Audio
- SATA (Support available only in i.MX6Q/D)
- Hardware Codecs (Encode/Decode)
- 2D/3D Graphics
- MIPI CSI camera port
- AC97 Audio In/Out
- Console UART

Besides the Android support, Linux and WEC7 board support packages are also available for the i.MX6 Qseven SOMs from iWave systems. More details about the i.MX6 Qseven SOM & software features can be found in the i.MX6 Qseven product page.

Device drivers will be supported for specific interface chipsets, which are used in iWave’s Qseven Carrier board. More details about iWave i.MX6 Qseven development kit can be found in the following webpage:]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 14:18:56 +0200
<![CDATA[Drama as helicopter sensor flies into theatre role]]> If live theatre is to compete with film/TV, it has to produce visual spectacles to complement the performance of the actors on stage. Props and backdrops are lowered onto the stage from the fly tower just behind it, usually this is done between scenes, but sometimes it is during the actual performance. “Until recently, the sets were manually controlled with instructions given by radio to the winch operators.” explains Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology. “Speed is of the essence during scene changes, but you have to be confident the winches won’t fail – which could easily damage the set or injure a person.”
“We developed our LoadSense load cells a couple of years ago, originally for monitoring cargo nets carried under helicopters.” says Tony. “We could see that the technology would transfer to many other fields – although I didn’t realise it would get to be a backstage pass to a world of greasepaint and legwarmers!” In basic terms, each LoadSense has an RF transmitter sending signals to the control room computer. “By working in real time, we can act instantly to any problems. So, if a load starts running too fast we can slow it down immediately. If a prop is heavier than expected this could suggest someone was standing on it so it shouldn’t be whizzed into the air at high speed.”
LoadSense is proving so sensitive that it can provide a feedback signal to close the control loop on a vector drive controlling the winch, which enhances safety by a significant margin. “Not that many years ago, stage scenery was fairly static, being moved only during the interval,” Tony recalls. “Then the big theatres started to emulate some of the things you see in the movies. Looking back, those early efforts were pretty crude, but nowadays, film directors can produce their spectacular images using CGI, and this has upped the ante for their cousins in live theatre. The computer power they turn to is not virtual reality but industrial automation. With

automation some order is brought to this creative chaos. In fact, the health and safety inspectors now insist on it, with lots of failsafes and feedbacks. I honestly don’t think theatre engineers would be able to achieve half of what they do without wireless communications.”]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 14:03:52 +0200
<![CDATA[NEW! Series-MCS for up to 5 kVDC / 4.5 A]]> Series-MCS is available in 2-, 4- and 6-pin configuration and suitable for operating voltages of up to 5 kVDC (testing voltage 8 kVDC) at a rated current of up to 4.5 A. The insulation material used is glass fibre reinforced PBT according to flammability class UL94 V-0, the robust nickel-coated brass-housing complies with protection class IP68 (mated condition) and is locked by a screw closure.
Series-MCS are equipped with gold-plated 0.7 mm solder- or crimp-contacts for AWG 26-22 (wire size 0.15-0.38 mm²). Depending on requirements both sides of the connection can be assembled either as plug or socket.
The multi-pin high voltage connectors of Series-MCS represent a space-saving, rapidly installed and well protected solution ready for various usages in demanding high voltage applications. They were shown in public at PCIM 2015 in Nuremberg/Germany for the first time.
The high voltage connectors of GES Electronic & Service are worldwide proven in a multitude of high voltage applications and are seen as a reliable, durable and well-engineered solution within their segment.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 13:52:48 +0200
<![CDATA[Reflective Aluminum Fiberglass Heat Barrier]]>
This Reflective Aluminum Fiberglass Heat Barrier reflects 95% or more of the radiant heat that contacts its surface. Constructed from a high-temperature base fiberglass which is then coated with aluminum foil or aluminum film.

Aluminum foil coating is best for static applications and temperatures up to 650°F / 343°C, this fabric will withstand short duration exposure up to 1115°F / 600°C and up to 3000°F / 1650°C for very short durations. The aluminum coating melts at 1220°F / 660°C.

Reflective Aluminum Fiberglass Heat Barrier has different thickness.

Reflective Aluminum Fiberglass Heat Barrier with adhesive backed is also avaibale.

Reflective Aluminum Fiberglass Heat Barrier quick facts
Continuous operating temperature 500°F (260°C)
Max short term exposure 1000°F (538°C)
Weld spatter resistance Outstanding
Flame resistance Outstanding
Abrasion resistance Outstanding
Flexibility Outstanding
Water and oil resistance Outstanding]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 13:14:16 +0200
<![CDATA[MicroAir series of Ultra Low Pressure Air Regulators and Controllers for Manufacturers of Extruded Tubing.]]>
The MicroAir provides precise control of tubing outside diameter by regulating air pressure to a set point during the manufacture and extrusion of medical, catheter and automotive tubing. MicroAirs are used to regulate and control pressure for precise air sizing of extruded plastic tubing. Pressure is maintained for widely varying flow rates such as when a cut is made, etc. The "force balance regulator" provides instantaneous response to changes in flow rate and maintains a set pressure with flow rates from near zero up to the rated maximum. Both our low-tension spring models and our high speed linear solid-state model offer some of the highest flow rates in the industry.
air pressure regulators

MicroAir I - manual model
MicroAir II - Up/Down buttons and accepts contact closures
MicroAir IV - High speed switching for bump and taper tubing
ULTRA LOW RANGES: 0-2" of water(0.07 psi), 0-3" of water, 0-5" of water, 0-10" of water, 0-15" of water, 0-30" of water,0-50" of water, 0 - 3 psi, and 0 - 5 psi.

Our 0 - 2" of water full scale unit can effectively regulate down to .2" of water (0.01 psi).
Lower ranges (0.25", 0-.5" and 1") are possible in our MicroAir I and II.
Maximum full range is 0 - 5 psi (0-120" of water, 0-30 kPa, 0-300 mbar, 0-80 oz/sq in, 0-350 cm w.c.)
Note: 1 psi = 27.68" of water

Maintaining tubing dimensions are critical during medical tubing/catheter extrusion. While tubing has gotten smaller and smaller over the last 30 years, our MicroAir units have been continually updated and improved upon for better stability, and precision at lower and lower air pressure.

Each MicroAir includes a magnehelic pressure meter accurate to 2% of full scale.
Meters available in inches of water, pounds per square inch (psi), mbar, kPa, etc.
A fluid filled chamber mounted below the pressure relief valve adds viscostatic damping to ensure stable, hysteresis free operation.
(Note: oil does not come in contact with the regulated air)
Repeatability is better than 1% of full scale. Full scale is the maximum air pressure output ordered.

Single channel MicroAir I, MicroAir II and MicroAir IV units are built in
stainless steel enclosures 12" x 10" x 6".

Multi-channel units for multi-lumen tubing are available in all models (see below).

A 3-year Factory Warranty is offered on all units. Our highly-reliable MicroAirs have a life-expectancy of 10-20 years.

All units are manufactured in the United States of America at our Hudson, Massachusetts facility
and can be shipped worldwide by UPS, DHL, TNT or FEDEX. A new padlockable door latch has been added to all units.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 12:54:04 +0200
<![CDATA[Dark colour finishing]]>
The dark colour finishing is made of a paint applied on the zinc plated steel rod & nut at the final stage of manufacturing.

This finishing provides a new alternative for facilities requiring non visible rigging in the Entertainment industry, PPE, the Defense.

2 advantages:

Product marking of the Working Load Limit remains fully visible

Zinc protection remains under the powder coating]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 12:25:42 +0200
<![CDATA[NEW TS INDUSTRIE GS/COBRA 75DS CHIPPER-SHREDDER AND WS/23-75 DT WOOD-CHIPPER ]]> And TS INDUSTRIE does not stop there, since it also introduces a unique electronic management: PILOT SYSTEM SWING’
Not only complying with new emission standards in force since 1 january 2013 (Tier 4 final, Stage 3B for engine power from 37 to 55 kW), the KOHLER KDI motor requires no Diesel Particle Filter, hence a maintenance cost reduction, an improved comfort for the end-user and his environment and a high reliability which earned it the title of « Diesel of the year 2012 », a reference in the field of manufacturers, awarded annually to the most innovative diesel engine in terms of technology.

