DirectIndustry ---- The Virtual Industrial Exhibition This RSS feed keeps you abreast of new products in industry. With over 11.000 manufacturers, DirectIndustry ensures comprehensive product updates in categories such as electricity, mechanical transmission, hydraulics, robotics, machine tools etc... <![CDATA[Short delivery time at CODIPRO - even for specific articulated lifting rings]]>
More than 100.000 rings are manufactured every year. In order to send the products on the day we receive the order or on the day after, CODIPRO has a high number of standard swivel lifting rings in its warehouse.

The same reactivity applies to specific rings as well: weld-on swivel hoist rings (WE.DSR, WE.DSS) and specifically threaded rings (UNC, UNF, UN, UNS, UNJ, BSW, BSF, etc.) are delivered within a week.

Our commitments:

- timeliness
- manufacturing from one piece ordered
- certificate of conformity and instruction manual provided with each delivery

For more information please refer to our online catalog or contact Claudia Grégoire at the Commercial Department: +352 26 95 19 – 256 /]]>
Fri, 02 Oct 2015 10:27:13 +0200
<![CDATA[Rotary arm wrappers/ supplying good pallet wrapping for Coca-cola, Pepsi,Shell]]>
Technology data
Max load size(mm) 1200x1200x2200
Packing speed: 30-40 loads/hour
Arm speed: Max 15rpm options: 25 rpm 33rpm 45rpm
Power: 2.0kw 220v 50HZ 1Ph

Control System

Photo-eye pallet height sensor.
0-9 separate top ,bottom & up-down wrap count selectors
Photoeye sensing delay .
Reinforce wrap allow more wrap on same location.
Film Tension Control adjustment on the panel.
3-15RPM arm variable a speed by frequency changer
Separate variable carriage up/down speed
Cycle pause capability.
Separate start, reset and emergency stop buttons.
Manual carriage up/down switch .
Flash light for machine in operation.

Rotary arm stop by safety bumper and reflection photoeye sensing and obstacle in the rotating area.


Slewing Bearing drive system.
Soft start /stop.
Go back to the original start position after wrap cycle finished.

Film carriage
Powered pre-stretch system up to 300% to min film consumption(Prestretch ratio can be specially made according your requirements.)
Film delivery variable speed by separate DC Drive Motor.
Film dancer-bar with variable speed output .
Rotating Power slip ring provide power required for carriage drive on rotary arm.

Heavy Structural steel Frame construction.
All rollers driven .
Heavy Duty Conveyor Guards .
Conveyor length 4.2m Roller diameter:89mm
Roller longth:1300mm Center distance: 114mm.
Different Roller Diameters and Roller Spacing Available.
Conveyor Speed:12m per min(other speed available).
Photo-eye Pallet Sensing and sequencing.

Auto film tail cut& wipe system
Pneumatic clamp the film tail after wrapping
Hot wire film cut
Hot tail sealing with wind cooling then to get better sealing.

Packing height : 2400mm
Net fence guard .
Machine color.]]>
Fri, 02 Oct 2015 09:33:15 +0200
<![CDATA[120 t telescopic crane proves its worth in first job for Max Bögl]]>
The latest generation of the SENNEBOGEN telescopic crawler crane was officially launched at the end of 2014. Now one of the first machines is being used to construct industrial buildings. Max Bögl is constructing a warehouse in the Tauernfeld/Deining industrial zone near its headquarters in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz to support the company's traffic engineering endeavors.

With the SENNEBOGEN 6113, which will soon utilize its maximum safe working load of 120 t in the construction of wind turbines, will hoist primarily steel building components and pre-cast concrete elements up to 12 t in weight. And already after only a few days of use has it settled into its new workplace: "Telescoping and driving with load using the Full-Power boom in particular is what convinced me right from the start. It can move even heavy parts anywhere on site so safely. At the same time, the boom length of 40 m allows me to operate over an extensive area from a central position," reported the operator.

Compared to tower cranes that the operator controlled until recently, the telescopic crane is not only ready for use faster and can adapt to various environments, it is also easy and quick to transport on a lowbed trailer thanks to the self-assembly system. The telescoping undercarriage navigates the terrain with ease and boasts impressive stability, even with dynamic work. The machine can be safely operated up to an inclination of four degrees. The tiltable Maxcab comfort cab lets the operator keep an eye on everything. He noted how quiet the machine is. He can barely hear the 168 kW Cummins diesel engine in the rear and he expressed how impressed he is with the crane's low fuel consumption. The SENCON control and diagnostic system supports the operator in everyday operations, lets the operator make individual fine adjustments directly from the panel and the integrated load moment limiter can be monitored with ease.]]>
Fri, 02 Oct 2015 08:45:07 +0200
<![CDATA[VULKAN celebrates its 125th anniversary]]> On Saturday, the celebrations had a more familiar atmosphere. Around 1,400 guests, employees and their families were invited to a daytime family festival on the factory premises. Besides Bratwurst, bouncy castle and live music by an employee band the VULKAN employees had the opportunity to show their relatives their work places in the new building or plant. The conclusion of the festivities was a glittering party in the evening.]]> Fri, 02 Oct 2015 07:23:47 +0200 <![CDATA[ Introducing new True RMS. 19999 count LCD display. 0.05% DC V accuracy.]]>
A multimeter which is known as a volt, ohm meter or VOM is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several functions in one unit. A multimeter are usually be used in measurements of AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current, and resistance.

Tecpel provides you digital multimeter which are most widely used because of their accuracy, durability and extra features . Our compact, contemporary multimeter are ideal for use in your home, office or DIY applications .

A good multimeter can also be used to troubleshoot electrical problems in a wide array of industrial and household devices. For example, your wiring systems and motor controls are common problems that can be solved easily by multimeter.

Besides, there are some tips that you must pay attention to before using the multimeter. Such as never measure resistance in a circuit when power is applied and never apply more than the rated voltage between any input jack and earth ground.

No matter what your purpose, our multimeter are a quick, simple and effective way of getting information of electronic measuring .The quality multimeter of Tecpel can fit your needs.

For more detailed information, please browse our web site below.]]>
Fri, 02 Oct 2015 04:50:07 +0200
<![CDATA[Certificated 110S Pressure Transducer Specifically for Gas Metering]]>

For more information, please contact us at or +32-3-238-6469]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 17:54:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Nano strain gauges, developed and marketed by Nanolike, are winners of the Enova Paris Innovation Awards 2015]]>
This award highlights innovative solutions that will allow professionals to respond to the key industrial challenges of their markets. They reflect the most innovative initiatives and technologies presented during the show, held in Paris from September 22 to 24.
Nanolike, distinguished herself by winning the award in the Embedded Technology category. It rewards the most innovative tools and components for developing software and embedded systems.

Nano strain gauges, developed and marketed by Nanolike, integrate the best of nanotechnologies: a very low power consumption for creating autonomous and wireless sensors, a greater sensitivity allowing the design of more efficient sensors without changing the mechanical test body and an extreme miniaturization of the active area, allowing very precise deformation measurements.

It responds to the needs of new products that require more precise and more numerous measures while limiting equipment size and installation costs. Nano strain gauges open the way to new methods of measurement and of tomorrow’s instrumentation

Nanolike also inaugurates a new production unit for industrial production of these nanojauges.
Nano strain gauges constraints are already used as a transducer for sensors (pressure, strength, …), in embedded systems, connected objects and Structural Health Monitoring in aeronautics and space areas.

Nano strain gauges are available on the Nanolike's online store or by phone +33 (0)5 34 32 03 86.
Immediate availability, test kit also available]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 16:32:06 +0200
<![CDATA["Magic" 2 products in 1]]>

• Flexibility (1 product satisfies 2 needs)
• Speed of action
• Time saving
• Less manpower to move the structure around
• Attractive design

It is really that fast and simple. By operating on the device with a simple Allen key, you will be able to convert a static levelling foot, even equipped with a rubber NBR pad, in to a mobile support capable to move light-medium load equipment, even in small areas where installation can be a problem.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 16:31:54 +0200
<![CDATA[Panasonic ATEX Certified versions of its 5” fully rugged TOUGHPAD handheld tablets for hazardous work environments]]> The Panasonic Toughpad FZ-E1 ATEX and FZ-X1 ATEX tablets bring together the best of the handheld, smartphone and tablet market and have been certified for above ground, Zone 2 Working Space use in potentially explosive gas environments (Acetaldehyde, Gasoline, Ethylene). Safety design features incorporated into the ATEX certified tablets include such as addition of leather casing and an antistatic screen film for the device. A built-in 1D/2D barcode reader has been integrated into the design and a distinct yellow bezel has been added for customers to easily differentiate ATEX certified models from the standard 5 inch Panasonic Toughpad tablets.
Where inefficient pen and paper usage is still common in Zone 2 areas, the Panasonic Toughpad ATEX tablets deliver a safe and usable PDA, voice call, and barcode reader in one device. It can be used for email and voice communications on the move around the plant, accurate data entry for workers reporting on manufacturing or industrial processes. The bar code reader can be used for inventory and product registration and the inbuilt camera capabilities are ideal for fast image and video capture in emergency scenarios, for example.
The Toughpad FZ-E1 ATEX (Windows Embedded 8.1 Handheld update 2) and FZ-X1 ATEX (AndroidTM 4.2.2) bring together the best of the handheld, smartphone and tablet market in the most rugged, easy to use, long working device. The devices are powerful enough to deal with all mobile industrial applications, with their Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM Quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB flash storage.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 16:31:45 +0200
<![CDATA[TWIN PHOENIX ]]> This is accomplished by using separate connections on the suction and discharge ports,
keeping two pumped media isolated from each other, preventing unwanted mixing.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 16:09:50 +0200
<![CDATA[Call for entries: Eppendorf Award 2016!]]>
The winner is selected by an independent expert committee chaired by Reinhard Jahn (Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen, Germany).

The Award winner 2016 will receive
• a prize money of 20,000 EUR
• an invitation to the prize ceremony at the EMBL Advanced Training Centre in Heidelberg, Germany, on June 2, 2016
• an invitation to visit Eppendorf AG in Hamburg, Germany
• coverage of his/her work by Nature in print and online
(including a podcast)

Full details on the Eppendorf Award, the selection criteria and Award winners since 1995 can be found at

Only online applications are accepted. The official online registration portal will accept applications as of October 1, 2015 at

The Eppendorf award for Young European Investigators is presented in partnership with Nature.

About Eppendorf AG
Eppendorf is a leading life science company that develops and sells instruments, consumables and services for liquid handling, sample handling and cell handling in laboratories worldwide. Its product range includes pipettes and automated pipetting systems, dispensers, centrifuges, mixers, spectrometers and DNA amplification equipment as well as ultra-low temperature freezers, fermentors, bioreactors, CO2 incubators, shakers and cell manipulation systems. Consumables such as pipette tips, test tubes, microliter plates, and disposable bioreactors complement the range of highest-quality premium products.
Eppendorf products are most broadly used in academic and commercial research laboratories, e.g., in companies from the pharmaceutical and biotechnological as well as the chemical and food industries. They are also aimed at clinical and environmental analysis laboratories, forensics and at industrial laboratories performing process analysis, production and quality assurance.
Eppendorf was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1945 and has about 2,930 employees worldwide. The company has subsidiaries in 25 countries and is represented in all other markets by distributors.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 15:53:47 +0200
<![CDATA[Expand Your Clamping Action With The All-New Modular Series From Tiny Vise®]]> This latest version incorporates a modular jaw design for greater adjustability. The new modular system allows adjusting your workpiece engagement point by adding or removing spacers. This is useful when using the same fixture for machining a family of parts, or when workpiece size can vary somewhat between batches.
Up to three spacers can be inserted to provide adjustment of up to 3/16 of an inch. The modular jaw assembly is held together securely by a tough, durable O-ring, recessed in a protective groove.
Other variations of the Tiny Vise® include a standard version; double edge version, for clamping two workpieces at the same time; a v jaw version for clamping round workpieces; and a double v jaw style.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 15:50:41 +0200
<![CDATA[Radiation Resistant Zoom Lenses for Chernobyl]]>
Visatec high-radiation resistant tube cameras with integrated LED-Lighting are designed for visual inspections in nuclear areas. Applications for these cameras include inspection of fuel elements, pressure vessels and nuclear cores as well as inspection of loading and offloading of nuclear materials.

