DirectIndustry ---- The Virtual Industrial Exhibition This RSS feed keeps you abreast of new products in industry. With over 11.000 manufacturers, DirectIndustry ensures comprehensive product updates in categories such as electricity, mechanical transmission, hydraulics, robotics, machine tools etc... <![CDATA[New AnOd Process Odorant Analyzer]]>
AnOd is a modern gas analyzer developed by BACS and intended for measurement of mass concentration of mercaptans (used as odorant) in gas
phases including natural gas.
Thanks to advanced design features with electrochemical detector and internal
calibration system, the analyzer provides high measurement accuracy without
interferences from other components of gas.

The analyzer works in automatic mode, without external PC. It is built into a
compact explosion-proof enclosure and it is able to function in wide ambient
temperature range.
All these features make the installation and operation of our analyzer easy and cost-efficient.


Column type: Capillary or PLOT
The separation column is used to eliminate hydrogen sulfide (H2S) to avoid
interference in indicated summary value of mercaptans concentration.


Type: electrochemical
Calibration: Single point with internal
permeation tube with ethylmercaptan.
Interface & Communication:

Internal Microprocessor: PCM3353

Ethernet: RJ-45 10/100 Mbit
Serial port: RS485/232
Analog output: 4-20 mA
Remote: GSM/GPRS (optional)
Memory Capacity: 35 days of operation
External control: X-meterTM Software]]>
Tue, 02 Sep 2014 11:58:48 +0200
<![CDATA[Demagnetizer for flexible conveyor chain D-F, D-R, D-B series]]>
- Cross-sectional drawing of the conveyor chain with dimensions
- The materials of the conveyor chain

The Demagnetizers consist of an electronic control cabinet with support and a separate demagnetization coil. Depending on the customer needs, demagnetizers can be supplied with or without support.

Process Description:
The parts are transferred from the line one at a time, inside the demagnetization coil. When the part is in the middle of the coil, the demagnetization impulse is imparted without it being necessary to stop the part and without any magnetic retention. Various electronic control units and coils are available according to the sizes of the parts.

Characteristics and Advantages:
- Minimum residual magnetism
- Demagnetization of the single part
- Minimum energy consumption (< 150 W)
- High productivity: up to 2 sec, depending on part size.
- No magnetic retention
- Easy installation
- Almost zero maintenance

- Support for the electronic control unit
- Cable length between electronic control unit and coil

- Automotive Manufacturers
- Bearing Manufacturers]]>
Tue, 02 Sep 2014 10:38:18 +0200
<![CDATA[New Service & Calibration Center in The Netherlands]]>
For more information contact us today at / telnr. +31 548 659 011.]]>
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<![CDATA[U2 Mobile - Ultra Portable]]> Full-color LCD Display - 2.8 inch color LCD with LED backlit screen
All-in-One Box - One tiny box with all the accessories you will ever need: U2 mobile, remote keypad, 2 high capacity rechargeable batteries, battery charger, SD card and SD card reader.
SD Card Slot Design - Easy software upgrade and data backup.
Ultra Portable - Capable of printing anywhere, at any angle, without ink leakage.
Pocket-sized Remote Keypad -Handy and compact remote keypad with comprehensible design for easy operation.
Plug-n-print Ink cartridge design with zero-maintenance and downtime costs.Long Lasting Battery - 7 hours of continuous printing with more than 200,000 characters.
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<![CDATA[Mini portale letter / Logo / Picture Fiber laser marking machine PEDB-400A]]> marking effect among all the laser machine machines. Especially good in smallest character
marking, such as mark on IC chip.
2. Deep Marking: Fiber laser can make deep marking up to 1.0mm on stainless steel and
aluminum. While YAG and Diode marking only could mark 0.2mm-0.3mm. So it’s suitable for
the industries which has high requirement to the depth and accuracy.
3. Higher Accuracy: fiber laser can reach upto 0.001mm precision, while diode only
4. 10 Years Long lifetime: We used the fiber laser module made by Germany IPG
technology, the lifetime of the fiber laser device is 10 thousand hours, so the machine can be
used for 8-10 years. As for diode laser module is 2 thousand to 3 thousand hours and only
can be used for 1-3 years.
5. No consumables: Fiber laser machine can be used for 8-10 years with any
Tue, 02 Sep 2014 05:49:02 +0200
<![CDATA[Ruler High Speed Automatic Screen Printing Machine]]> Machinery info:
The machine is special designed for printing stationery ruler with high speed and automatic. Building
up printing and conveying system by high precision servo motor and cam divider to finish printing
automatically, reduce labor, improving efficiency. The printing speed can be up to 2000pcs/hr,
suitable for printing rulers within 30cm.