The KOHLER engine KDI 2504 TCR direct injection with 4 valves per cylinder and operating without Particle Filter will now be used on two key references of the TS INDUSTRIE ranges : the GS/COBRA 75DS chipper-shredder and the WS/23-75DT wood-chipper.

And when TS INDUSTRIE combines the latest generation of engine to its exclusive PILOT SYSTEM SWING’ technology, results exceed all expectations!

Indeed, the PILOT SYSTEM, real onboard computer that already allowed control of the machine at different levels such as no stress regulation, various securities management, as well as monitoring its daily use and maintenance, will now have a new feature in combination with the engine : THE SWING’.

From now on, the new TS INDUSTRIE PILOT SYSTEM SWING’ will allow a configuration of 3 engine rotation ranges corresponding to 3 cutting/shredding performances with their own parameters depending on the material to be shredded, the number of users and the site. A revolution in the field of cutting/shredding: the machine adapts itself to the real needs of the user at a given time on a site.

The results of the association of Common Rail technology with no Diesel Particle Filter to the PILOT SYSTEM SWING’ technology are more than convincing:

1- Substantial operating savings
 A reduction in fuel and oil consumption
o Up to – 35% of fuel savings
(Average comparison between a COBRA 65 DRI (old version) min and a GS/COBRA 75DS (new version) – depending on the rate of use – without taking into account the CO2 Reduction system which increases results)
o Longer oil change intervals
 Increased maintenance intervals
o Maintenance may be increased to 750 hours interval, ie 250 hours more compared to current TIER 3/Stage IIIA engines and up to 350 hours more compared to the same engine with DPF.

2- A better respect of the environment
 Recirculation system of exhaust gas
 Lower heat releases
 Decrease of the noise level up to - 6 dB – knowing that a lower sound level of 3 dB is perceived by the human ear as a being a noise reduction of 50%...
(Average comparison between a COBRA 65 DRI (old version) and a GS/COBRA 75DS (new version)).
 Not to mention the optional CO2 Reduction system that regulates the chipping process by only using the full power of the engine when necessary. A sensor detects the presence of the operator or not and automaticaly adapts the engine rpm and the chipping process : reduced CO2 gas emissions, lower noise level for the user and the surrounding environment, improved user comfort, reduced diesel fuel consumption, increased machine service life.

3- Always more efficient machinery
 Combustion and performance optimization through a combination of 4 valves per cylinder and the vertical position of the injectors.
 Amplified performances through the supercharging of the intake air and the high injection pressure.
 Excellent transient response of the motor
 Largest motor torque at low speed]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 12:10:47 +0200
<![CDATA[Gravity twist “All Sizes”: The new efficient gravity system for all sizes of cans]]> Wed, 27 May 2015 11:34:05 +0200 <![CDATA[TSS-range available in UL94 V0-rated material.]]>
What makes the TSS different from existing products on the market are the built-in features that you normally do not find in this otherwise relatively simple product.

TSS is a technically advanced yet “simple” grommet designed to replace existing end plugs and other less functional plastic plugs that are difficult and impractical to use. It comes equipped with features never before seen in cost effective grommets.
TSS is made of a rubber-like material which gives it a number of benefits compared to traditional thermoplastic plugs.

Like all our other products the TSS has a pop-out membrane, leaving a sealed and water proof installation until it is penetrated by a cable. It can also be used as an end-plug and is one of very few that is approved for IP67.

The TSS is extremely flexible and handles a very wide range of cable diameters. TSS is designed to be fixed securely in the opening, also when larger cables are installed. Since the material is soft, it is ideal to use on curved surfaces, as it will adapt to the shape of the surface.

For further information visit, or contact us at]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 11:25:55 +0200
<![CDATA[Retrieval Automatic Storage System : WIP ]]> Manage WIP Corrugated Cardboard in a flexible and agile manner involves important limitations when using traditional storage systems.

In response to this need, DF proposes a new Automatic Vertical Storage System for Corrugated Cardboard Sheets, capable of storing several stacks at different heights in the minimum storage area.

This storage system allows locating different reference units in single cells, each one independent and accessible directly from racking aisles, facilitating immediate and swift delivery of the material to converting processes.

This concept, know and widely used in traditional warehouses for palletized load, has emerged as an innovative solution for the intermediate product storage, becoming a very effective and competitive alternative for the logistic sector.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 11:07:10 +0200
<![CDATA[JQ metal cutting fiber laser 1530 for steel stainless steel cabinet box ]]>
Product Description:
With high quality fiber laser generator, high precision "HIWIN" ballscrew transmission and advanced automation
NC system, this product is getting high and new technology in one which by laser cutting and high precision
machinery NC technology. Getting high speed, high precision, high efficiency and low cost together perfectly,
this product can be the best choice for bulk metal materials cutting job.

Machine features:
1, High speed, high precision, high efficiency and low cost
2, Easy on operation, fiber optical path, without tediously adjustment on optical path
3, Compact structure, good sealing, strongly adaptable to changes in the environment.
4, With the perfect automatic nesting system which can save time, save the materials, the sheet utilization ratio
up to 95%.

Applicable industry:
Aerospace technology, rocket, plane, robot, elevator, steamship and automobile manufacturing and metal parts
processing industry for metal plate, advertisement, kitchen ware, bit tool, hardware etc.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 10:53:03 +0200
<![CDATA[New medium laser cutting machine : Laser Plotter Meteora]]>
The machine equipped with a CO2 Laser source of 25, 50(60), 100 or 200 Watt (air or liquid cooled), a cutting head driven on two axes by powerful brushless motors. Usable cutting area (1000x600 mm), external fume suction device that may be connected to a filtering unit, RS-232 interface or USB memory, for connection to a Personal Computer. Possibility of control at ten power levels, possibility of selecting five cutting modes: constant speed, variable speed for optimizing times, fine cutting, and others; cleaning of the cutting head using air produced by an internal pump or with air produced by an external source or with gases specific for laser cutting (usually Nitrogen). Laser pointer for positioning the material to be used (optional). You can move Z axis to accommodate thicker materials. Material entry: front and lateral. Optionally the machine can be equipped with a Sliding double frame.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 10:46:33 +0200
<![CDATA[WN-140TEC/R6/3S WINON Fully Automatic High Speed Servo Pad Printing Machine with Laser for Faucet ]]> Features: High Speed, laser, Auto-feed & Auto-discharge, PLC and Touc

Product Description

WN-140TEC/R6/3S Fully-Automated Inkcup Pad Printer
Features: High Speed, Auto-feed & Auto-discharge,
PLC and Touch Screen.
CLICHE SIZE(MM): 100 X 250
DIMENSION(MM): 2100 X 1495 X 1978

Features of Fully Automated Printing System:

1. Fully automated feeding & discharge device;
2. High speed and smooth machine operation;
3. Pad up & down driven by servo (optional selection); and
4. PLC control system, touchscreen interface.

As a model of the high-range precise pad printer, its precision and stableness comes from advanced accessories and excellent processing. Servo motor control, ball screw driving and PLC control, and rotary table with indexer design.

This fully automated printing system is suitable for mass production requiring high-precision registration.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 10:45:49 +0200
<![CDATA[Pedestrian Crossing Safety (PCS) solution]]> The Pedestrian Crossing Safety (PCS) solution is a system of traffic lights that indicates the presence of pedestrians crossing to forklift drivers.

Pedestrians are fitted with a series of tags or transponders which, emit light signals that are detected by an activator. Subsequently, the lights indicate the presence of pedestrians in the vicinity.

Key Features:
Detection of trucks in the proximity of the traffic light.
Easy installation
Durable and robust system components.