Mark Pontin, Managing Director of Resolve Optics commented “We are delighted to secure this significant order for our Model 200 (3x) and Model 290 (6x) non-browning zoom lenses from Visatec. 

Mr Marcus Jocham, Business Development manager of Visatec commented “ We chose Resolve Optics as our supplier because of their in-depth knowledge of the requirements of lenses to be used in a nuclear environment, excellent technical support and competitive pricing”.

Drawing upon over 20 years experience Resolve Optics has built a strong reputation for specialist lens design and manufacture of smaller production quantities of radiation-resistant lenses and optical products on time to strict quality and target price guidelines.  All optical elements within  Resolve Optics radiation tolerant lens designs are made using cerium  oxide doped glass or synthetic silica enabling them to withstand radiation doses of up to 100,000,000 rads and temperatures up to 55°C without discoloration or degradation of performance. All Resolve Optics  non browning lenses provide high image resolution and minimum geometric distortion from 400 to 750nm.

For further information on non browning lenses for challenging nuclear applications please visit or contact Resolve Optics Ltd. Now on telephone +44-1494-777100 / email  


Worldwide HQ

Resolve Optics Ltd.
Asheridge Road
Bucks. HP5 2PT

tel. +44-1494 777100
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 15:37:12 +0200
<![CDATA[Notification of the sale of Hansen Transmissions South Africa Propriety Limited]]>
We would like to advise you that Bearing Man Group (Pty) Ltd (BMG) has received unconditional approval from The South African Competition Commission for the purchase of 100% of Hansen Transmissions South Africa Proprietary Limited. The official signing of the Sales and Purchase Agreement together with the Supply and Distribution agreement took place on the 23rd of September 2015.

Bearing Man Group (Pty) Ltd will officially take ownership of Hansen Transmissions South Africa Proprietary Limited on the 1st of October 2015. This includes the supply of all Hansen and Sumitomo industrial gearboxes throughout Africa. It is evergreen which ensures the continued technical and design support from Hansen Industrial Transmissions Belgium.

Hansen Transmissions South Africa Proprietary Limited will continue to offer local assembly and repairs and will operate from its existing premises in Jet Park, Gauteng, for the foreseeable future.

This strategically important and mutually beneficial transaction brings together Hansen Industrial Transmissions’ technical and manufacturing expertise and BMG's extensive distribution network. The businesses respective market focuses are complimentary, as opposed to overlapping.

Lena De Wachter, Communications Officer]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 14:30:06 +0200
<![CDATA[Pneumatic centre punch FRAPOTO'R 10 (identification)]]>
Specifications of the FRAPOTO'R 10:

Recoilless manual use
Pressure: from 2 to 6 bar
Marking: 1 character 4mm height, 2 characters 3mm height or 3 characters 2mm height
Weight: 0.600kg.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 14:22:30 +0200
<![CDATA[Dock Leveller]]> The company offers complete logistics solutions by providing Dock Levelers, Dock Shelters, Sectional Overhead Doors and Dock Houses.

Dock Levelers offered by Gandhi Automations are designed as per EN 1398 standard for the most demanding loading and unloading operations.

Efficient loading & unloading the goods:
The importance of efficient loading the goods has always been evident, and it has increased over the years, essentially for two reasons: the lesser availability and the higher cost of manpower. Consequently lesser qualified manpower is being utilised which leads to damage in the goods.

The cost of loading and unloading the goods can be calculated precisely and is exactly definable, which allows for a scientific approach to find out the investment that goes into the process. Gandhi Automations has always designed solutions based on such scientific approach and feedback from clients. The Dock Levelers offered by the company ensure loading and unloading with lesser effort and minimal cost.

It is possible to load and unload your products in a safe way and in the process obtain remarkable energy savings. The loading bay remains with the Dock Leveler in rest position and the Sectional Overhead Door closed, until the vehicle is positioned. The driver drives back centring to the Dock Shelter and stops the vehicle the moment it gets in contact with the bumpers.
Dock Leveler connects to the truck bed for loading / unloading to take place.
At the end of the loading/unloading the Dock Leveler is put in rest position and the Sectional Overhead Door is closed, without moving the vehicle. The vehicle then departs at the end of the process. Following are the two types of Dock Levelers
a) Radius Lip Dock Levelers
Radius Lip Dock Levelers allow the dock to connect with the truck bed, thus making it possible to drive directly on and off with forklift trucks etc. The self-cleaning lip hinging system does not retain rubbish with automatic end-of-run, so as to keep the 25 mm security distance between the folded lip and structure as per EN 1398 & EN 349.

b) Telescopic Lip Dock Levelers

Telescopic Lip Dock Levelers are ideal for connecting vehicles unable to drive near dock i.e. sea containers, side loading railway wagons etc. These types can be supplied with a lip extending up to 1 m.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 13:26:32 +0200
<![CDATA[Motive Marine Motors certification ]]>
RINA is a member of IACS, thus complying with the rules harmonized by the 12 members of IACS (ABS American Bureau of Shipping; Bureau Veritas, CCS China Classification Society; CRS Croatian Register of Shipping; DNV-GL; IRCLASS Indian Register of Shipping; KR Korean Register of Shipping; Lloyd’s Register; ClassNK Nippon Kaiji Kyokai; Polish Register of Shipping; Russian Maritim Register of Shipping)
probados tanto para el servicio marino esencial que no esencial .

RINA es miembro de la IACS, una asociación de 12 miembros* que operan de acuerdo con normas armonizadas en todo el mundo
*(ABS American Bureau of Shipping; Bureau Veritas, CCS China Classification Society; CRS Croatian Register of Shipping; DNV-GL; IRCLASS Indian Register of Shipping; KR Korean Register of Shipping; Lloyd’s Register; ClassNK Nippon Kaiji Kyokai; Polish Register of Shipping; Russian Maritim Register of Shipping)
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 12:47:48 +0200
In Germany, Fagor Arrasate has shown with great success its know-how in the field of the technology and equipment for processing composites materials . First, it attended the Exhibition Composites Europe 2015 in Stuttgart during the third week of September. In Fagor’s booth, Fagor Arrasate proposed different solutions for processing SMC, D-LFT, GMT, LWRT, CFRT as well as other methods for obtaining composites parts. The robotized manipulators and advanced controls specialized in this type of processes. It was shown, moreover, the advanced slide’s parallelism control , a vital feature to optimize the manufacturing of complex parts. Fagor Arrasate has developed also a 4-colum press aimed to be used in the manufacturing of composites parts.

In parallel with the Exhibition, Fagor Arrasate’s engineers were present at the first International Composites Congress (ICC) that was held at the ICS Internationales Congresscenter Stuttgart where experts of all Europe gathered to analyze the present and future of this technology that promises to change dramatically the manufacturing of strong light weight parts, a vital factor to assure the sustainability and the reduction of pollution in, for instance, the automotive sector. The market trends for 2020, new potential processes, new combinations of fibers and matrixes as well as the required equipment were some of the subjects studied during the Congress. An event that combined conferences, workshops and discussion panels.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 12:36:07 +0200
<![CDATA[Day of cofee]]>
As for various cereals, grains, powders and powdery, the SOLIBA is the exact device
you need to stop the filling of your cells or to provide a useful alarm in case of problem.

Tens of thousands of devices equip a large number of silos in many countries.
Presentation of our devices on the powerpoint file and brochure attached.

For the celebration of this World Coffee Day, until October 20th, 2015, ATMI will grant you a discount of 10%:


Thu, 01 Oct 2015 12:23:10 +0200
<![CDATA[New Spray Gun Extends Krautzberger Portfolio]]>
Based on the proven Krautzberger KS series technology, this development is designed to meet increasingly stringent requirements. The device features a user-friendly design, ease of handling and easy-to-clean housing and surfaces.

The KS 5 manual spray gun can be used for coating various surfaces and works with the most common coating materials.

The KS 5 is particularly well-suited for corrosion protection, PVC sealing of auto body welds and the application of lacquers and stains in the wood and furniture industry.

The manual spray device works on the airless principle, in which the spray jet is generated solely by the pressure forcing the material through the nozzle. The nozzle opening determines the contour of the jet leaving the tip.

The built-in hook allows the device to be stored easily after use, keeping the work station in good order.

Krautzberger offers KS 5 accessories such as application-specific high-pressure piston pumps and matching hoses. A high-pressure material pressure regulator and filter complete the offering.

A variety of airless nozzles and the special super finish nozzles for high polish finishes, working with reduced feed pressures, are optimized for this product.


• Enhanced design
• Ergonomic handle
• Light weight
• High-quality stainless steel head as standard
• Polymer-anodized main body
• Material nozzles and needles are made from high-quality stainless steel or hard metal
• Spray system identification by means of color-coded ring for easier handling]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 11:54:30 +0200
<![CDATA[12.1 inch Full viewing angle HD TFT LCD Module]]> Automotive, industrial devices, instruments, medical devices, green activists, smart Home,intelligent mechanical-electrical, multimedia player, human-machine interface and various devices for other applications.

2. Product Characteristics:
Full viewing angle, ultra high contrast, anti-reflective, high reliability, great stability , super wide Temperature. Can be configured capacitive or resistive touch panel according to customer demand.

3. Technical data:
a. Size: 12.1inch
b. Resolution: 800RGB*600
c. Module size: 260.5*204*8.4(mm)
d. A.A: 246*184.5(mm)
e. Operating Temp.: -30-80℃
f. Interface: LVDS 8-Bit

4. Highlight Data:
a. Viewing angle(R/L/T/B): 89/89/89/89
b. Brightness: 600(cd/m²)
c. Contrast ratio: >1500
d. Color Depth: 16.7M color]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 11:29:34 +0200
<![CDATA[Power Skiving]]>

10 times faster processing times compared to shaping
smooth flanks without feed marks or scratches
20% shorter processing times compared to hobbing
high gear quality due to precise tooling and dynamic machines]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 11:25:09 +0200
<![CDATA[Sonel MIC-2501 new insulation resistance tester / meter]]>
This kind of testing is most often carried out by small or even one-man electrical service companies. Therefore, the main objective was to design such a device where the high technical parameters would be maintained, while its manufacturing costs would be optimised and reduced compared to those of previous models. It should be emphasized that both the functionality and ergonomics result from collaboration with the present users of meters manufactured by Sonel S.A. The device has been designed in compliance with PN-EN 61557- 2 and allows insulation resistance testing to be performed as described in, amongst others, PN-HD 60364-6 and PN-EN 04700.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 10:58:08 +0200
<![CDATA[ZUWA introduces the new synthetic pump - ACOSTAR]]>
The pump is made of PTFE (TEFLON®). On account of the design the pump is dry self priming. It is not necessary to fill the pump prior to using it.

Even fluids with higher viscosities or acids, solvents, bases or other process fluids can be pumped.

This ACOSTAR is capable of dry self priming from a depth of 3 meters, depending on the fluid the pump head is up to 30 meters. Presently the pump can be equipped with 220-400 V motors with 50 or 60 Hz, working at 1400 to 2800 rpm. Depending on the engine, the flow rate is 3 to 30 l/min. Motors are available with frequency converters also.

High grade material permit a maximum working temperature of 60 °C.

Conveying fluids containing solids is possible. Depending on the model, corrosive fluids can be handled. Containers are drained down to the latest drop, practically. Transport of the media is pulsation free, another important feature for many applications.