Technical Parameter:
1. Fully automatic, no need person to operate.
2. Locating automatically to keep printing precision.
3. No product without printing system, keep printing stable.
4. High and strong vacuum system, keep printing precision.
5. PRIMARC UV system from England, drying quickly.
6. Mitsubishi PLC (Japan) with WEINVIEW (Taiwan) touching screen control system. Digital control
system, can set parameter randomly, operate easily with big function.
7. The four angle of screen frame holder can be adjusted, keep the balance between screen frame and
worktable, also make sure the layer of printing ink is even.
8. Printing angle, printing pressure and screen distance are easy to set. The change of squeegee and
flood bar is controlled by precision guide, keeping the vertical precision, working smoothly.
9. With emergency switch to keep safe and stable.
10. Locating several workstations by Taiwan precision rotary locating with stable, fast, improving efficiency.]]>
Tue, 02 Sep 2014 03:25:26 +0200
<![CDATA[Guaranteed Operation: Socket with Miniature Switching Relay and Base Load Module]]>

To ensure safe operation of a basic relay, voltage levels must remain above the response voltage and below the release voltage. Capacitive coupling, sensor power supply and leakage current are common factors that can wedge the voltage level between the base load and release voltages, which means that continued device functionality cannot be guaranteed.

The socket with miniature switching relay and integrated base load module (857-358/006-000) ensures that greater load is applied to the coupling to reduce voltage at the relay module input. This guarantees that the voltage level remains below the release voltage. A version of the socket with miniature switching relay and an integrated base load module that’s equipped with gold contacts (857-368/006-000) is also available. Both of these new 857 Series components are just 6 mm wide and are DIN-rail mountable. Thanks to the uniform housing, all of the sockets can be jumpered at any clamping point. As with all other 857 Series components, the new sockets employ CAGE CLAMP®S connection technology that makes them easy to use and ensures reliability.]]>
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<![CDATA[How to cut costs when buying noise measurement ]]>
• Simple and easy to use for basic noise level measurement and spot checks
• dB(A) & dB(C) Frequency Weightings
• Fast Time Weighting with Maximum Hold (LAFmax or LCFmax)
• Measurement range of 35dB(A) to 130dB(A)
• Windshield included as standard

Noise levels can be checked quickly and simply, through the instrument’s large and easy-to-read display, which shows the Sound Level (SPL) with the standard dB(A) frequency weighting. Also included is the dB(C) frequency weighting.

The ‘A’ weighting filter is the internationally recognised method of replicating the response of the human ear to noise, making the Model 14 the ideal tool for basic noise risk assessments.

The instrument can be calibrated for compliance, using the Pulsar Model 106 Acoustic Calibrator, when used for industrial noise checks.

This digital sound level meter comes with a 24 month warranty, carrying pouch, operating manual, certificate of calibration, battery, calibration screwdriver and windshield.

Like most of Pulsar noise meter range, the Model 14 can be ordered as a complete measurement kit, which includes all the accessories needed to carry out noise measurement.

The Pulsar Model 14: compliant, easy to use and affordable. Simply, it is the sound investment.

Find out more about the Pulsar Model 14 digital sound level meter and its acoustic calibrator by contacting our team. To find out more about Pulsar Noise meters and other products, visit]]>
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These robust low-headroom products have a proven pedigree for 100% duty rating and unlimited duty cycles for successful operation within a wide range of industrial and engineering environments, including applications in some of the harshest and most dangerous working conditions throughout the world. Typical areas of application include aircraft construction, assembly lines, chemical plants, dairies, foundries, mechanical engineering, on and offshore drilling rigs, power plants, refineries, quarries and mines, sawmills, shipyards and automotive plants.

The Profi TI range operates from either a 4 or 6 bar air supply and the hoists in the 3 to 50 tonne lift capacity range are ideal for medium to heavy lifting requirements. For extreme heavy lifting, hoists are also available with lift capacities up to 100 tonnes. The highly versatile Profi hoists can also be used in tandem or parallel configurations to provide safe lifting for larger or extra heavy loads.

The Profi hoists are all provided with single point top suspension, and can be fitted with trolleys for overhead monorail mountings to facilitate horizontal travel requirements. Trolleys with manual, reel chain or motorised operation can be supplied, combined with a standard hoist lifts of 3 metres, with other special lift requirements also accommodated.

Optional control systems can be fitted for varying hoist controls, including universally applicable rope/chain types or an FI sensitive control for very easy handling. A corrosion proof type E control offers single speed sensitive operation and type F multi-lateral controls provide for multi-function and variable speed hoist lift/travel options. Remote control and electropneumatic interface operation can also be provided.

A range of hydraulically operated hoists are also available, including a special purpose unit capable of operating at arctic temperatures as low as -45°C. Special purpose requirements such as underwater operation are also accommodated, typically as required for offshore or ship repair applications. A range of dedicated hoists designed specifically for use within the mining industry can also be supplied.