Areas of application :
Loading and unloading zones.
Poor visibility areas at junctions between pedestrians and forklifts.
Areas with high forklift traffic.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 10:32:41 +0200
<![CDATA[Explosion-proof solenoid valve/ stainless steel]]>

Model: SCDC
Material: Stainless Steel
Application: Hazardous Area
Class II 2 GD Ex d IIC
Certification: ATEX IECEx
Temperature : Class 4]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 10:21:33 +0200
<![CDATA[Launched CBN High Efficient Radius End Mill SHR320]]>
* Reference value of interference angle after length of cut is 15°.
* Actual measurement required, in order to avoid interference between tool and work material.

※Depth of cut is for contour line milling as the value of reference. Please adjust it depending on machine rigidity and processing
※Ramping approach with angle 3゚or smaller is recommended.
※Recommend leaving uniform finishing allowance on the machined surface in the pre-stage cutting (semi-finishing).
※When cutting high load sections or complex shapes, it requires attention to condition setting and tool path.
※Adjust both spindle speed and feed at the same rate.
※Oil mist coolant is recommended.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 10:16:51 +0200
<![CDATA[Economical plasma cutting system - AngelBlade E Series plasma cutter]]> AngelBlade E series may be the first low cost air plasma power source acquired complete intellectual property rights. It would not interfere with any arc voltage THC. What’s more, the swirl ring technology applied by AngelBlade E series could remarkably improve the cutting quality and piercing thickness.

The favorable price and low loss consumables will make your purchase cost reduced substantially.

AngelBlade E Series Key Technical Advantages
Arc System
Non-high-frequency pilot arc, a foreign technology of high voltage pulse arc with high success rate of arcing and no interference to any system or AVTHC.
100% full inspection for main power components, which are the top-class brands imported from Europe.
Circuit Cooling System
Specially-made radiator with brazing sheet and design of air duct enable the machine to work for a long time in favorable temperature and improve its duty cycle.
Cutting Torch
The key part of torch is made of macromolecular materials for longer service life; Swirl ring technology is applied to airflow for greatly improving cutting quality and piercing capability.

AngelBlade 60E:
Output current: 20-60A
Piercing capability: 16mm
Edge start capability: 30mm
Duty cycle under max output current: 60-80%
100% duty cycle: 45A

AngelBlade 100E:
Output current: 20-100A
Piercing capability: 20mm
Edge start capability: 50mm
Duty cycle under max output current: 60-80%
100% duty cycle: 92A

AngelBlade 100EPro:
Output current: 20-130A
Piercing capability: 25mm
Edge start capability: 55mm
Duty cycle under max output current: 60-80%
100% duty cycle: 125A]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 08:52:46 +0200
<![CDATA[BINCEN Axle Load Scale 80 tons for high and slow speed road]]> •platform size:3/3.2/3.5/4m etc ×0.9/2.0/2.2/2.5/3.0m
•weighing sensor:equipped with 4 sensors
•specified range:20,30,40,50,60,80,100t
•static accuracy:OIML 3,d=10,20,50kg
•dynamic accuracy:axle weight F class
•weighing forms:gross weight be equal with accumulation data of fore-and-aft wheel,the whole truck’weight can reach 50~150t
•power:220v/50Hz(equipped with rechargeable batteries when electricity cut off)
•print out weighing result by computer.
•need puting in the foundation,fixed weighing position.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 08:41:41 +0200
<![CDATA[PowerHV- 2000kVA Step-up Transformer for power transformer testing]]>
The Step-up transformer need a low partial discharge level and normally with several voltage Taps which could satisfied the test requirement for different input voltage of the transformer under test.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 04:05:49 +0200
<![CDATA[BT-90 Nano Laser Particle Size Analyzer]]> Technology: laser; Analyzed materials: for liquids; Functions: sizing, light scattering; Domains: laboratory, industrial;

This instrument is able to measure the size of nano particles in a liquid. It has characteristics of compact structure, good accuracy and repeatability, fast measuring speed and powerful software, etc. Has been widely applied to production fields and research institutions for testing the nano material such as nano metal powder, protein, emulsion, printing ink, dyestuff, painting, ceramic material, etc.

1. High accuracy and repeatability.
2. Fast testing speed.
3. A precision temperature control system.
4. High precision photomultiplier (PMT).
5. High performance photon correlator.
6. Powerful software.

ISO, CE and FDA.

1. Size range: 1nm∼9500nm.
2. Repeatability: < 3% (CRM D50).
3. Test time:≤5 minutes per test.
4. Concentration: 0.1∼100mg/ml (in connection with sample).
5. Tank capacity: 0.5ml, 5ml.
6. Temperature range of tank: 15∼65°C.
7. Laser source: 20 mW, 635 nm(wavelength), solid laser.
8. Angle of scattering: 90°.
9. Detection unit: PMT (photomultiplier).
10. Correlator: 200 physical channels, 1-5us dynamic sampling and delay time.
11. Computer Interface: USB 2.0
12. Operating System: Win XP, Win7.
13. Environmental conditions: 5~35°C
14. Computer requirement: Computer operating with WindowsTMXP
15. Printer: stylus, ink or laser printer

Nano metallic oxide, nano metallic powder, nano ceramic material, protein, polymer latex, preparation of pharmaceutical, water/oil emulsion, paint, coating material, pigment, ink, toner, cosmetics, research fields, preparation and application of nano materials.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 03:50:03 +0200
<![CDATA[IP66 Railway DC-DC converters with RIA12 surge withstand capacity ]]>
The converters meet the requirements of EN50155 for electronic equipment used on railway rolling stock. With heavy filtering on the input and output, the converters comply with EN50121-3-2 electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

Input voltages include 24Vdc, 36Vdc, 48Vdc, 72Vdc, 96Vdc or 110Vdc with wide EN50155 input ranges. Single outputs include 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc or 110Vdc. Custom input and output voltages are available on request.

The converters are enclosed in rugged, waterproof, dust-proof, die cast aluminum IP66 packages. The input and output are via sealed cable glands, circular connectors or custom connections. The internal boards are ruggedized and conformal coated for immunity to high levels of shock and vibration.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[New Premium-Class Scan System - excelliSCAN brings more productivity to micro-processing]]>
For the electronics industry, increased throughput is a vital contributor to economic success as well as the flexibility and quality of processing methods. Of ever-increasing importance, modern laser processing is particularly well-suited to fulfilling that industry’s requirements – and those of other sectors, too. Specific examples of scanner-based processing methods include full-surface processing, and cutting of contours or openings in hardened glass in the manufacturing of smart devices. Specially developed to meet rigorous demands for dynamics, precision and long-term stability in 24/7 operation, SCANLAB’s excelliSCAN scan system newly defines the core elements of scan technology.

An Impressive System Designed for Industrial Usage

excelliSCAN utilizes galvo scanners with ultra-precise digital angle sensors and a completely new SCANahead servo control: this control solution enables highly dynamic laser processing unencumbered by the existing limitations of conventional servos with tracking error. The new servo design achieves a previously unattainable union of very high speed with very high dynamic performance, thus delivering clear productivity gains to users. Moreover, high-speed contour marking accuracy (e.g. starting off from sharp corners and curves) is significantly improved.

excelliSCAN’s new mechanical design provides enhanced stability, more compactness and optimal heat removal under dynamic load. In addition to the familiar water-cooling option, SCANLAB for the first time offers a system variant with efficient, active air-cooling. This is particularly welcome for machine designs that don’t allow water as a coolant. excelliSCAN will initially be available with a 14-mm aperture; a 10-mm version is in preparation. Control is provided by the newly developed RTC 6 control board, which, together with the scan system, will debut this June at the laser tradeshow in Munich.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Guyson Automated Blasting Improves Coating Effectiveness]]>
Since the early 1990’s there has been considerable growth in the use of performance enhancing coatings that include hard-wear, scratch resist, heat dissipation, corrosion protection and decorative coating on a wide variety of components, ranging from chrome bathroom fixtures and door furniture, optical glass, exhaust pipes, compressor blades, medical implants and injection moulds to drill bits and cutting tools. These performance coatings offer an alternative to the more traditional methods of product surface enhancement such as electroplating and can deliver many advantageous characteristics, such as hardness and wear resistance, improved colour fastness, corrosion resistance and a reduction in tarnishing.