An optional, effective dry run protection keeps the pumps from running hot in case supply of fluid is interrupted. A temperature sensor mounted to the front side of the pump stops the energy supply of the motor once a pre-adjusted temperature limit is reached.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 10:43:35 +0200
<![CDATA[EPW 500FP monitors pressing and joining processes and more ]]> The growing demands placed on products and functions call for seamless quality assurance today, which above all needs to comply with documentation requirements. As technology company with comprehensive expertise in joining/clinching connections of sheet metals as well as the pressing and crimping of components, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG, D-88250 Weingarten, provides users not only with production-related know-how and equipment as well as tools, but also with the right solution for industrial quality assurance. Based on the experience of several hundred pressing and clinching monitoring systems that have been installed in the industry from the product range TOX®-Monitoring, now the universally flexible TOX®-Pressing Monitor EPW 500FP was developed as cost-effective standard solution.
Designed for seamless process monitoring at press workplaces, at stand-alone press systems or at C-frame/handheld tongs stations, process monitoring always occurs in real-time according to the principle “work and see”. Strictly speaking, the TOX®-Pressing Monitor EPW 500FP consistently monitors all processes for which accurately defined, functional connections between force and displacement must be proven seamlessly and traceably, for example during pressing, pressing-in, clinching, joining, riveting and crimping processes. Compact in build and easy to operate, operators can control as well as document each individual stroke at all times, and consequently ensure reproducible quality. Furthermore, the data can be requested at any time as a history report and permit seamless presentation, for example across the entire period of a batch production or a production cycle.
Easy to install and to connect, the EPW 500FP can be customized for respective customer- or process-specific requirements by means of the colour touchscreen and intuitive menu navigation. Configuration and parameterization are to be performed directly on the unit and the large 7" display allows quick visual control. For challenging workshop and industrial applications, the housing is made of aluminium and can be continuously swivelled for ergonomic operations. The following features are already included in the very reasonably priced standard version: Simultaneous real-time monitoring of the pressing/joining processes; immediate notification of all important process functions; monitoring based on window and envelope technology; up to 128 individual check routines, can be requested via menu or PLC; storage of measured curves and end values; several password levels; 7" colour touchscreen. To round off, there are optional extensions like service modules (e.g. remote maintenance) and the TOX®-Evaluation Box with extended acknowledge function.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 09:58:04 +0200
<![CDATA[New Hi-mini Air Filter]]> The pore size of filter is 0.01?m and can supply the air which removed a particle.
New Hi-MINI Air filter can install easily in existing piping, and is used for the protection of the equipment.


- Operation Tempreture: 5-50?C(41-122?F)
- Maximum Operation Pressure: 0.8MPa(116psi,8bar)
- Flow Rate: 70L/min(at 0.3MPa)
- Pipe Connection Caliber:
One-touch tube connection type: 4mm,6mm,8mm
Screw connection type: PT3/8, Rc1/4


- Compressed air, Nitrogen
- Precision Measuring Instruments and Analysis Equipment,
- Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
- Printing/Painting Equipment,Tools in Genera
- Medical/ Dental / Food Processing Equipment]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 09:56:20 +0200
<![CDATA[HEP103 - Electric driven two stage compacts pumps]]> and pumps are available in either 110 volt or 240 volt single phase electric motor options. Both voltage
options also offer a choice of manual or electrically operated control valves, available as 2-way, 3-way or
4-way options with additional features like open centre, closed centre and locking valve designs available.
Maximum working pressure is 700 Bar with automatic low to high pressure changeover fitted as standard.
All models are supplied complete with a glycerine filled hydraulic pressure gauge, pre-filled 4 litre usable oil
capacity reservoir with oil sight level gauge and an integral carrying handle for easy transportation of these
lightweight, compact and versatile pumps to the job site.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 09:27:10 +0200
<![CDATA[Optical 3D robotic metrology]]>

Alicona offers a solution for automatic tool testing with its latest measuring module MultiEdgeMeasurement. A robot enables the flexible 3D positioning of the measurement system, thereby allowing the use in an assembly line.

Interrelated process chains, more flexible production systems, resource efficiency and rising quality standards are key issues of the production trend “Smart Manufacturing”. Production integrated metrology plays an important role in this field, explains Dr. Stefan Scherer, CEO of Alicona: “Users receive important real-time information on the state of process and product through the fast supply of reliable measuring data in industrial manufacturing. Deficient work pieces are early recognized and expensive resources conserved.”

Automated inline metrology as a key technology

Tool makers benefit from a higher automation and speed increase in quality assurance by using Alicona’s high resolution optical 3D metrology combined with a six-axis robot. The applied 3D measurement sensor is ideal for production: it is robust against vibrations, insensitive to ambient light, and fast and easily integrated in existing systems. Two different application possibilities ensure optimum inclusion in the processing line: The optical sensor is mounted on a robot which approaches various work pieces. Another option is the manipulation of work pieces by the robot to the stationary sensor.

Multiple measurement to optimize quality assurance

By introducing MulitEdgeMeasurement to Alicona robotic metrology it is possible to customize complex measuring sequences with required parameters at various positions. At a drill for instance this allows the evaluation of all cutting edges at once. Another area of application is the quality assurance of entire batches by analyzing one parameter at several work pieces in a single measurement cycle. Users benefit from the elimination of further intervention after starting the measurement as well as reduced retooling times. MultiEdgeMeasurement is also compatible with all other Alicona systems for form and roughness measurement.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 09:19:30 +0200
<![CDATA[ JSC “Radviliskis Machine Factory” presents you its straw shredding and pelletizing set SSGL-1]]> Thu, 01 Oct 2015 09:00:51 +0200 <![CDATA[Acrosser Releases Network Microbox AND-G420N1, Featuring Two LAN Bypass Serial Ports]]>
With a remarkable six Intel® GbE LAN, AND-G420N1 offers the utmost connectivity with a compact form factor (dimensions: 242 x 194.5 x 44 mm). In addition, the model also supports 2-pair LAN bypass for Ethernet connection. AND-G420N1 also provides a luxurious set of I/O, including two USB3.0 ports on the rear panel, two USB2.0 ports(internal pin header), one console port, 8-bit GPIO on board pin header, and one SATA II port.

AND-G420N1 was designed with customers looking for a cost-effective niche solution in mind. Samples are available upon request; please contact your nearest Acrosser Sales Team for price or shipment information.

Contact Us:

Receive a product quote RIGHT NOW!

Product Information:
Network Appliance Microbox: AND-G420N1

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Thu, 01 Oct 2015 04:41:21 +0200
<![CDATA[Mini type regulators for weight under 8 liters with chromatograph,gas purging]]> Type Inlet pressure Outlet pressure Flow rate Outlet gauge
YQX(F)-1 15Mpa 0.45Mpa 0.6M3/H 0.6Mpa
YQX(F)-2 15Mpa 0.12Mpa 0.06M3/H 0.16Mpa
YQX(F)-4 15Mpa 0.2Mpa 0.2M3/H 0.25Mpa
YQX(F)-5 15Mpa 0.75Mpa 0.6M3/H 1Mpa

Main characteristics:
1, Small structure, light weight and suit for cylinder which weight under 8 liters. Metal diaphragm.
2, Stability: Within the air pressure range of 5-15Mpa, outlet pressure variation less than 7*10-4 once inlet pressure
Changes 1Mpa
3, Flow characteristic: when inlet pressure more than 2 Mpa, control flow rate changes within rated range, output
Pressure changes not more than ±6%.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 02:06:17 +0200
<![CDATA[Combine a Janome robot with a CCD camera for optimal performance! ]]>
See the JC-3 and JR3000 equipped with CCD cameras at our booth at the MOTEK show in Stuttgart, Germany, 5-8 October 2015.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 01:53:57 +0200
<![CDATA[Atlas Copco to launch super-efficient VSD vacuum pump range]]>
GHS730VSD pack

The GHS 350-900 VSD+ range, generating nominal displacement of up to 900m3/h, incorporates state-of-the-art variable speed drive technology, which enables vacuum generation to adapt precisely to the user’s requirements as part of a central supply system. Coupled with an innovative motor design, the new range sets new standards for energy efficiency of vacuum pumps, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the total cost of ownership.

Benchmarked against oil-sealed and dry vane vacuum pumps, the GHS VSD+ pumps offer improved performance and a 50% reduction in noise levels.

Based on the well-known and durable plug-and-play design principles of Atlas Copco compressors, these vacuum pumps have been designed by vacuum engineers to deliver peak performance at operating pressures commonly found in industrial applications. The new GHS-VSD+ vacuum pumps are visually based on Atlas Copco’s well-known compressor design, with all of the components cleanly integrated into a single housing.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Winmate's full line of rugged vehicle-mount computers]]>
Highlighted Features
• Compact design provides greater visibility to drivers improving safety
• Quick mounting simplifies installation, service, and switching between vehicles
• The field-replaceable front panel enables users to work uninterrupted, while reducing service cost and preventing productivity loss
• Internal backup battery enables the VMC to be swapped seamlessly to another dock
• Vibration and shock proof design ensure reliable performance

FM10 - 10.4” Vehicle Mount Computer
The FM10 – 10.4” Vehicle Mount computer operates on a 1.91GHz Intel Atom E3845 and the full Windows OS (Windows CE, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10). The device features a GFG resistive touch screen with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. The FM10 is designed for applications that primarily rely on touch input on a large display, but also require access to readily accessible programmable function keys. The FM10 delivers flexibility and mobility in a vehicle-mount form factor, designed to easily be removed from the dock with a one-click top latch. Since the dock remains attached to the vehicle, this device can easily be moved or switched from one vehicle to another vehicle.

FM08 – 8” Vehicle Mount Computer
The FM08 and FM10 share the same system and docking modules, only differing in screen size and keypad display. The FM08 allows flexible navigation via the GFG resistive touch screen, readily accessible programmable function keys, and separate QWERTY and numeric keypads.

For wireless connectivity the device comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and comprehensive 802.11a/b/g/n/ac dual band WiFi, along with the u-blox GPS module. This vehicle-mount computer is built to endure the rigors of the warehouse, and designed to fit seamlessly into forklift and other heavy duty vehicles.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[NEW RINA 500F series]]>
The main characteristics of the RINA 500F are, among other features, extremely high capacity (continuous throughput) considering their compactdimensions and weight as well astheir easy handling.If necessary, there is the possibility of cake (dewatered solid) washing and immediate separation of washing liquid from the mother liquor using two different liquid outlets.

The RINA 500 centrifuges can work in potentially explosive atmosphere, in which case they are delivered with CE-ATEX certification. Other deviceslike: cooling system, CIP, or other provisions adapted to your intended processand existing conditions are possible.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[NEW CIDAN’s robust PRO Z]]>
The machine folds both upward and downwards and minimize the need for the operator to flip over material in the manufacture. This, combined with shared tools in both folding beam and upper beam provides excellent opportunities for time-saving and effective folding of complex parts with only one operator. Tool changes can now be made even faster thanks to the auto-locking, the built-in tool storage as well as the new tool layout in the updated control system, ProLink Z. A newly developed construction of the folding beam, automatic folding center and sheet thickness adjustment provides superior folding quality in all thicknesses without requiring crowning

PRO Z can also be equipped with our patented eccentric OEDPAT PENDING which provides the same high clamping pressure and capacity regardless of the selected tool height while maintaining maximum opening height. PRO Z fits well with our philosophy regarding low environmental impact when the machine has low energy consumption, low noise level and is designed for maximum flexibility and security.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Vibrating wire strain gauge]]> Output Vibrating Wire (Hz)

Don-A GEOVAN Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer providing solutions to measure sensors for construction safety and unmanned automatic data collection, has accumulated know-how over the years and conducted technology research over and over again performing real-time data collection.

That ultimately helped achieve cost reduction through process innovation, measurement, collection and the data analysis of stored information, and immensely contribute to prevent various negligent accidents.

Also, the company implemented quality control system based on the strict standard of ISO 9001 and 14001, always paying full attention to quality management.

Some of our main products include inclination sensors for inclination measurement, length sensors for displacement measurement, and pressure sensors for pressure measurement, and also we provide automatic date collecting and storing devices to gain information by integrating sensors.

Besides the developing of customized products appropriate to industrial settings is under way and we will always carefully listen to the voice of customers so that we could try our best to supply the products meeting the demands of customers on time.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Industrial Agitators by Pimecsa]]>
In Pimecsa we have a wide range of models and appropriate to the needs of each product sizes.
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[North Star Imaging UK/Instron Laboratory Open Day]]> High Wycombe, UK, August 12, 2015– North Star Imaging (NSI) UK recently opened its first X-ray and Computed Tomography demonstration and inspection services laboratory in High Wycombe, United Kingdom. We invite parties interested in digital X-ray and Computed Tomography the opportunity to see our facilities to test your samples on our X5000 CT system during our open day on Wednesday the 23rd of September!
This facility offers advice and support for existing and new customers to develop application specific solutions and supply inspection services. Typical inspection service requests are for internal measurements, 3D CAD comparisons, void and/or porosity analysis, surface reconstructions for reverse engineering, finite element analysis and failure analysis.
The laboratory, based in sister company Instron’s European Headquarters, houses NSI’s most versatile system, the X5000 series, capable of digital radiography and computed tomography with a scanning envelope of 0.8m x 1.2m.
NSI has nearly 30 years of experience in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and manufactures 2D digital radiography and 3D computed tomography equipment along with the development of software used for its’ systems. The company has a wide product portfolio offering that allows users to increase the size of the computed tomography scans and increase resolution.
Computed Tomography, unlike conventional X-ray, that take cross section images and provides a three dimensional image of the inside and outside of a component.
The open day will not only allow interested parties the chance to see North Star Imaging’s demonstration lab and see live demonstrations of the X5000 CT system, visitors will also learn about our product range and receive a tour of Instron’s factory and demonstration laboratory.
Refreshments and lunch will be provided and there will be a prize draw for a chance to win an NSI/Instron merchandise, free sample scans and for one lucky winner, an Apple Watch!
For more information on North Star Imaging’s system solutions, inspection services and service and support visit our website @]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[SpiralConnect solution cuts costs and issues]]>
Thanks to this solution, a well-known Polish bottler of spring water to the retail market has now taken advantage of the cost saving benefits of the simple solution itself. By cutting out the belt transfers and drives, the solution eliminates the bottle necks traditionally associated with conventional solutions. The result is higher uptime, better space utilisation and simplified maintenance, all of which reduce the total cost of ownership significantly. Apart from these future savings, installation, wiring and control costs can also be taken out of the initial investment.

The system can elevate up to 80 bottle packs per minute over 2.4 meters. The packs are 33 and 50cl PET in packs ranging from 4 to 9 bottles. The system is the combination of two clever AmbaFlex solutions. The first clever element is the dual lane SpiralVeyor® that AmbaFlex invented some 10 years ago and consisting of two 400mm wide belts, with separately controlled spiral belts for elevation.

The secondly clever element in the solution is a “SpiralConnect”. This feature extends the lower end of this SpiralVeyor® up to the exact connection with the upstream conveyors. There was also no need for the integrator to design any special curved conveyors behind their packers. The integrated solution, with one ongoing belt for both connecting and spiral elevation, is available uniquely from AmbaFlex and comes in every configuration imaginable.

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor solutions]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Measurement "At a Glance" Werth QuickInspect MT with Custom Measurement Range ]]> easy operation and short measurement times. For
smaller workpieces, the measuring machine acts like a
classical profile projector and uses the field of view of
the optics as the measurement range. This principle
has been implemented for various measurement
ranges in the classical QuickInspect machines (on the
left). For larger measurement ranges, the resolution
and thus the precision of measurement is limited by
the number and size of pixels. For greater requirements of the measurement range,
resolution, and measurement uncertainty, the same
ease of operation is implemented with the new
QuickInspect MT (on the right) with measurement "in
the image". To do so, the machine raster scans
workpieces in seconds "OnTheFly" at the push of a
button. This produces high-resolution images with
nearly any number of pixels and high precision (patent).
Even especially small or high-precision features
on larger objects (up to 250 mm length as standard)
can be visualized and accurately measured. In automatic
mode, the measured object is detected fully
automatically after raster scanning and the matching
CNC measurement program is started.
To ensure comparability to conventional coordinate
measuring machines, the machines are specified to ISO
10360 and VDI/VDE 2617 and are traceable to the
length standard of the German National Metrology
Institute. Depending on the optics selected, measurement
deviations of fractions of a micron or a few
microns can be achieved. For most QuickInspect models
(0.037x to about 1x), it is no longer necessary to
adjust the focus, due to the telecentric configuration.
For high magnification, setting the focus is simple with
an easy-to-use focus function in the image processing
software. This shows the user the position at which the
workpiece is focused to produce the optimal conditions
for measuring. Temperature compensation is also
integrated for measurements in the manufacturing
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Quad Industries launches Piezo technology (SEP)]]>

The initial application of the piezo-electric buttons had inconsistent operation due to differences in the pressure applied, the composition of the piezoelectric materials and temperature fluctuations.

The applications of the Aito Chip mean that these variables are compensated and the piezo touch panels are stable and reliable. The software-controlled piezo technology offers the opportunity to create touch sensitive control panels with a variety of materials, such as metal, glass, plastic, textiles, etc. In contrast to capacitive touch, both electrically conducting and insulating materials can be used as a cover overlay. This provides our customers with a lot of freedom in the area of

The Aito chip has the unique capacity to detect both touching and releasing. This allows each key to have two distinct functions, because ’touching and holding’ results in a different action. In addition, the piezo touch can be combined with haptic feedback in one and the same piezo element. This results in a pleasant vibration of the surface touched, and thus promotes the user experience. This vibration can also be programmed variably, which enables a familiar mechanical
switch to be simulated, among other things.

The SEP piezo technology is a very robust touch technology that enables us to create interfaces with which your products not only look fantastic, but also feel good and operate flawlessly. It provides advantages compared to capacitive touch technology, because it can also be used in a highly demanding, challenging environment. The touch panels are fully waterproofed, are vandal resistant, and can be used perfectly by an operator wearing gloves or with dirty hands.

The SEP piezo technology is mainly applicable in consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive and kitchen equipment.

Quad Industries is a leading manufacturer and developer of user interfaces and control panels, which mainly consist of membrane and capacitive switches, overlays and foils, rubber keypads, PCB’s, integrated touch screens or displays and plastic or metal housings. Thanks to internal and external production capabilities, Quad Industries can combine these parts into technologically innovative top products.

The SEP piezo technology will be shown at the ROLEC Gehäuse-Systeme (distributor of Quad Industries in Germany) stand 5-230 on SPS IPC DRIVES 2014.]]>
Thu, 01 Oct 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Leyro Instruments presents the best solution for the calibration of low pressure transmitters ]]> This device is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (8 Hour autonomy) that can be directed to the electricity network.]]> Thu, 01 Oct 2015 00:00:00 +0200 <![CDATA[Intelligence that moves]]> represents the intelligence of the new Romotion motors with integrated electronics.

The heart of the Romotion is the powerful three-phase synchronous motor from Rotek´s modular system. The integrated control electronics with SmartDrive Technology allows for sensorless operation by eliminating the need for the otherwise necessary Hall sensors.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 22:58:06 +0200
<![CDATA[NEW CESL9 SERIES Premium Brushless Electric Screwdrivers]]>
Features of the CESL9 Series include:

• A slim design with high torque capability, models from 2 – 12 Nm
• Integrated fan to keep the driver running cooler in demanding applications
• Threaded metal nose with flats for mounting in reaction arm or fixture
• Ideal for adapting to auto screw-feeding equipment

The CESL9 Series drivers are capable of developing high torques - side handles are included. We recommend mounting in a torque reaction arm for ultimate ergonomics and operator safety.
Each tool includes a side handle attachment, a 2m tool cable, (2) 1/4” hex bits and a suspension bail.

Delta Regis offers a large range of electric screwdriver models to suit different customer requirements. Our brushless drivers have become the new standard, improving on the features and benefits of our long-standing brush motor tools.

Our precise torque shut-off clutch electric screwdrivers are capable of meeting the needs of various product manufacturing sectors. In recent years, the Delta Regis Screwdriver product line (and available torque range) has grown dramatically through the coupling of brushless electric motors with proven mechanical clutch technology.

Check out our website for additional information on Delta Regis products.

Visit our Facebook page and stay up to date with the latest and greatest in what's happening at Delta Regis Tools!]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 20:53:31 +0200
<![CDATA[Uncooled MWIR miniaturized module for infrared inspection and manufacturing process control]]>
Technical specifications:

- Electronic module system with control and communications interface for TACHYON 1024 FPA (2nd gen. FPA with ROIC, 32x32)
- FPA included with the module
- Integration time: selectable via software (100 – 500 us)
- Biasing voltage: selectable (1.25V to 2.5V)
- Maximum frame rate: 1000 Hz (@ minimum integration time) - slower speeds are possible using longer integration times
- Communication interface: USB 2.0, high-speed (up to 480 Mbps)
- Data transmission: raw data, 10 bits
- USB powered
- Mechanical shutter incorporated for calibration and 1-pt offset correction
- Temperature sensor
- Dimensions of the electronic module (in mm): 36 (L) x 43 (W) x 17 (H)
- Metal housing available, with CS-mount optics interface (housing dimensions, in mm: 39.5 (L) x 46.5 (W) x 29.5 (H))
- SDK library (DLL)
- Optics: optional (CS-mount)
- Modifications of the product: available upon request
- Applications: industrial (gas detection, machine vision, laser monitoring)
- Example videos:,]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 20:37:03 +0200
<![CDATA[Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump Orlita® Evolution]]>
High process reliability and flexibility

The hydraulic diaphragm metering Orlita® Evolution hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps form an integrated product range with stroke lengths of 15 to 40 mm. This covers the capacity range from 3 to 7,400 l/h at 400 to 10 bar. A wide range of drive versions is available, including some for use in Ex-zone 1 and 2. The Orlita® Evolution product range is designed to comply with API 675.

The Orlita® Evolution meets the most exacting safety requirements as an extremely robust hydraulic diaphragm metering pump. It stands out thanks to its PTFE multi-layer diaphragm with integral diaphragm rupture warning system and unique diaphragm position control. Its modular construction offers extremely good flexibility in terms of applications.

Heidelberg-based ProMinent uses a specially developed diaphragm position control combined with the integrated pressure relief valve and temperature control to reliably protect its new process pump from almost all incidents and unauthorised operating statuses.

Metering reproducibility was found to be better than ± 1 percent with a stroke length of between 10 and 100% under defined conditions and after proper installation. Continuous bleeding of the oil chamber ensures reliable pump operation.

High flexibility

The modular construction with single and multiple pump versions makes a wide field of applications possible. Up to five metering units, with the same or different pump capacities, can be combined in multiple pump systems. For maximum flexibility, the customer can choose seven different gear reductions and decide whether the drives are arranged vertically or horizontally. On request, ProMinent can customise the pump.

Certified for tough jobs

The four product ranges of the new family of process pumps comply with API 675 and provide a capacity ranging from 3 to 7,400 l/h at 400 to 10 bar. ProMinent has a number of drive variants for use in areas at risk from explosion (zone 1 and zone 2 with ATEX certification).