To deliver these improvements, many manufacturers of high performance components such as high speed drills, cutting tools and hobs, found that a high level of consistency of the surface topography was essential to facilitate the required improvements in coating adhesion. So naturally many have contacted Guyson, and over several years now Guyson have been working in conjunction with a number of blue chip cutting tool companies to achieve a consistent blasted component surface finish which delivers improvements in coating adhesion, that in turn has led to increased product quality and performance.

Achieving the consistency of surface finish necessary has required the use of automated grit blasting to eliminate the inevitable variations in hand processing, coupled with highly controlled fine media blast finishing, 300 mesh and higher, prior to the hard-wear coating.

Guyson offers various levels of automation to the component manufacturer including:

• Single Rotating Spindle Blast (RSB). Single or multiple small components can be blasted in the Guyson Multiblast® RSB single spindle machine, dependent on fixturing and blast coverage

• For greater component volumes, the RXS400 rotating and indexing two spindle system is frequently chosen; this machine has been designed specifically for the work-cell manufacturing environment. (pictured)

• For very high production volumes the Guyson RXS900 Multiblast system is often specified. This blast cabinet is fitted with an indexing rotating turntable that can have six or twelve evenly spaced revolving work spindles which index through the process area presenting the components accurately and for a precise amount of time in front of the blast guns.

• Guyson is also able to offer an additional option in automated blasting – robot blasting. Guyson offer two options, one with the component manipulated under the blast nozzle and the other with the blast nozzle manipulated around the fixed or rotating component.

Robot blasting enables very tight levels of blast control and absolute repeatable coverage, time after time. It is perfect for components that require a precision finish and validation of that finish, such as medical implants. Cost savings in compressed air consumption, media wastage and labour can often be made to offset the cost of the robot.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[SpineServ employs Zwick machines to test implants]]>
According to industry consultant and publisher Orthoworld, endoprostheses with a total value of US$43.1bn were implanted worldwide in 2013. The growing number of manufacturers, combined with constant calls for greater implant durability, has also resulted in increased demands being placed on testing technology. Dynamic fatigue tests represent a significant proportion of pre-clinical implant testing. Their purpose is to reveal mechanical weak points in newly developed implants before the latter are authorized for clinical use. This significantly reduces the risk of implant failure (e.g. break) after implantation. SpineServ of Ulm, Germany, has specialized in implant testing since 2007 and can perform all tests required for mechanical testing of implants, including fatigue tests.

During fatigue tests on artificial hip-joints particular attention is paid to achieving the most realistic load line possible. This means that the load is applied to the femoral head in the same way as it would act on the hip of a patient in a standing position. In addition a high number of load changes must be allowed for; 5 to 10 million, depending on the standard involved. To enable this to be simulated in a realistic time frame, high frequencies are used in the mechanical test - 25 Hz in the case of hips. A hip prosthesis should be able to tolerate a maximum load of up to 5.34kN without failure through the specified load changes.

Due to the high frequencies and loads involved in fatigue tests, SpineServ uses proven 10 and 25kN machines (HC10 and HC25) from Zwick. These servo-hydraulic testing machines satisfy relevant standards ISO 7206-4, ISO 7206-6, ISO 7206-8 and ASTM F2068. In addition, the mechanical general conditions defined in the standard, including the orientation of the hip endoprosthesis to the test load, the embedding height and the load-application angle, can be defined accurately by means of a suitable embedding device . As well as simulating dynamic loading of the hip endoprosthesis shaft during walking (with loosening of the implant already present) in order to test the durability and life expectancy of the shaft, this also allows the neck area of the prosthesis to be subjected to an alternating load.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Top Class but cost efficient Solution for Electro-acoustic Quality Control]]>
The basis for sound quality testing in a production line is the frequency spectrum generated by the component under test. The setup process starts by recording the typical spectrum of a test specimen and defining the acceptable statistical deviations. This "acoustic fingerprint" is then compared with components in the production line. The XL2 provides this solution.

In its simplest form, the XL2 displays the fingerprint of the test specimen, together with the actual spectrum of the component under test. A trained eye can view and compare these, make a visual quality decision and store the result on the XL2.

PASS/FAIL Automation
The process can be further automated using the XL2 "Spectral Limits" Option. Clear PASS/FAIL signal lights are provided, highlighting deviations within each frequency band.

PLC Integration
The XL2 can also be integrated into larger production systems. Linked to a PLC using the NTi Audio "Digital I/O Adapter", the test can then be started by the PLC and the result passed back.

Full remote control
Take the XL2 a step further with the "Remote Measurement" Option, providing you with access to live data and the ability to program complex test sequences from programming languages such as C #, Python, LabView or even VBA in Microsoft Excel.

Industry Standards in audio
With a distortion of less than 0.001% and an accuracy better than 0.1 dB over the entire frequency spectrum, the XL2 is the reference class of handheld acoustic and audio analyzers and is ideal for testing audio components in a production line. Comprehensive filter functions and measurement values, typically associated with the testing of audio components, are inherent in the device.

The XL2 is established as one of the most popular and reliable professional sound level meters. You will appreciate the full performance capability of the XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer.]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[4B Sugar Mill Chains]]> Engineered in a range of constructions, including welded steel chains, engineered steel chains, steel bush chains, forged fork link chains, bagasse chains and more, 4B’s sugar chain range satisfies all Sugar Mill chain requirements all the way throughout the process.

Wash & Feed Table Chains
Main & Auxilliary Cane Carrier Chains
Shredded Cane Carrier Chains
Intermediate Carrier Chains
Cush Cush/Bagacilio Elevator Chains
Pressure Feeder Roller Drive Chains
Diffuser Chains
Bagasse Elevator, Conveyor & Reclaim Chains
Bagasse to Boiler Leveller Chains
Dry & Wet Sugar Elevator Chains]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[The new Gooseneck Lamp D65G]]> Wed, 27 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200 <![CDATA[oil condition sensor GearControl-OiL®]]>
GearControl-OiL® monitors six parameters indicative of lubricant condition continuously and simultaneously. Eisenbeiss gear system know-how comes through especially in the integrated algorithm which draws conclusions from these six parameters about the general state of the gearing. So our system not only registers unsatisfactory lubricant condition but also reliably detects incipient damage to the gearing. This allows the facility operator to take measures in good time, before the gear system suffers fatal damage.

Maximize operating reliability, and benefit from maintenance work and preventive measures being easy to plan with precision. So that gear system outages are a thing of the past we’ll be happy to advise you!]]>
Wed, 27 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Steel Belts Are Top of the Milk for Tetra Pak]]> The new carton combines the easy handling and pouring of a bottle with the environmental and cost advantages of a carton. It is initially being aimed at the ambient white milk market, including non-oxygen sensitive enriched products, including flavoured milk and cream.
Unlike traditional carton materials, which are aseptically sterilised before they are formed into shape, the Tetro Evero Aseptic is pre-formed and not flat-packed, meaning it requires an alternative approach.
The majority of existing technologies for sterilising performed shapes rely on a gas-condensation process. This process involves the gas condensing on the material surface, but this is known to be complex and difficult to control.
The Tetra Evero Aseptic, however, uses a new gas-phase sterilisation technique which involves the cartons passing through a unique aseptic chamber in pairs where they are exposed to hydrogen peroxide. The gas comes into contact with the whole preformed package – inside and out, removing any contaminants that might have been present before entering the aseptic chamber.
The cartons travel on steel belts during this production process. The use of steel belts is a highly hygienic alternative to using traditional plastic and PU conveyor systems. Avoiding the spread of contaminants is imperative in belt technology: steel belts are far easier to clean than their plastic counterparts and do not need to be lubricated in order to transmit power. This is important because germs and potentially harmful bacteria are attracted to dust generated by lubricant grease, which can potentially contaminate food or other products.
Steele belts are not just available as flat conveyors, they can be customised in many ways and offer novel and exciting solutions to a variety of complicated conveying problems. Belts can be perforated with complex patterns for timing, vacuum or dosing applications.
Together, the steel belt technology and the new gas-phase sterilisation technique used in the production of the new Tetra Evero Aseptic have resulted in a highly effective means of commercial sterility – an innovative development which should now set the gold standard for the production of aseptic packaging across Europe and the rest of the world.]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 16:25:00 +0200
<![CDATA[KE-LED-EX 4003 - new ex-proof LED lamp by KIRA]]>
to explosion hazards, as fix mounted armature or as mobile hand lamp. Branches and sectors of industry such as aircraft manufacturer, petro chemistry, tank farm manufacturer

and road tanker manufacturer, offshore industry, chemical industry, food industry and many further sectors that require safety concerning explosion proof, trust in the safety

of Kira lamps. Our lamps are ATEX certified and are produced under strict production- and test instructions.

Features KE-LED-EX 4003 explosion-proof POWER-LED lamp
• 3 POWER-LEDs for high light output/ 6500 Kelvin
• Protection tube made out of polycarbonate (makrolon)
• Protection category IP68 - 50m / 5h
• Minimum power consumption
• In currency range 230 volt, 110 volt, 42 volt, 24 volt, 12 volt available

Version hand lamp
• Homogeneous light by means of light diffuser foil
• 10 metres oil resistant cable H07RN-F 2 x 1 mm² (other lengths on request)

Version built-in / surface-mounted lamp
• compact dimensions, ideal for installation in machinery, vehicles and electrical equipment of any kind
• 10 metres oil resistant cable H07BQ-F 2 x 1,5 mm², orange (other lengths on request)
• Two fixing clamps inclusive

ATEX Identification: EX II 2 G | EX II 2 D | Ex e mb IIC T4 Gb | Ex tb IIIC T105° Db IP68 | Tool group: II | Category: 2G und 2D | Hazardous zone: 1 and 2, 21 and 22 | Temperature class T4]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 16:22:29 +0200
<![CDATA[Combined sounder and Beacon SB150 - 1]]>
The SB 150-1 can be set with three operating modes: rotative, flash or permanent. Four alarm stages are available: from the less critical stage to the most critical stage.


- Standards: EN 60079-0 , EN 60079-1 et EN 54 ( BS 5879 )
- Atex approved : II 2G Exd IIC T4 ~ T6
- Operating temperature : -40 ° C to + 70 ° C
- Dampness : up to 95%
- Material: GRP
- Support Material: Stainless Steel
- Protection : IP66 / 67]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 16:17:52 +0200
<![CDATA[BEUMER fillpac®: Filling technology for the building industry ]]>
Cement, mortar or gypsum - the bulk density, flow characteristics and grain distribution of these products, which are filled in bags and packed for delivery to the customer, may vary significantly. BEUMER Group, a single-source provider of filling, palletising and packaging systems offers the BEUMER fillpac®, which can be flexibly integrated and adapted with existing packaging lines by the user. Depending on project requirements, BEUMER Group offers varying designs. Specific weighing electronics are utilised to ensure weight accuracy of the bags. Operators can nearly eliminate rejects caused by too high or too low filling weights.

Building materials have their own specific characteristics, such as high product temperatures or different volumes and weights - they may show an unusual flow behaviour and may be dimensionally unstable. As a partner to this industry, BEUMER Group successfully enable material manufacturers to fill bags without any product loss with the BEUMER fillpac®, an efficient filling machine. The systems of this construction series fill reliably, carefully and sustainably while meeting the required throughput.

Precision filling
The BEUMER fillpac® is equipped with a weighing unit, which communicates permanently with the filler neck via a dedicated software. The automatic bag weight control determines the exact filling weight while filling. This way the system always achieves accurate degrees of filling. Thus the packaging line works more efficiently as it is no longer necessary to remove under or overweight bags from the material flow. In addition, the quantity indicated on the bag always corresponds to the real volume.

Air filling machines for pourable and coarse-grained products
Depending on the requirements and on the material characteristics such as bulk density, flow behaviour or grain distribution, BEUMER Group can offer both air and turbine filling machines from the construction series. The air filling machines are suitable for bagging pourable and coarse-grained products with particle sizes up to ten millimetres. The systems use a blower to fluidise the materials in a pressure chamber. The products can then be filled into bags gently and precisely. Depending on the throughput, the user may opt for a rotary or an inline filling machine. The air rotary filling machines have four to twelve filling modules which are arranged in a circular pattern. Depending on the number of filling spouts, the systems reach a maximum capacity of 1,200 to 3,600 bags per hour for 25-kilo bags.

The air inline filling machines are generally equipped with one to four filling modules. Depending on the number of filling spouts positioned next to each other, the system achieves a capacity reaching between 300 and 1,200 25-kg-bags per hour. Regardless of whether the system is arranged in a circular pattern or in a line, capacity and utilisation can be improved by installing an optional automatic bag placer. The filling process is carried out either automatically or at the push of a button. Two configurations are available for removing the bag at the end of the filling process: either manually or automatically with vertical bag discharge on a belt conveyor.

Turbine filling machine for free flowing and fine-grain products
The turbine process is the appropriate solution for companies which predominantly fill free flowing and fine-grained materials, such as cement or gypsum. The turbine filling machines use motor-driven impellers. They can be arranged either horizontally or vertically, ensuring a particularly high filling pressure and thus a very good compaction of the fine-grained materials to be bagged. The result is filled bags which are compact and dimensionally stable so that the user is no longer required to vent them.
With up to 20 filling modules, the BEUMER fillpac® R for example can fill up to 300 tons of fine-grain materials per hour into diverse bag types. The HDPE bag placer, an exclusive offering of BEUMER Group, enables dependable filling of HDPE bags. The filling impeller is characterised by its speed and the maximum material throughput. The bag weight adjustment, which automatically adjusts the weight of the next bag, always ensures precise results. Opening and closing of the vertically mounted filling spout is carried out outside of the dirty area - this way the three-position cylinder which regulates the coarse and fine flow is protected from dust. The cylinder for bag discharging is also located in the dust-free zone above the filling spout. This solution minimises wear and tear on both cylinders and, therefore, ensures longer service life.

BEUMER Group also offers the turbine filling machines with inline design. The filling modules are placed next to each other for ready access, which makes them extremely easy to maintain. The inline filling machines are best suited for production environments with low throughput rates.

Individual customisation
The BEUMER construction series is equipped with an ergonomic control terminal. The improved Human Machine Interface concept allows operators to work in a simple and intuitive way. Almost all built-in components of the BEUMER fillpac® are freely available commercially. This reduces delivery times for spare parts and lowers capital costs for the user. Furthermore, the intralogistics supplier has designed the system in a way that individual customer requirements or special operational requests can be implemented flexibly and cost-effectively.]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 15:42:04 +0200
<![CDATA[AM4515T8: up to 900x magnification]]>
These unique features make the Dino-Lite AM4515T8 a great inspection tool for biomedical and scientific research, material analysis, electronics inspection, or any similar application that require high magnification, versatility and mobility. The Dino-Lite AM4515T8 is bundled with the user-friendly DinoCapture 2.0 software. For this model it includes functions such as automatic magnification reading (AMR), calibration, measurement, capturing & annotating images, and recording video. Although the AM4515T8 model can be operated handheld, a high-precision stand is recommended. The Dino-Lite RK-10A for example is a great add-on, it is a sturdy and stable high-end stand solution constructed of resilient stainless steel and lightweight aluminum and offers a very precise fine-focus adjustment.]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 15:00:05 +0200
The new model machine, which has been patented, is called EVA and introduces two absolute innovations:

– The whole motorization is electric-powered
– The steering system is actuator free and does not mount conventional steering mechanisms

This results in an average saving on energy of 18% up to 22% compared to a conventional hydraulic mobile gantry cranes, an overall reduction in the various systems and installations fitted, savings on running costs and improved reliability thanks to the use of simpler components that become full electric.