The new process metering pump will be used mainly in the oil and gas industry as well as the chemical industry and in industrial production engineering.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 18:23:20 +0200
<![CDATA[Press brakes PRCN C-LINE by Rico]]>
- Automatic calculation of angle, force and back gauge axis.
- User-friendly control
- High performances

- Swaybend system (RICO)
- Configuration to the customer

- H-Box frame (RICO)
- Structural compensation system
- Servo-motorized axis
- Proporcional hydraulics

- Machines with directive CE 2006/95 CE
- Lazer safety device]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 16:26:21 +0200
<![CDATA[TELE now with railway certification]]>

Our types:
• V2ZA10 3Min 24-240V / V2ZA10 10Min 24-240V
• V2ZI10 12-240V AC/DC / V2ZI10P 12-240V AC/DC
• V2ZM10 12-240 V AC/DC / V2ZM10P 12-240V AC/DC
• V2ZS20 12-240V AC/DC / V2ZS20P 12-240V AC/DC

Application 1
The wagons are supplied from batteries and inverters when the train travels over a currentless section. If currentless travel takes too long, consumers are switched off one by one. A release-delayed time relay is utilized for this purpose. When the voltage is disconnected, the timer begins and the consumer is switched off according to the set time. If the voltage returns before the set time expires, the consumer remains switched on.
Application 2
When starting up the diner car, cooling units are switched on with a time delay; this is necessary because the superordinated control requires a certain amount of time to start up. A release-delayed time relay is utilized for this purpose.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 15:58:12 +0200
<![CDATA[Automatic tool changers ATC]]>
Hypatia GNC manufactures these machines entirely in Europe and European components, always using the best brands on the market which provide extra reliability for our product.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 15:38:47 +0200
<![CDATA[Tubs Filling Machine ARI-P]]> Recommended temperature of the product 13 – 15°C.
Maximum output 50 portions/min.
Dosing range 200 – 500 g
Packaging material container height 44 mm or 67,5 mm, polystyrene containers, heat sealable aliuminium foil lids, polystyrene lids]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 15:14:37 +0200
<![CDATA[Connector for flate cable IPE &NP- soket type CARPEL]]> Nylon socket
Wheels Steel with bearing Ø 40
Capacity 60 kg
Beams IPE-NP from 80 to 140
Weight 4310 Kg
Specify the size of the beam and if it is IPE or NP

All By Carpel overhead crane accessories are made entirely in Italy in a short chain production process, in order to ensure the highest quality. This statement is a promise of value to our customers and their expectations in terms of quality and safety of products that they normally use on plants.
Manufacturing our products entirely in Italy means that the company regards quality as a fundamental value. It means to focus on staff, carefully select suppliers and perform accurate product checks. We are aware that our products offer above-average guarantees to all overhead crane manufacturers and maintainers that use them.
Since 1969, we strongly believe in the Made in Italy and the territory our products come from, thus creating a virtuous circle between company, production, territory and future generations, in the continuous effort to maintain over time the quality of our overhead crane accessories and meet the expectations of customers from over 80 countries worldwide.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 14:56:35 +0200
The quick and complete removal of all adherent plastics, e.g. from multilayer blown film heads, slot dies, screws and other production tools is an important factor to reduce costs in the packaging industry.

Being the sole manufacturer worldwide, SCHWING offers in one hand all advanced thermal cleaning technologies to clean metal parts and tools as well as contract cleaning. Such as in Sao Paulo and Guangzhou, the main focus will be on the high efficient vacuum pyrolysis systems, which are currently available under the brand VACUCLEAN for blown film heads with a diameter up to 1.60 meters and weight up to 11,000 Kg.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 14:54:51 +0200
<![CDATA[Curtiss-Wright Introduces New Family of Rotary Position Sensors]]>
With a low-profile sensor body design and a small footprint, these fully-encapsulated, IP69K-rated sensors offer exceptional performance against water, dust, shock, vibration, and temperature.

The NRH271 and NRH272 rotary position sensors are ideal for use by OEMs of on- and off-highway vehicles that are destined for use in challenging environments, and as a cost-effective solution for medium volume applications where a wide range of options or degree of customization may be required.

All variants of the NRH271 and NRH272 rotary position sensors are contained in a 9.5mm housing and use proven, wear-free Hall-effect sensing technology to provide a long mechanical life. The electrical output spans of both models can be set to correspond to rotations of 20° to 360° in 1° increments. Two power supply options are available (5V and 9-30V). Factory-programmable electronics can be set to one of two analog voltage output ranges (0.5-4.5V or 0.2-4.8V) or one of three PWM frequencies.

Connection options are industry-standard AMP Superseal or Deutsch DT04 series connectors, or simple 18AWG flying-leads for customer termination. The sensor can also be supplied with a protective NC10 flexible conduit for the cabling.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 14:44:02 +0200
<![CDATA[ARSEN CNC bridge type]]> CNC bridge type milling machine or machining center, fixed cross bean and moving table.
Table length - mm 4.100 - 10.100
Table width - mm 2.500 (3.000-3.500-4.000-4.500)*
Distance between columns - mm 3.500 (4.000-4.500-5.000-5.500)*
Longitudinal travel - mm 4.000 - 10.000
Cross travel - mm 4.250 (4.750)*
Vertical travel - mm 1.250 (1.500 - 2.000)*
Max. distance from table to spindle nose - mm 1.465 (1.965)*
Rapid feed - mm/min 30.000
Working Feed - mm/min Up to 20.000
Drives of X,Y,Z, axis
B= Ball screw / Ø mm
R= Rack / Module X: R / 6
Power - kW 60
Speed of the spindle head - min-1 4.500
Positioning and repeatability accuracy - mm 0,008/4.000
Tool magazine 30 (40-60-80)*
Allowed weight on the table - kg 20.000 - 45.000]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 14:33:17 +0200
<![CDATA[Priorclave Reveals the Inside Story at Medica – stand 1EO2]]>
The QCS EH100 that will be featured at Medica is a 100 litre capacity, front loading autoclave equipped with a 500mm diameter stainless steel chamber and sterilising temperatures up to 140oC at 2.4bar, all easily controlled through the advanced Tactrol®2 microprocessor control system using single push-buttons. One touch controls allows for adjustment of temperature and time for simple cycles to fully featured multi-programme operation. In addition a log is stored of the sterilising cycle, data such as temperature, pressure and time is held in an archive file which can be subsequently downloaded.

An advantage for any busy laboratory is a secure key-lock switch on the front of the control panel which governs access to certain parameter settings.

Built to International Standards, the QCS EH100 autoclave incorporates epoxy coated panels and frame members treated with an anti-bacterial agent which is highly effective against all bacteria and fungi including MRSA, E.coli, Listeria, Legionella, Campylobacter, Salmonella and Pseudomonas, helping to preventing cross contamination within the laboratory.

This laboratory autoclave will appeal to laboratory managers in diverse industrial sectors such as food, drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, agricultural, education, healthcare as well as dedicated research establishments for sterilising applications such as media preparation, liquids and diluent, waste, glassware instruments and pieces of apparatus that need superior cleansing.

* MEDICA - Dusseldorf, Germany – 16th to 19th November 2015]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 14:22:47 +0200
<![CDATA[New Southco product handbook - now available]]>
Order your gratis Southco handbook on our contact page.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 14:11:59 +0200
<![CDATA[Hydromat Inc. Will Present the Latest Advancements in Rotary Transfer and High Production Mill/Turn Centers]]>
isit us at Hydromat’s campus in St. Louis, MO and see first-hand the latest developments in the field of rotary transfer

precision machining. A number of our EPIC R/T and ICON machines will be powered up and running, and you will be able

to watch our expert technicians at work building other machines that are in various stages of completion.

We will feature the next innovation leap for Hydromat’s flagship rotary transfer machine, the EPIC GEN II.

The ICON Technologies’ Mill/Turn machining centers combine space-saving design with unparalleled flexibility to create a

highly innovative solution to produce parts complete, with fast cycle times and a superior part quality.

There will be plenty to see and presentations will be made concerning the latest technologies and how they can increase

productivity and competitiveness.

In the afternoons on the 21st and 22nd we will feature presentations from our vendors concerning advancements in

products and methods to make your machine run more efficiently.

Products like the EPIC RS & SS packages that add CNC machining to your legacy Hydromats will also be featured.

Of course, we’ll have plenty of food...and what would an Oktoberfest be if there wasn’t plenty to drink? Our Beer Garden

Tent will be much bigger and better than ever. And wait until you hear this year’s authentic German band!

October 21st, 22nd & 23rd, 2015

8:00am - 5:00pm • Registration, Tours & Presentations

11:30am - 1:00pm • Lunch is Served

Hydromat, Inc. • St. Louis Campus

11600 Adie Road

Maryland Heights, MO 63043]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 14:03:03 +0200
<![CDATA[Marlon FS polycarbonate now avaialable with Strong Adhesion Film for heavy fabrication]]>
The polycarbonate sheets that are used for these heavy fabrication projects, often go through different or aggressive mechanical processes before the end product is made. SAF ensures that our polycarbonate sheet withstands these rigorous fabrication processes and protects the surface from scratching and abrasion at all times.
The durable and joggable film is much heavier, providing outstanding surface protection particularly for the thicker range polycarbonate sheets (5 – 15mm) that can be more difficult to handle and have more potential to score during handling, fabrication and storage. The polycarbonate has a layer of SAF on both sides of the sheet, ensuring maximum protection.

Offering an adhesion level that is three times higher than standard film, SAF remains in place and intact during fabrication. It maintains its adhesion level and offers sufficient tack for reapplication in case the film needs to be peeled back. The film is easy to remove, even after thermoforming, without leaving residue.

SAF is glue-free, enabling the polycarbonate sheets to be used for warm bending and shallow thermoforming. In addition it is particularly suitable for cutting, cold bending and digital printing. It has a clear finish so the product remains visible.

Combined with the benefits of SAF, the Marlon FS Longlife and Marlon FSX Longlife polycarbonate ranges that provide high impact resistance at only half the weight of glass, high natural light transmission, optical clarity and abrasion resistance now offer the ideal choice for high end mechanical engineering projects.

SAF is available for Marlon FS Longlife and Marlon FSX Longlife polycarbonate in thicknesses up to 15mm and 2050mm wide.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 13:17:05 +0200
<![CDATA[“We are in the deciding stage”*]]>
​The last weeks at KONUX have been busy. The Munich­based sensor company sent a team to the US, got nominated for several awards, added new talents to their team and is building a new office in Munich. In short, things at KONUX are picking up speed. Six of our colleagues started working out of our US office in the San Francisco area nearly two months ago. The US team consists of members of our Marketing and Business Development department as well as our VPs of Marketing and Finance and KONUX CEO Andreas Kunze. The team is preparing the next funding round and pushing customer relations in North­America. Meetings with lead investor Michael Baum ( already took place and the search for new talents in the US is in full swing. Meanwhile in Germany: Within only three weeks KONUX has been nominated for three awards: White Bulls’ Bully Award, the Digitized Innovation Award of TÜV SÜD and the Presidential Entrepreneurship Award of the Technical University of Munich.

These positive developments are closely connected to the growth of our team. Within six months the number of employees at KONUX rose from under 20 to 42. Due to this high growth rate, our headquarters started to get crowded. The new office in the “WerkStadt Sendling” will be another step forward. Among the new neighbours are names like NVIDIA, GoPro and Planet Sports. KONUX is looking forward to this innovative and technology­oriented environment.

*Andreas Kunze, CEO KONUX GmbH, about the upcoming funding round.

About KONUX:

KONUX GmbH is a sensor technology company based in Munich and San Francisco. Our sensors are based on a newly developed and patented optoelectronic principle and are characterized by high precision, robustness and connectivity. With our analytics system the user is able to analyse all relevant machine and environmental parameters and to store them in a central data warehouse. We also provide real­time machine optimization, system state of health analysis and predictive maintenance.