The traditional machines use a diesel-powered engine to activate the hydraulic pumps pushing the oil of various circuits; the pressed oil activate the hydraulic engines that allows producing the movements required, but converting the energy of diesel engine to hydraulic energy produces a very lower output compared to convert the diesel to electric energy.

The high-energy performance of the new EVA range is ensured by a diesel engine that produces electricity through an alternator. The electricity generated directly supplies the electric engines used for lifting, translating, lighting and cross-moving cranes.

A further advantage is the lack of hydraulic piping, running through the machine structure. The outcome is no inconvenient like messy oil leaks, source of costs of maintenance as well as a problem for the environment. Moreover, the assembly and disassembly time of the equipment is remarkably reduced.

Every steering action is controlled in the cabin using a standard joystick. Compared to conventional machines of this kind, the bogies (wheel groups) do no mount pistons, rack and pinion assemblies, bearing drives or other mechanisms for steering, but use the same electric engine that drives the translation.]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 14:22:38 +0200
<![CDATA[A Clean Solution: Flottweg Presents Hygienic Decanters]]>
Flottweg Decanter Technology – Safe Processing of Foods

The components the decanter that come into immediate contact with the medium to be processed (e.g. bowl, scroll and feed) are exclusively made from high-quality, rust and acid-resistant stainless steels. This guarantees both increased strength and good cleanability. The stainless steels chosen provide the highest revolution speed possible, making an additional separator unneeded, in many cases.
The hygienic Z5E is thus outstanding for the separation of coagulated proteins, the manufacture of soy beverages and starch, and the clarification of fruit juices.

Trust Is Good – Flottweg Touch Control Is Better

The Flottweg Touch Control isn’t just an operating element of the machine’s control system, but can also be extended to become a complete system controller. The Flottweg Touch Control is characterized by very intuitive menu guidance that makes operation easier for the user of the machine. The different variants are designed for the harshest of conditions. Temperature variations between -20 and +70 degrees Celsius, aggressive atmospheres, or even protection classes up to IP67 are no problem for this panel. High-resolution graphics on a 12" screen round the whole thing off. Visitors to Flottweg at ACHEMA 2015 will be able to experience the operation of a decanter centrifuge using the Flottweg Touch Control and experience its user friendliness for themselves.

What: ACHEMA trade show – Frankfurt am Main
When: June 15 to 19, 2015
Where: Hall 5.0 Booth A86]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 12:59:34 +0200
<![CDATA[Spiral staircase / metal frame]]> For those who do not like a plug-in system, MEISER always have a different solution available.Details
The step covering does not always have to be a grating.Details
The spiral staircase is available in various diameters and for different storey heights.Details
The banister as a design element for the architect to change the overall appearance of the stairs.Details
Clear tread width and usable tread width are always two different dimensions in the spiral staircase.Details
The tread and rise should match the step of the individuals using the stairs.Details
The attachment of the stairs to the building is an important aspect for the stability of the spiral staircase.
The handrail on the upright tube and access protection are additional measures which on the one hand guarantee that the stairs can be negotiated safely, while on the other hand providing protection against unauthorised access.

MEISER is in possession of the manufacturer’s qualification for welding steel structures according to DIN 18800 part 7; 2008-11 class C and the EC certificate "factory production control for the manufacture of load bearing components up to EXC 2 according to EN 1090-2.

Special requests of architects always present us with the challenge of implementing these in accordance with the current regulations. We are your reliable partner for the manufacture of difficult welded structures.]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 11:24:36 +0200
<![CDATA[PLANUREX 3 - FLENDER Planetary Gear Units]]>
PLANUREX 3 offers a complete, 100% standard range of planetary gear units in XL format (from 1,700,000 to 5,450,000 Nm), combined with rapid availability worldwide, an excellent price-performance ratio and a high degree of modularity. The concept hits the sweet spot in the area of interplay among power capacity, system availability and costs.

With PLANUREX 3, the greatest capacity is concentrated in the smallest of spaces. Their high efficiency and compactness allow PLANUREX 3 gear units to achieve high torques and large transmission ratios in a very space-saving design. The extreme power capacity is reflected not only in their very low weight but also in their attractive price.]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 11:13:40 +0200
<![CDATA[Force measurement in material ropeways]]> Optionally, cable cranes can be used in material ropeways. The operator is in a position to pick up and transport heavy and bulky loads without additional aids. These cable cranes are equipped with force measurement, too. Thus, there is a simple and reliable control of the attached payload and overloading of the system is detected.]]> Tue, 26 May 2015 11:09:42 +0200 <![CDATA[Janome JP-U Series Servo Press Has Everything You Need for Inline Processes]]>
Available in 11 different capacities from 500N to 120kN, the JP-U can press fit parts, bearings and plugs, caulk, stamp, bend, crimp, coin, clamp and compress precisely with high repeatability. With easy regular maintenance you can enjoy years of dependable productivity.
The JP-U Series also offers user-friendly programming and large memory capacity with optional PC software for programming, recording and analyzing results, as well as a clean-room compatible model.]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 10:42:41 +0200
<![CDATA[Manifold machining center CNC 4-axis RMC M]]> It is available with 3 or 4 controlled axis, it is fully automatic and it performs drilling and milling. The machine is available in three standard versions according to the X axis travelling capacity: 4.400-6.700-9.000 mm. The working area can be used exploiting the full length of the center (single zone mode) or two independent zones. The RMC M center is equipped with
a remote assistance system on IP network.

Axis number 3 or 4
Useful travel of X axis 4.400-6.700-9.000 (mm)
Useful travel of Y axis 600 (mm)
Useful travel of Z axis 300 (mm)
Useful travel of A axis (version with 4 axis) ± 95 (°)
Traverse speed of X axis 80 (m/min)
Traverse speed of Y axis 60 (m/min)
Traverse speed of Z axis 30 (m/min)
Rotating speed of A axis 50 (°/se]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 09:57:25 +0200
<![CDATA[Peak Scientific introduces Zero Air 30L to their Precision series of laboratory gas generators]]>
With the addition of the Zero Air 30L, Peak continues to augment its range of cutting-edge Precision gas generators solutions engineered with a space-saving, stackable design and compact footprint. The Precision Zero Air 30L expands Peak’s Precision line providing customers with a more convenient, dependable and total solution for their GC equipment.

GC Product Manager, Petra Gierga stated: “The Precision Zero Air 30L addresses the need for GC equipment that requires high flow rates of makeup gas—while adding all of the benefits that the Precision line continues to deliver and build upon with every new model.”

With its compact design and improved form and functionality in the lab, the Precision Zero Air offers a convenient, renewable gas solution for multiple instruments, which its predecessors and its competition cannot.

Peak prides itself on being an authority in the field of gas generation. This focus ensures the development of superior and reliable products, as well as the ability to provide world-class international service and support that is unrivalled within the market.

Peak Scientific will be accepting orders for the Precision Zero Air mid-January. For further information on the Precision Zero Air or for further information on our Precision range please visit]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 09:39:43 +0200
<![CDATA[Extensive Product Portfolio and Technical Innovations: The HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group at ACHEMA 2015]]>
Visitors can find the newly designed fair stand of the HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group in Hall 5.0, stand number B8. The group consists of the BOLZ-SUMMIX, COMBER, HEINKEL and JONGIA brands. The expertise of the corporate group enables effective process engineering solutions – from laboratory devices to complex production facilities.

Innovations and Highlights for the (fine) Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

At Achema, HEINKEL is exhibiting the new inverting filter centrifuge F2. With extended functions and a more compact design, it is the continuation of the successful HF series. The centrifuge features assure a gentle solids discharge without residual heel as well as integrated cleanroom installation. The HEINKEL vertical dip coating centrifuge is an efficient solution from the group for coating small parts with oil, lacquer, adhesive coatings and the like. It perfectly centrifuges excess coating material and is also simple to install.