Learn more:]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 12:08:30 +0200
<![CDATA[Permanent Magnet Brake]]> Wed, 30 Sep 2015 11:44:08 +0200 <![CDATA[Pneumatic rope balancer with hook properly shaped for handling of sacked sausages]]> The pneumatic roper balancer can be used, for its easy use, in applications where it is necessary to handle load not over hanged.
It is available over than in the execution with arm, on column or suspended, also in the version hanged to jib cranes and light crane bridge systems, in aluminium profile.
Because of the use in food industry the rope balancer is manufactured in stainless steel and in other material suitable for this particular work zone.
The proper shaped hook, directly fixed to the handle, with the progressive control of the lifting operations, allows to grip the sacked sausage, from horizontal position on the preparation desk and to hang it in vertical position on the trolley.
Max capacity 50 kg.
Max vertical stroke up to 2 m.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 11:44:00 +0200
<![CDATA[New range of Kawasaki model CP palletizing robots]]> The range consists of 5 models with 130/180 kg, 250/300 kg and 500 kg capacities. Particular importance during the design stage has been given to robot dynamics, making possible speeds of over 2000 cycles/hour with the 130 kg capacity model, while the 250 kg model can reach 1700 cycles/hour, which drops to 1000 cycles/hour for the 500 kg capacity robot - the cycles refer to a trajectory of 400 mm in vertical, 2000 mm in horizontal and 400 mm vertical in the release phase.
Compared to the previous ZD series, these models achieve a performance increase of around 30%. This has been made possible by equipping the base rotation motor drive with two motors and the robotized arm with nitrogen balancers. A particularly important part is the new EO3 controller, with “green” compatibility features which, besides being extremely compact and with level 4 safety category, permits energy recovery during the robot deceleration phases, so that around 30% more can be reintroduced into the mains compared to traditional controllers. As usual, with the implementation of these new robots, Kawasaki once again confirms itself a benchmark brand on the market.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 11:23:08 +0200
<![CDATA[New hydrogen 6.0 grade + zero air generator in air 19’’ version]]>
This innovation relies on a challenging combination of: a very high hydrogen purity (99.9999%) generator fitted onto a 19” rack enclosure and including a zero air generator.
Very high hydrogen purities are mainly required for FID analytical devices and especially for the carrier gas. The reason for high purity is to avoid background noise, thus allowing very low detection levels of the FID system.
On the other side, the 19” enclosure is requested for applications where size is a key feature. This is the case for field laboratories, for instance such following drilling operations in the oil industry.
Top of the range specifications of this generator are derived from models designed for analytical devices in laboratories: up to 1000 ml/min hydrogen flow, 99.9999% purity, pressure up to 11 bar, high safety features: more than 10 alarms with automatic generator shut-off routines including a unique shock and earthquake sensor.
The optional zero air generator has hydrocarbons removal capabilities resulting and a residual concentration below 50 ppb.
A wide range of options is also available which enlarge the features of the Sonimix 3080+: automatic external water refill function, cascading capability allowing to connect several units automatically driven by one single Sx3080+, and remote operation via a Windows® software.
His high reliability makes this generator perfect for field laboratories, far from typical technical support.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 11:16:42 +0200
<![CDATA[Higher Quality with X-Ray Technology]]>
Schönberg, August 2015
At the FAKUMA 2015 trade fair from 13 to 17 October in Friedrichshafen Sesotec in hall B1, stand 1302, exhibits metal separators, magnet systems, and X-ray scanners that increase efficiency, safety, and quality. The Raycon product inspection system for applications in the plastics industry will be presented for the first time.
X-ray technology is more and more used for quality assurance in the plastics industry because quality demands for plastic parts are becoming ever more stringent. The Sesotec Raycon product inspection system detects both metallic and non-metallic contaminants and also checks products for completeness, correct position and shape. X-ray technology thus detects both internal and external quality defects of the product.
In-line X-ray inspection can be performed simultaneously on up to four product lines. The Raycon X-ray scanner features outstanding ease of operation and automatic product learning and guarantees maximum safety for operators and for the product to be inspected. With their compact and modular design Raycon X-ray systems allow easy cleaning and maintenance.
Sesotec product manager Uli Hurzlmeier: "A typical application for the Raycon X-ray scanner is the inspection of plastic parts not only for contaminants, but also for the detection of unwanted air inclusions or blowholes, and other defects such as deformed products. Several sources of defects can thus be checked in only one X-ray process. The X-raying principle allows inspection inside closed shapes and packaging. For users in the plastics industry quality inspection with Raycon X-ray technology ensures efficient, fast, and economic quality assurance."
Proven metal separators for tool and machine protection
Another main focus at the trade fair lies on metal separators for all conveying types that have been widely used in the plastics industry for decades: The Protector series for direct installation on the material inlet of injection-moulding machines, the GF series for vacuum and pressure conveyor pipes, and the Rapid Pro-Sense for free-fall applications.
While the Rapid Pro-Sense metal separator is equipped with the proven Genius+ Control Unit, the Protector and GF metal separators feature the new Primus+ Control Unit, which offers higher scanning sensitivity and clearly improved ease of use. In the further development of these systems]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 11:14:20 +0200
<![CDATA[Mining Cable for use with coal mining machine ]]> flexible copper cables for coal mine of rated voltages up to and including 0.66/1.14 kV, and Copper drill cables for coal mine of rated voltages 0.3/0.5 kV

This product is the rubber sheath flexible series used in coal-mining. It is fit for power connected lines for the coal mine machine and the similar to power supply of rated voltage 3.6/6kV and below

Product implementation standard.
Fame retardant properties meet the coal industry standard MT386 Coal-used flame retardant power cable experiment method and requirements for the rules.

The allowed operating temperature of the core is 65°C when U0/U is
 0.66/1.14kV and below, 85°C when U0/U is 3.6/6kV
Min. bending radius is six times the size of cable diameter
The yellow sheath cable should not be exposed in the sun for long time
Coal Mining Machine Cable:The cables are suitable for coal mining machine and similar equipment as power connecting cable.

Operating Temp. and Conditions of rubber cable for coal mine
The long-term operating temp. for cable conductor should be 65℃;
The highest operating temp. for short-circuit (for 5s) should be 150℃;
The minimum bending radium should be 6 times of the cable OD;
The cable should be kept in dry & clean places. Pay attention to water-penetration, sunshine and moisture.
When the cable is being laid, the drum of which should be set up through a roller. Do not drag it on the ground or smash it with the heavy.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 10:40:03 +0200
<![CDATA[New ARBOR Mini-ITX Industrial Motherboard with 6th Generation Intel® Xeon® E3 v5 Processors]]>
The ITX-i89H0 provides improved CPU, media and graphics performance as well as energy efficiency making it suitable for intelligent platforms used for gaming, infotainment, security, automation and digital signage applications. Moreover, it is embedded with Intel® vPro™ technology, which provides a comprehensive set of security and manageability features.

The ITX-i89H0 comes with two DDR4 SO-DIMM sockets that support ECC memory. Graphics interfaces include two DisplayPort connectors, one eDP and one HDMI. High interconnectivity is available through one Gigabit PHY Ethernet with Intel® Active Management Technology, one serial port for RS232 operation, one LPC for connection interface, two NGFF (M.2) connectors with one M-keyed and the other E-keyed for SSD and Wireless radio support, and two SATA gen 3.0 ports. Expansion cards can be used with the onboard PCI-E(x16) slot.

Thanks to native USB 3.0 support, the board achieves fast data transmission with low power consumption. A total of 10 USB 2.0 ports and six USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports are supported with High Definition Audio providing MIC-in & Line-out interfaces.
The ITX-i89H0 will be officially released in September; please contact local sales support.

ITX-i89H0 Features:
● Mini-ITX form factor, 170 x 170 mm
● 6th Generation Intel® Core™/Xeon® Processors in BGA “Halo” SKU
● One GbE PHY with Intel® AMT
● Two DDR4 SO-DIMM sockets
● Two DisplayPort, one eDP and one HDMI support
● Two NGFF connectors for SSD and Wireless radio support
● Supports USB 3.0/2.0 and LPC connection interface]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 10:29:01 +0200
<![CDATA[M133C Three phase Power & Energy Calibrator]]>
M133C calibrator offers two types of defined distortion of main sinusoidal output signal. The first distortion is based on adding defined amount of harmonic or interharmonic spectral components up to 5 kHz. The second type of distortion is based on amplitude modulation of output sinusoidal signal by sin or squarewave modulation signal in frequency range from 0.001 Hz to 50 Hz. Maximum depth of modulation is 30 %.

Using supplied cable adapter the current outputs can be joined together offering one phase current range to 90 A AC/DC.

M133 control panel facilitates setting of power energy calibrators series M133. It is possible to set all three phase channels and also waveforms of individual voltage (current) outputs. Setting of harmonic / interharmonic components, modulation and Dip/Swells is displayed in simple chart.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 10:19:52 +0200
<![CDATA[Single Channel Magnetic Image Sensors(TMR6201)]]> 2. Channels: 1 Channel
3. Output: Analog
4. Sensing Length: 5mm

General Description:
The TMR6201 magnetic pattern recognition sensor consists of Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) sensing elements, a high-quality magnet, a robust plastic base with outstanding mechanical strength, and a durable non-magnetic stainless steel cover.

Features and Benefits:
The TMR6201 series of TMR magnetic pattern recognition sensor is a magnetic signal reader head for use in detecting and recognizing the magnetic properties of paper bills, banknotes, and securities documents. Designed with outstanding weak field detection capability of MDT’s TMR technology, along with a custom shaped bias magnet, the TMR6201 features high sensitivity, high signal to noise ratio, and wide air-gap tolerance, and it is not susceptible to tilt or misalignment in installation or shock and vibration along the vertical direction (Z-axis) during operation.The TMR6201 sensor series has high mechanical strength plastic, and solid, hard-wearing non-magnetic stainless steel materials, and it achieves a compact, miniaturized, light-weight and robust structural design. It can significantly simplify the design of structural components of financial machinery and measurement equipment, and it can release installation and maintenance procedures from complicated requirements.

(1)Bill and banknote counter and validator;(2)Bill and banknote sorter;(3)ATM;(4)Bill reader and validator in automated vending machines;(5)Reader head of magnetic card reader.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 09:44:04 +0200
<![CDATA[High-frequency Transformer, Suitable for Driving Power, Adapters]]> ◦Lead pull test: terminals shall with stand without breaking or loosening when a static load of 8 Newton is applied in a drawing direction for 8 seconds to the terminal
◦Insulation class: B
◦Insulation resistance: 500V DC, 100MΩ (minimum)
◦Insulation system: E361201 YR-130
◦Insulation method: impregnation varnish
◦Use environment range:◾Temperature: -25 to 55℃
◾Comparatively humidity: 45-75% RH

◦Storage environment range:◾Temperature: -10 to +40℃
◾Comparatively humidity: below 80% RH

◦Soldering of the leads: >95%]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 09:29:48 +0200
<![CDATA[PITTMAN® Introduces BGE Series Servo Motor Controllers]]>
The motion controllers can be operated in stand-alone operation with digital or analog IO or as a slave in a CANopen network with device profile DSP 402, protocol DS 301. The family of motion controllers is rated from 12VDC to 60VDC input voltage and 4 amp to 20 amp continuous output current.

The BGE Series controllers are suitable for use with Pittman brushless or brushed DC motors. Information about the motor’s rotor position can be supplied to the positioning controller by an encoder or integrated Hall sensors contained within a brushless motor. The controls incorporate protection against over-voltage, low voltage and excessive temperature.

If 4-quadrant digital speed control is desired, the control can be commanded to run in either direction, stop and hold with torque, and stop without torque (coast) through digital inputs. Other inputs can switch between programmed speeds or allow for a variable analog speed reference.

Accel/decal ramps for the motor also can be programmed. The control offers the capability for a motor to function as a stand-alone or programmed servo, which interfaces to the rest of the machine via digital and analog IO.

The BGE Series electronic controllers offer many different modes of operation to choose from, such as analog or digital torque control, analog or digital speed control and digitally selectable position control (relative, absolute, and modulo). The controls incorporate protection against over-voltage, low voltage and excessive temperature.

Designed for volume OEM applications, BGE Series electronic controllers offer a design alternative for restricted space applications where the additional length of an integral control motor may not be feasible. They also can be encapsulated to provide additional protection in extreme environmental conditions.

If only speed control is required for an application, the BGE 3004A, a cost-optimized 1 quadrant controller, is available. BGE controllers are available from stock at the Pittman Express E-Commerce store. For a full listing of available products with associated drawings, specifications and manuals, users can go to .

For more information, visit or contact an application engineer at 267-933-2105.

About Pittman
Pittman is part of the AMETEK Precision Motion Control division. Pittman products are designed into a wide variety of high-tech motion applications, including lab automation, medical devices, communications equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, aerospace systems, and many other applications where precision motion is critical.

The Pittman motor line spans a wide variety of DC motor sizes and technologies, ranging from 10 mm-diameter brushless DC motors used in high-speed medical applications to large NEMA frame DC servo motors used in sophisticated automation equipment. Pittman also offers a wide variety of complementary products such as gearboxes, encoders, brakes, and drive systems. For more information, visit

AMETEK Precision Motion Control is a division of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 09:23:54 +0200
<![CDATA[MultiCon CMC-99 closed in a benchtop!]]>
Some technical details of benchtop enclosure:
- a tilt / swivel carry handle,
- up to 23 input / output / communication connectors,
- dimensions: 250 x 150 x 163 mm.