In addition, the experts for mixing and drying, BOLZ-SUMMIX and COMBER, will be presenting the new central-shaft mixer and dryer as well as different multilayer filter elements for proprietary or third-party products. The central-shaft mixer and dryer with its new bi-conical vessel form and new agitator is designed for process simulation and practical tests in pilot production. It enables gentle and intense mixing and drying as well as heel free discharge. The continuous sanitary design ensures effective and efficient cleaning.

With the BS miniDRY, BOLZ-SUMMIX is presenting a laboratory dryer which distinguishes itself with its mobile and compact design. The simple installation enables "plug and use" deployment. The BS miniDRY allows the simulation of a number of laboratory processes and production steps, for example drying even under vacuum.

At ACHEMA, JONGIA is presenting its latest innovation: the magitator. Its outstanding feature is an agitator with magnetic coupled drive. It is the answer to the increasing demand for machines which have to fulfill the high safety and hygiene standards in the chemical and food industries.]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 08:59:01 +0200
<![CDATA[THE NEW D’ANDREA TR-Elettra FINISHING HEADS]]> "worthy sister" of the TRM, ready to enter this technological era made up of electronics, encoders and microchips.

ATTENTION! TR-Elettra does NOT replace, but is an adjunct to the famous mechanical finishing head and clients will be able to choose which version they prefer between the traditional TRM mechanical head and the new TR-Elettra digital head.
TR-Elettra is a finishing head where the radial movement of the toolbearing slide is visualised on a digital display, guaranteeing the operator maximum set up speed and absolute precision of adjustment.
TR-Elettra uses as a coupling system the well known D’Andrea MHD modular system, adaptable and interchangeable on every machine tool with standard couplings.
Precision is very high, thanks to the direct reading of the movement of the toolbearing slide. The resolution of the display is 00,002 (or 2 μm of diametric reading). Very easy to use, a single button
initiates start, reset and millimetres to inches functions.

The radial regulation of the slide is done with a hexagonal key which acts on the mother screw attached to the slide itself. The reading system is fed by a long life lithium battery, the same kind normally used in digital wristwatches. The display will turn off after 30 seconds to preserve its life, guaranteeing that the last value visualised is saved.
The flow of cooling liquid is internal and the rate of protection of the head is IP 67, a very high rate which allows the safe use of the lubricating and cooling liquid.
The TR-Elettra50, which corresponds to the mechanical TRM50 with a working range of Ø 6mm to Ø 108mm, is in stock. For the upcoming EMO in Milan the system will be broadened, with a wider and more complete range. But that’s not all: TR-Elettra50 is also available in kit version, complete with all the necessary accessories for its correct use, a cost-effective and smart solution which the world
market has taken onboard.
In fact, apart from the necessary machine cone, this package contains all the components needed to use the head immediately, with a set of inserts already contained, the kit is ready to use.
A major advantage which, added to ease of use and set up, make the TR-Elettra a truly valid and technologically advanced product for the 21st century.]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 08:28:56 +0200
<![CDATA[Föhrenbach F-Decor 305: Machine with polished manners ]]>
Swiss precision for the fine art of exquisite watchmaking – this is the promise of the F-Decor 305 for best perlage quality. The compact machine offers highest variability, because the equipment can be exactly adapted to the needs of the customer: Three, four or five CNC axes, which always travel directly to the programmed position, one or two spindles which can be swivelled additionally in two further axes, continuous adjustment of the pressing force – the machine can be configured to meet any requirements.

What always stays the same: the precision, the wide range of possibilities and the efficiency in use. This is ensured by a series of technically demanding solutions. The perlage pins are picked up by spindles with air bearings, which allow the automatic tracking and dressing of the pin. The changing system “Easyfix” lives up to its name, because the quick changing of the spindles allows performing all décor work on one machine.

The pressing force can be continuously adjusted between 60 and 3,000 grams, and this also individually within single perlages. Different contact pressures during one grinding operation allow a precious effect: although it is manufactured by the machine, the workpiece cannot be distinguished by a handcrafted piece. The workpiece has the touch & feel of the manual work of an experienced watchmaker, but has been “handmade” by the machine in a predefined form on the day.

The high precision of the control and the possibility to use different diameters during one perlage process, allows the machining of bridges, narrow burrs and partial areas in a polished manner, in the true sense of the word. The position accuracy of maximum 10µm and the repeat accuracy of less than 5µm provide the basis to process also unfavourably shaped surfaces or edges with a high quality with different diameters of the Cratex tool.

Conclusion: By means of the new Föhrenbach F-Decor 305 with numerous improved functions, considerable time advantage, and thus also cost advantages can be realised when manufacturing elaborate decors, without having to forego highest precision or artisanal “touch & feel”. Designed in a modern housing as table machine and with the most modern control technology, which is operated via a touch panel, the machine itself also cuts a fine figure.

About Föhrenbach:

The Föhrenbach group of companies stands for uncompromising precision. The company with headquarters in Löffingen-Unadingen and locations in Switzerland and Ireland is one of the leading manufacturers of high-precision components, units and systems for linear and circular movements in automation technology and in precision mechanical engineering. Föhrenbach solves guiding, drive, movement, control and positioning tasks. As a solution provider and manufacturer of special machines, the Föhrenbach group is a recognised partner of leading companies of mechanical engineering and related industries.

Press contact:
Föhrenbach GmbH
Bianca Föhrenbach
Lindenstraße 34
79843 Löffingen-Unadingen
Tel.: 07707/159-21
Fax: 07707/159-75
Tue, 26 May 2015 08:20:10 +0200
<![CDATA[Reliable inline colour measurement of structured and curved surfaces]]>
One of the most precise inline colour measurement systems in the world, the colorCONTROL ACS7000 has been expanded with a new sensor model. The sensor with the designation ACS2-R45/0-28-1200(001) is designed as circular sensor and has a measurement spot of 3x2mm. The small, oval measurement spot offers advantages primarily on structured surfaces which are difficult to detect with conventional colour sensors, e.g. wooden veneers, floor coverings and textiles. The continuous, homogeneous lighting allows measurements to be carried out regardless of the angular position of the target object. This is why the new sensor head is perfectly suitable for the quality control of curved objects. The curvature radius should be at least 20mm.

The inline colorCONTROL ACS7000 colour measurement system is successfully applied in colour control systems for high volume productions, the automotive industry, as well as in plastics and textile production.]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 08:14:20 +0200
<![CDATA[CrimpMax® 5 Battery-operated hydraulic crimping tool]]>
The cordless hydraulic crimper is used in transportation companies, energy supply and utility companies, power stations and their service providers, as well as in switch cabinet construction and industrial cable assembly.

•The CrimpMax® 5 has an ideal power to weight ratio for crimping jobs of up to 185 mm² according to DIN. Especially the energy sector values their ergonomic design and the use of standard dies.
•The cordless hydraulic crimper is useable with standard block crimping dies. Thanks to the light-weight and well-balanced design with non-slip housing a safe one-hand operation is possible.
•The tool offers safe crimping even in confined spaces by narrow, rotatable crimping head with LED for lighting the working area.
•The accessories are interchangeable in battery-operated hydraulic tool series of HOLGER CLASEN.

Crimping force: 52 kN; crimping range hex. crimps: Cu acc. to DIN: 10-185mm2; Al acc. to DIN: 10-150mm2; weight: 2.8 kg; length: 355 mm]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 08:01:20 +0200
<![CDATA[gear coupling]]> Gear coupling has the advantages of compact structure, large bearing capacity, wide speed range, reliability, and with comprehensive compensation for relative displacement axially, however good lubrication and sealing is need. It is widely used in heavy industry, metallurgical, mining, lifting transportation, petroleum, chemical, light industry, automobile, locomotive, ship, water pump, fan, compressor and other mechanical products which have the shafts transmission of low speed and heavy load.]]> Tue, 26 May 2015 07:18:57 +0200 <![CDATA[ZEPHIR™ Infrared Camera]]>
Photon etc’s infrared camera, is an ideal tool for the rapid detection of explosive liquid precursors.
Hyperspectral imagery can be efficiently used to identify any type of molecules through the analysis of its characteristic spectrum.]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Gilson PLATEMASTER™ 96 channel pipetting for 96 and 384 well plates.]]> Simple operation
The manual 96-channel pipetting PLATEMASTER can easily be operated by everyone after an introduction of just 5 minutes. Being a manually controlled instrument there is no complicated and time-consuming programming. The operation is as easy and intuitive as with a manual pipette.
Fill a plate in a single dispense!
Filling of a 96-well plate requires less than 10 seconds. Loading of 384-well plates is possible without any problems in only four pipetting steps. For the first time high-throughput experiments can be performed by avoiding high costs and saving staff resources.
High accuracy and safety
By using high quality PIPETMAN tips an accuracy and precision level equalling an 8- or 12- channel pipette is achieved in a single motion. Additionally, the risk of double-pipetting entire rows or columns is avoided.
A tailored fit
Through a variety of accessories such as adapters for loading 384-well plates, reagent reservoirs or sample heater blocks, the PLATEMASTER can be fully adapted to your needs.
Increased consistency on time-sensitive experiments
• Reduce risk of human errors in eliminating the possibility of skipping or repeating wells.
• Increase reproducibility well to well
• All enzymatic reactions or cell-based applications can be started and stopped in the 96 wells at the same time.
2 models are available: PLATEMASTER P20 (0,5-20µL) & P220 (1-200µL).]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Aurel Micro-Welding Station]]> Tue, 26 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200 <![CDATA[High repeatability, TO-5 RELAYS DPDT : Series RF700/RF703]]> DPDT Non-Latching Electromechanical Relay
DC-4 GHz

The ultraminiature RF700 and RF703 relays are designed to provide improved RF signal switching repeatability over the frequency range. These relays are engineered for use in RF attenuator, RF switch matrices, ATE and other applications that require dependable high frequency signal fidelity and performance.
The RF700 and RF703 feature:
• High repeatability
• Broader bandwidth
• Metal enclosure for EMI shielding
• High isolation between control and signal paths
• High resistance to ESD
The following unique construction features and manufacturing techniques provide excellent robustness to environmental extremes and overall high reliability:
• Uniframe motor design provides high magnetic
efficiency and mechanical rigidity
• Minimum mass components and welded
construction provide maximum resistance to shock
and vibration
• Advanced cleaning techniques provide maximum
assurance of internal cleanliness
• Hermetically sealed
• Solder Dipped Leads, (RoHS compliant solder
option available)
The Series RF700D/RF703 relays have internal discrete silicon diodes for coil suppression and polarity reversal protection. This hybrid package reduces required PC board floor space by reducing the number of external components needed to drive the relay.]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Acrosser Kicks Off Sale of Its Latest Ultra Slim Vehicle Mount Computer Sale]]>
The detailed specifications for AIV-HM76V1FL have been released on the Acrosser Web site. A limited number of samples will be available in early June, and we urge all customers to make a quote for a sample soon! The versatile, ultra- slim AIV-HM76V1FL fits easily into any vehicle no matter the size, ranging from taxis, police cars, ambulances to fire fighter trucks, heavy duty trucks, buses, construction vehicles and trains. Taking real-time environmental factors into consideration, AIV-HM76V1FL was built to perform under a variety og road conditions, including road bumps and unexpected vibrations. Acrosser will have a live demo of the product available at Computex 2015. To experience this product’s shock and vibration endurance firsthand, come visit us at Computex 2015, located at Booth K0409a in the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall. Acrosser’s rugged vehicle platform can withstand any challenges and fulfill all of your vehicle computing needs. Stay tuned for our upcoming product launch press for a full introduction to this amazing in-vehicle computer!

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Product Information:
Fanless Ultra Slim In-Vehicle PC / Car Computer: AIV-HM76V1FL

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<![CDATA[New Highly Integrated Intelligent Power Modules for High-performance Switching]]>
Willich-Münchheide/Nuremberg, May 19th, 2015 – ROHM Semiconductor (Hall 9, Booth 316) presents its new IPM (Intelligent Power Module) family optimized for high speed and power-efficient operation in motor driving and inverter applications. The 600V modules integrate a range of components such as gate drivers, bootstrap diodes, IGBTs or ROHM’s proprietary Low Ron SuperJunction Power MOSFETs (PrestoMOS™) as well as a fly wheel diode (FWD) within a single compact package. The small footprint also houses comprehensive protection functions. This set-up offers especially to developers of white goods and industry motors multiple cost-efficient design options. The full line-up includes different currents of 1.5A, 2.5A, 10A, 15A, 20A and 30A versions.

Applications with built-in motor drives require high integration, compactness and reliability and have to tolerate rugged environments for a long time. In order to meet this demand, ROHM has developed this highly functional IPM series which includes several components like high and low side gate drivers, bootstrap diodes for fast recovery, low saturation 600V IGBT or Power MOSFETs (PrestoMOS™), low Vf and high speed trr fly wheel diodes (IGBT version) as well as various protection functions within one compact HSDIP25 package.

The new family leverages a number of proprietary technologies and material enhancements to facilitate current monitoring, heat dissipation and reliable operation. It significantly reduces power losses at light and heavy loads while increasing power capability. Featuring an innovative aluminium-based Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology, the module provides enhanced high-voltage capacity, high heat conductivity, low leak current and, at the same time, prevents latch-up. For excellent reliability, the IC additionally features a comprehensive set of protection attributes such as a current limit for the bootstrap diode, under voltage lock-out for floating supply, fault output, thermal shut-down and short circuit protection as well as a FWD (IGBT version) to eliminate flyback. Designers can choose from different set-ups – with integrated IGBT or MOSFET - in order to identify the ideal solution for their application and save time and costs.

Key features
• Energy-save for IPLV, SEER, APF
• Low saturation voltage IGBT
• Low on-resistance SJ-MOSFET (opt.) for improved conduction loss
• Low forward voltage and trr FWD
• Built-in gate driver and bootstrap diode for fast recovery and fault protection
• SOI technology for HVIC for low leak current and latch-up prevention
• Current limit for bootstrap diode, suppression of rush current
• Short Circuit, Under Voltage, Thermal Shutdown, fault signal output
• Input interface 3.3V, 5V (active high)
• Range of available currents (1.5A, 2.5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 30A)
• Ceramic isolation PKG
• 1500Vrms isolation, low thermal resistance
• Compatible HSDIP25 package for easy design-in

Application Examples
The new IPMs are suitable for inverters, motor driving and control in home appliances, consumer electronics and white goods such as air compressors, heat-pumps for washing machines, refrigerators as well as motor driving in low power industry motors and VRMS (AC = 100V-240V).

The products are available.

ROHM is further driving the development of 3rd Gen IPMs featuring IGBT miniaturization, SiC MOSFETs and high accuracy temperature sensing characteristics.]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Shelco MicroVantage MAS-G Series]]> Tue, 26 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200 <![CDATA[The safety mobile ladder guarantees safe access on top of tankers and containers]]>
The safety mobile ladder allows the operator a quick access on the top of the tankers whilst being completely safe. It is easy to move thanks to ints patented draft bar system. The corbelling guarantees safety for the user working on the top of the tank. The system also acts as a safeguard as it prohibits the access to the top of the tank when the base of the structure is not blocked. The safety mobile ladder is certified TÜV SÜD and NORISKO-DEKRA.]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[ RS-20 / RS-30 BEARING ]]> CM-20
Material Structure
Woven aramid fabric-reinforced phenolic composite with graphite additions
This material has excellent thermal stability and wear resistance

□ High wear resistance
□ Suitable for high temperature applications
□ Excellent impact resistance
□ High load capacity
□ Good chemical resistance

Operating Conditions
Dry, maintenance-free

Tubes, cylindrical bushes, Plates, machined parts

Iron and steel industry, agricultural equipment, wear rings, pump bearing, heavy transport]]>
Tue, 26 May 2015 00:00:00 +0200