The main advantages of MultiCon CMC-99 devices:
- inputs: universal, voltage, current, thermocouple, RTD, digital, counting, flow measurement, tachometer signals,
- outputs: relay, SSR, current (4-20mA) signals,
- display: 3.5 inch graphic TFT, 16-bit colour, 320 x 240 pixels, with touchscreen,
- case dimensions: 96 x 96 x 100 mm,
- communication: USB Host, RS-485 and Ethernet,
- free DAQ Manager software.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 09:15:46 +0200
<![CDATA[XCMG Medium excavator / crawler / diesel / 13 800 kg / XE135B]]> Wed, 30 Sep 2015 09:04:19 +0200 <![CDATA[FIND OUT THE NEW CG 50 G TAPING MACHINE]]> Sealing boxes with gummed paper is easier than ever: maximum versatility in minimum space.

Touch-screen control panel for immediate reading

Handles American-type boxes from 150x120xH120 mm to 600x500xH500 mm up to 30 kg of weight

Built-in diagnostic system in the touch-screen panel

Aluminium frame and polycarbonate protections; easy and fast maintenance

Technical Call Centre and Emergency Service

Each CG 50/G can be made according to the Customer’s specific needs]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 09:01:16 +0200
<![CDATA[Catalyst Motion GroupTM Develops Z-Theta System Capability]]> Z-Theta systems also can be used to move to defined linear positions, and then perform independent rotary moves. The Kerk brand ScrewRail® is the centerpiece of this development, with the linear and rotary power being supplied by Haydon and Pittman motor technology.
Z-Theta systems lend themselves well to picker type applications in automated kiosks, data storage libraries, and other repetitive motion tasks requiring both a linear and a rotary move. Loads of up to 100 pounds and speeds in excess of 10 inches/second are possible.
The Catalyst Motion Group Z-Theta solution is fully customizable and adaptable to a broad range of specific design requirements, providing an innovative and effective solution.
Information on Catalyst Motion Group can be found on its website: For help with a specific application, users should call 1-203-725-3852 email or contact: Catalyst Motion Group, 1500 Meriden Road, Waterbury, CT 06705. Phone: 203-725-3852 Fax: 203-756-8724
About Catalyst Motion Group
Catalyst Motion GroupTM is a brand of the AMETEK® Precision Motion Control division. It offers high- precision linear motion systems at all levels of sophistication and integration, providing all necessary mechanical, electrical and software supply and support. Its expertise includes single-axis and multiple-axis systems using either Haydon, Kerk, Pittman or Dunkermotoren components as well as components custom designed to client specifications. It brings together the resources and support of a global corporation, while providing its customers with the individual attention offered by a small, focused and strategically aligned group from the single point contact.

AMETEK Precision Motion Control is a division of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of $4.0 billion.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 08:39:04 +0200
<![CDATA[More than 1000 HIMOINSA generator sets, operating in Saudi Arabia projects]]> “So far this year, from January to August 2015, 7 out of every 10 lighting towers sold by HIMOINSA in the Middle East have been sent to projects in Saudi Arabia”, said Keith Webb, General Manager for HIMOINSA Middle East, who adds that over 1,000 generators are currently operating in projects in the country.
Construction on the bridge linking Bahrain with Saudi Arabia, as well as the construction of the Makkah-Medina high speed railway, have employed HIMOINSA generator sets. Most of the generators sold in Saudi Arabia have been distributed to rental companies, as well as lighting towers, increasingly requested by rental firms. In the past two years, HIMOINSA Middle East has sold more than 600 lighting towers in the region; 30% of them in Saudi Arabia.
HIMOINSA works in the region through its distributor FAMCO, which began to made significant inroads into the Saudi Arabia market in 2013. “In the past 19 months, 33% of sales of HIMOINSA generator sets in the Middle East correspond to Saudi Arabia", says Guillermo Elum, Sales and Marketing Director in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Europe, who describes Saudi Arabia as "one of our major markets in the region.” While the construction sector has been one of the most important for HIMOINSA, the company is now focusing its attention on the telecommunications, residential and industrial sectors. Areas for which the company offers innovative energy solutions.
The figures speak for themselves. By 2020 it is expected that 429 billion kilowatts will be generated in Saudi Arabia. During 2014, the residential sector alone represented 30% of the market of diesel generator sets in Saudi Arabia, according to TechSci Research, in its report which highlights the North, Centre and West areas of Saudi Arabia as those with the greatest demand for generator sets. These areas alone represented 56% of the diesel generators market in Saudi Arabia in 2014.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 08:34:30 +0200
<![CDATA[CHRocodile 2 S/ 2 SE: Non-Contact White-Light Sensor for Layer Thickness and Topography. For Plastics, Glass, Liquids]]>
The extraordinarily high dynamics range and excellent signal to noise ratio of the CHRocodile sensors ensure the best results on surfaces with differing reflectivity and from different angles. Chromatic confocal CHRocodile sensors from Precitec Optronik demonstrating particular strength to high-gloss finished or semi-transparent surfaces where other well-known optical 3D-measurement methods may fail. Sensors can be switched from confocal-chromatic measurements to interferometric technology. This offers further advantages: 2 S/2 SE sensors are suitable for many transparent plastics and multi-layer thickness measurements up to 150 micrometer.

Non-contact probes from Precitec Optronik can measure surfaces even if the slope angles are very steep (+/- 40 degrees). High apertures ensure that even with highly reflective surfaces sufficient light is returned to the probe.

Sensors from Precitec Optronik are widespread, particularly in the areas of semiconductor industry, plastics and glass manufacturing, medical technology, automotive and 3D measuring machines.

The possibility of switching between confocal-chromatic and interferometric measurements is available as option.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 08:28:51 +0200
<![CDATA[steel wire compressive strength experiment | AEV]]>
AEV electric vertical machine is a push -pull load test stand specially equipped for HF series and NK series force gauges. This product adopts dual vertical pole structure, featured by good stability, wide application and easy to use, etc., with the functions of stepless speed regulation, manual (crawl) and automatic switching. This product is appropriate for the push-pull load, plug power and other destructive tests in the industries of rubber, plastics, light textile, building doors and windows, composite materials, wire and cable, auto parts, power machinery and research institutions, etc.

a、Electric loading, stepless speed regulation, gear drive
b、Compact structure and stable drive
c、Simple operation, can be used with a variety of fixtures

Specifications and Parameters:
·Maximum load:5000-30000N
·Effective stroke:220 /1000mm
·Test speed:15-240 mm/min
·Working voltage:110-220V
·Length × width × height(mm):400x250x1050(Increasing the height of type is 1300)
·Net weight:56(Increasing the height of type is 58)kg-120kg]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 08:27:40 +0200
<![CDATA[SANA and CERSAIE, two important events hosted under a 3000 square meter modular tent made by Kopron]]> CERSAIE, the International Exhibition of Ceramic, will continue using the structure duly transformed into laboratory.

Milan, September 2015

In these days, Bologna hosted the greatest Italian exhibition dedicated to the world of natural and organic. An important part of the exhibition was set up under a tent made by Kopron, chosen by Customer because very easy to install, resistant and versatile.

“After the fortunate experience at Expo, our cooperation with Bologna Fiere is carrying on with a new ‘turnkey’ project, from design to installation - said Mario Vergani, Kopron CEO- We are technical partners and offer advice and solutions. Our efficient project management within scheduled time, costs and energy performance, is able to offer high standard cooperation with great enterprises either here in Italy or abroad’ .

The carrying structure is made in steel, with sandwich panels on the sides, for excellent thermo-acoustic insulation. The white PVC fabric is anti-tear and self-extinguishing.
This kind of covering was chosen to avoid temperature dispersion and to save energy.
The total area covered is 2.250 m2. . The versatility of the structure was proven by the fact that customer needed to shorten it quickly to be used again for the CERSAIE exhibition (the international ceramic exhibition which will be held from 28th September to 2nd October promoted by ‘Confindustria Ceramica’). The tent was reduced to 750 m2.

The tent had eight pedestrian doors with safety handles produced at the Kopron Molfetta plant near Bari, the floor was in wood.

“Likewise the arch structures produced for the Biodiversity Park at Expo 2015, we made another great structure to emphasize the theme of the exhibition- said Paolo Vergani, Kopron Chairman- ‘green’ sensibility and environment sustainability is evident in all our installations made with materials which can be recycled, this to convey the idea of ecology which was in perfect harmony with the spirit of the exhibition”.

The tent is connected to the building of ‘Bologna Fiere’ by means of a 15x10mt tunnel also made by Kopron which hosts the offices for the events.

SANA exhibition 2015 took place in collaboration with FederBio, Biodynamic and Biological Agriculture Italian federation, and with the patronage of Ministery of Economic Development and other local institutions.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 08:14:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Hengstar 8.4'' Industrial Touch Panel PC with IP65 Rating]]> 1. 8.4'' industrial grade TFT LCD panel
2. LED backlight, 1000nits high brightness
3. Sunlight readable
4. Vandal-proof projected capacitive touchscreen (multi-touch)
5. Fanless motherboard, onboard Intel Baytrail J1900 1.8G Hz CPU
6. Front IP65 rating
7. Win7/Win8 OS

a. 8.4'' screen, 800*600 resolution
b. 1000nits brightness
d. 10points PCAP touchscreen
e. Win7/Win8 OS
f. Operating temperature: -10~+50 degree


A. Industrial automation
B.Control centers]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 06:08:08 +0200
<![CDATA[Organic/Powder Metallurge Brake Pads for brakes]]> Operation Temperature: -40℃-350℃

Instantaneous Heat Resistance:400℃

Friction Coefficient:≤0.50

Pressive Strength:≥50N/m㎡

Parameters of the Powder Metallurgy Material:
Operate Temperature: -40℃~650℃

Instantaneous Heat Resistance:750℃

Friction Coefficient:≤0.50

Wear Rate:0.15~0.45*10-7cm3/Nm

Pressive Strength:≥60N/m㎡

It can be installed on the brakes for port machinery/wind turbines and so on.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 04:47:51 +0200
<![CDATA[Binocular Bright Field Optical Microscope with Phase-Contrast Objective (LIB-305)]]> The inverted light microscope is the ideal instrument in medical treatment, teaching demonstration and scientific research.

Standard delivery:
Main unit: 1pcs
10x, 20x, 40x plan achromatic objective lens: 1pcs each
20x phase-contrast objective lens: 1pcs
6V/30W Osram halogen bulb: 1pcs
Green, blue and yellow filter: 1pcs each
Anti-dust cover: 1pcs
Eyepiece WF10X/20
Objective lens 10x, 20x, 40x, phase-contrast 20x
Fixed stage Size: 240mm*260mm
Travel: 135mm*85mm
Interpupillary distance 52mm-75mm
Binocular tube Inclined 45º
Diopter adjustment ± 5 diopter
Illumination 6V/30W halogen bulb
Power supply 110V/220V

Optional Accessories

• 4x, 60x plan achromatic objective
• 10x, 40x phase-contrast objective
• 0.5x,1x C-mount camera adapter
• 5.0M pixel digital camera
• CCD camera]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 02:33:17 +0200
<![CDATA[Servomill 700: The bestseller in the servo-conventional class - now easier, more precise and more efficient!]]> - The Servomill represents a new generation of advanced milling machines that are operated like a conventional machine
- This machine features a user-friendly design, significantly higher precision and increased machining capacity
- Very high reliability and long service life of all components ensure drastically reduced maintenance and increased availability
- Rigid machine base in a proven design, and meticulous workmanship
- Variability via swiveling and moving top beam
- Perfectly adjustable dovetail guide on the X axis, and wide square guides in Y and Z direction
- High-precision preloaded ball screws on all 3 axes
- All guides are hardened and ground, and are supplied with oil by the central lubrication unit
- Cutter head swivels with pneumatic tool clamping and powerful 3.7 kW motor
- Infinitely variable spindle speed with back gearing and LED speed indicator
- Manual quill feed with micrometer depth stop allows for precise angular bores
- Large, swiveling control panel with integrated position indicator

Servomill - Highlights:
- Control developed and built in Germany
- Positioning control for traveling pre-selected paths on all axes
- Constant cutting speed with feed speed based on spindle rpm
- Zero backlash preloaded ball screws
- Servo-motors on all axes, infinitely variable feed, rapid feed, and speed control
- Electronic spindle load indicator
- Electronic hand-wheels on all axes
- X, Y and Z axis movement via joystick technology
- Integrated position indicator with precision glass scale

Your Advantages:
- Easy to use: intuitive operation - practical layout of control elements and streamlined function
- automatic feed on all axes and infinitely variable rapid feed
- with speeds up to 5000 mm/min
- set limit stops on any axis with the push of a button - 3 stop positions per axis can be stored
- More precise: operated via electronic hand-wheels - axes are powered by high-quality servo drives that translate your hand movements with the precision and dynamics of modern CNC machines
- More reliable: drives, spindles, and measuring systems are totally enclosed or mounted in protective enclosures and virtually maintenance-free
- Electronics - made in Germany
- More capacity: this machine only uses premium drive components that are designed for continuous operation
- Maintenance-free: no regular maintenance needed for the entire feed drive]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Post Purification Sample Handling]]>
For labs undertaking purification using Normal Phase HPLC, SFC or Flash chromatography – removal of organic solvents can be simply, productively and safely carried out in a Genevac centrifugal evaporator (EZ-2, ROCKET, Rocket Synergy or HT Series III). Where the nature of the sample being concentrated can lead to solvent bumping (e.g. natural products) - Genevac's DriPure® technology is proven to completely eliminate this troublesome and time-consuming problem

The evaporation of aqueous acetonitrile (or methanol / ethanol) fractions resulting from
Reverse Phase HPLC is a widely carried out application on many Genevac evaporator systems. A multiple stage method has been developed for the EZ-2 evaporator to remove the organic solvent without freezing the water, remove the water, and then dry any remaining stubborn solvent. Alternatively, the unique LyoSpeed™ fast lyophilisation method can be used in Genevac HT series evaporators to produce dry (solvent-free) powders from samples that previously could only be produced as gums and oils. Recent advances in condenser technology, in particular the high power -75°C cold trap, available on HT Series III and Rocket Synergy evaporators, has led to significant advances in lyophilisation success rates.

During post purification handling - samples typically need to be reformatted from fraction tubes or flasks, into a small vial for compound storage. For this specific time consuming task, Genevac developed SampleGenie™ technology. SampleGenie™ enables a large volume to be dried (or lyophilised) directly into a small storage vial in a fraction of the time taken by traditional evaporation methods that require you to reformat samples from a flask or multiple tubes into a vial.

For further information on these post purification technologies, including technical articles describing their use, please visit or contact Genevac on +44-1473-240000 / +1-845-687-5000 /

Genevac, now part of SP Scientific, was founded in 1990. Today the company employs around 65 people, with manufacturing, R&D and marketing headquartered in Ipswich, UK. Genevac offers a comprehensive portfolio of evaporators to suit almost any solvent removal application, purchasing budget or productivity requirement.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Video Explains Benefits of Reagent Reservoirs ]]>
The video features the continuing story of animated lab heroes Mason and Mary. Watching this funny video you will learn about how INTEGRA 10ml, 25ml and 100ml Multichannel reagent reservoirs are designed to nest inside each other, making it possible to get twice as many reservoirs in half the space of other products, reducing inventory space requirements and shipping costs.

Unlike traditional reservoirs that have hard to see graduations moulded directly into the plastic, INTEGRA reservoirs are made of crystal clear polystyrene and fit into a reusable base with bold, crisp, clearly visible graduation markings. This unique design allows you to more accurately measure reagents. Each reagent reservoir also has a pour back spout enabling you to return excess reagent to a source container thereby reducing waste.

The unique trough within a trough design of INTEGRA reagent reservoirs is more accessible for pipette tips and reduces dead volume. INTEGRA reagent reservoirs can also be used as lids for short term storage minimizing both reagent evaporation and potential contamination from particulates.

To watch the video please visit*. For further information contact INTEGRA Biosciences in North / South America on +1-603-578-5800 / or in Europe / Asia on +41-81-286-9530 /

INTEGRA Biosciences ( is a leading provider of high-quality laboratory tools for liquid handling, media preparation, sterilization and cell cultivation. The company is committed to creating innovative solutions which fulfil the needs of its customers in research, diagnostics and quality control within the life science markets and medical industry. Today, INTEGRA innovative laboratory products are widely used all around the world. More than ninety distribution-partners form a worldwide sales network providing responsive and competent services to customers. These distribution partners are supported by a highly motivated and experienced team of specialists at the company headquarters in Zizers, Switzerland and Hudson, NH, USA. INTEGRA is an ISO 9001 certified company.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Abrasive TBF10 Brush]]> Available in Silicon Carbide Filament Nylon 6.12 (SIC) and Diamond.

Versatile Mounts conventional anchors for all market available in all diameters: 60, 100.115, 125, 150, 180, 190, 230 mm.
On request we can supply with different geometries and filament tures.

Also our engineers can develop prototypes adapted to technical requerimient of our customers.]]>
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Unrivalled BioAFM for Biomechanics and Highest Resolution Imaging]]> The BioScope Resolve™ bioAFM features the highest resolution atomic force microscopy imaging, and most complete cell mechanics capabilities available for use with an inverted optical microscope. The system incorporates Bruker’s exclusive PeakForce Tapping® technology to enable researchers to achieve the highest resolution biological imaging and piconewton-level force measurements and spectroscopy at every pixel.
Unmatched publication record
These capabilities, combined with its unmatched productivity and ease of use, have made PeakForce Tapping the most cited AFM technology in peer-reviewed publications over the last several years. BioScope Resolve utilizes this technology, and real-time synchronization of optical and AFM data, to open the door to previously inaccessible life sciences data.This includes insights into physical structure, biochemical interactions, and mechanical properties.

These features have positioned Bioscope Resolve as the top bio AFM on the market, enabling researchers to achieve the highest resolution imaging, the most precise quantitative measurements, all while using their favorite inverted optical microscope.
BioAFM Application Features:
Highest resolution molecular and cellular imaging of any BioAFM
Seamless AFM and inverted optical microscope integration
Superior AFM performance powered by PeakForce Tapping
Most quantitative live-cell mechanical property mapping with PeakForce modes
BioScope resolves enables seamless AFM and inverted optical microscope integration for unsurpassed correlation of data.The system’s real-time synchronization of optical and atomic force microscopy data opens the door to previously inaccessible data, including physical structure, biochemical interactions, and mechanical properties, to provide unique insights into life sciences research.
BioScope Resolve was designed by biologists who needed a flexible BioAFM system that could meet a wide range of biological application needs. From its Advanced Perfusing Incubator for long-term live-cell studies to its full sample-carrier support system, every feature of the BioScope Resolve is designed for maximum experiment flexibility]]>
Tue, 29 Sep 2015 18:38:00 +0200
<![CDATA[electrode system for accurately and rapidly testing internal coatings on sections of large-diameter pipework.]]> Used in conjunction with Buckleys PD130 Pinhole/Holiday Detector, the system has proven to be a highly effective, dependable and rapid method of testing for defects on internal pipework coatings.
The electrode system can be adapted to test a wide range of pipework diameters and are engineered to be as robust as possible whilst still lightweight and simple enough to be easily handled by the operator and inserted into pipework without the risk of coating damage at the point of entry. The draw rope and power cable are combined onto a convenient reel to simplify use even further. Two variants of this electrode were made; the first had fixed stabiliser arms and wheels; making the assembly extremely lightweight and quick to use, whilst the second variant required a mechanism for collapsing the stabiliser arms to aid the electrode’s insertion into sections of pipework. Once installed in the pipework, the stabiliser system is easily engaged and the test procedure is simply a case of drawing the electrode through the pipework whilst the Buckleys PD130 pinhole detector unit monitors the coating and sounds an alarm if a defect in the coating is detected.
Buckleys manufacture a wide range of equipment for testing coatings for defects and pinholes as well as an extensive range of accessories and electrodes for numerous applications; all available ‘off-the-shelf’. Buckleys are renowned for manufacturing high-quality equipment and providing excellent customer service; both in-house and via our worldwide distribution and service network. We are also able to undertake bespoke projects for clients with specific requirements.,]]>
Tue, 29 Sep 2015 18:24:15 +0200
<![CDATA[BM34 - without mandrel - electrical - portable and strong]]> The bend rotation speed [2 to 3 RPM] is monitored by a dedicated inverter, to ensure the correct bending speed according to the diameter and thickness of the tube.
The modular design of the bending shaft assembly also allows the use of most competitors tooling, reducing long term tooling costs.
The inverter-controlled motor reduces energy consumption to a minimum. The machine is mounted on precision casters for effortless movement around busy workshops and sites Mackma uses only 100% high quality Italian components to ensure long-term reliability.
Testament to the high quality of their machines is Mackma’s standard 2 year warranty.

•Technical and Industrial Items
•Motorcycle and Boat
•Sports and Wellness Items

BM34 electric, semiautomatic or manual non-mandrel pipe bender]]>
Tue, 29 Sep 2015 18:07:30 +0200
<![CDATA[PCIe2RasPI Adapter hosts the Raspberry PI I/O cards on a mini PCIe slot.]]>
The PCIe2RasPI adapter, connected on the mini PCIe I/O connector and the programmable FPGA make available the same pins function available on the Raspberry and more.... the extras available pins can be used to give functionality and speed that can't be reached with software implementation on the Raspberry CPU.

Really when a mini PCIE Fpga card has been connected to an embedded PC motherboard, it adds FPGA programmable high bandwidth I/O and DSP capability at a low cost, making it ideal for equipments in many fields of application, such as electromedical, automation, data players and recorders and so on.

Many applications can be developed using the FEWE tool (Fpga Easy Web Editor) GEB Free tools that is coming soon. It's allowing the users to customize the own application starting from some template created by GEB using a web browser, without any other tool.
Also user defined templates can be obtained using the related template

Fpga contents can be developed also using the traditional Quartus tools or asking for a customization to GEB Enterprise. The related development kits make available all that you need to develop both Fpga design under Altera QSYS and the application program using provided Microsoft Windows or Linux drivers.

The PCIEM-15-IO hosts an Altera Cyclone IV GX EP4CGX30BF14C6N FPGA and two I/O connectors that bring out 53 LVTTL compliant I/O FPGA pins and also 3 clocks signal that can be used to interface synchronous applications.

The FPGA has a PCI Express PCIe x1 GEN1 target interface, allowing the PC to take full advantage of the FPGA I/O pins. The I/O pins can also be controlled by a high performance DMA controller, able to transfer up to 250 Mbytes/Sec when used in full duplex]]>
Tue, 29 Sep 2015 17:13:15 +0200
<![CDATA[The BINDER UF V series ultralow temperature freezer: expert in the reliable long-term storage of biological samples]]>
Moreover, BINDER's ultralow temperature freezer could not be more user-friendly. Thanks to an automatic door mechanism, the door can be opened easily at the touch of a button. The unit can be integrated into the security and alarm infrastructure with ease. Operating data can be analyzed and logged via the optional data logger with USB connection. The air filter, which can be replaced without the need for tools, and the defrosting kit for easy defrosting, make maintenance and cleaning incredibly straightforward. The ultralow temperature freezer also delivers outstanding environmental efficiency. The large vacuum heat-insulating panels reduce energy consumption and provide optimum insulation. A two-stage refrigeration cycle can be relied upon to maintain the extreme temperatures. The separate interior zones also ensure improved cold stabilization when the door is open. The reliability of the UF V series of ultralow temperature freezers is also reflected in the warranty conditions. In 2015, the previous warranty of two years was extended by a further three years, thus guaranteeing the functionality of the unit for five years. “Our products are designed to offer our customers the highest possible standards in quality,” says managing director Peter M. Binder.]]>
Tue, 29 Sep 2015 17:04:33 +0200