For lighter-duty operations, the J D Neuhaus Mini hoist range is available for individual powered lift applications of 125, 250, 500 and 980kg, operating at 6 bar air pressure. These are handy, flexible and universally deployable hoist tools for a wide range of handicraft workshop operations including horizontal pulling. A manually operated overhead trolley is also available for beam mounting, together with a manipulator version of the Mini which facilitates safe, single-handed lift/lower/traverse and load positioning operations. These versatile products are particularly suited to food related applications or wherever other low-medium duty lifting requirements occur, and can be supplied with optional standard lift heights of 3, 5 or 8 metres.

All JDN hoists are designed for applications in potentially explosive or otherwise hazardous atmospheres and carry Ex classifications of (Profi range) Ex II 2 GD IIA T4/II 3 GD IIB T4, with optional spark protection being available for explosion group IIC and to achieve a rating Ex II 2 GD IIC T4. The explosion classification for the Mini is Ex II 3 GD IIA T4. All hoists also offer lube-free operation, combined with high levels of safety combined with low maintenance. Sensitive, infinitely variable speed control is available for the precise positioning of loads, with the Profi hoists also being insensitive to dust and humidity, for operation within a temperature range of -20°C up to +70°C.

A hoist from the Mini range, together with Profi TI hoists rated for 500kg and 6 tonne lifts will be exhibited in hall 27 on stand No F41 at the CeMAT exhibition being held in Hannover during 19th – 23rd May.

Further information is available on request to:
J D Neuhaus GmbH & Co. KG, 58449, Witten-Heven, Germany
Telephone: +49 2302 208-219 Fax: +49 2302 208-286
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<![CDATA[Clippard EFB Series Electronic Fill & Bleed Circuits]]>
• Compact, robust design
• Extremely fast response
• Exceptionally long life
• Multiple flow and pressure options
• Variety of power and connection options
• RoHS Compliant

Clippard has designed hundreds of unique custom fill and bleed circuits for many different applications and industries. For more information, visit or contact 0032.

Clippard Europe S.A.
Mon, 01 Sep 2014 16:16:13 +0200
<![CDATA[Peak Detection and Block Statistics Functions added to Digitizers]]> “This new Peak Detection and Block Statistics package further extends the performance range of our M4i series digitizer cards,” said Spectrum’s Director of Technology, Oliver Rovini. “The new processing functions are ideal for applications where users need to detect and measure the maximum or minimum values of a pulse along with its timing information. By performing the analysis inside the FPGA of the digitizer we produce no CPU load at all. The result is a data reduction process that can dramatically decrease the amount of data that needs to be transferred to the host PC, further reducing CPU demand and speeding up measurement times.”
The Peak Detection and Block Statistics functions will be ideal in applications where users need to quickly characterize pulses or determine the time between them. Examples include RADAR, Lidar, Sonar, Ultrasound, Laser Ranging, Nuclear Physics, Power Glitch Monitoring and Component Testing.
The Peak Detection and Block Statistics option (-spstat) is available now on the M4i.44xx series of PCIe high-speed digitizers as well as on the digitizerNETBOX DN2.44x series of Ethernet/LXI instruments.
For more information please visit our homepage]]>
Mon, 01 Sep 2014 14:52:55 +0200
<![CDATA[New PET flat film lines]]> Better quality and economical production
For the customer the BREYER concept ThermoFlex for the two PET film lines was essential. He wants to convince the market with first class film quality.He is confident that better technique will be honored at long term also in the packaging sector.
Here he benefits from BREYER’s long-term know how in the processing of transparent plastics to high quality semi-finished products.
The combination of experienced and simple line building-up with progressive technologies which save time and money makes it possible. Fast start-up due to the special melt pump control and quick adjustment of the film thickness with BREYER’s calender technology “fast&easy” make extrusion economical.
The staff benefits of an operator-controlled touchscreen and the BREYER fast&easy calender gap setting where within seconds the needed gap can be reproduced. In addition this technique allows the production of low tension flat film which means a big advantage for the later thermoforming process.
The customer also processes recycling material of its own thermoforming and decided to dry the regrind material via infrared oven. The infrared technology allows processing of regrind and new material in one processing step and also saves time.
Furthermore the line is designed for the processing of PP and PS film. So the line is very flexible and allows to serve also other markets. The output of the line is 1000-1200 kg/h and it can produce multilayer film in the thickness range of 200 – 1400 µm.]]>
Mon, 01 Sep 2014 14:28:00 +0200
<![CDATA[The Ultraflex UPT-M/AIR is specifically designed for preheating applications.]]>
Easy to configure the heating coil using either dry cables or water cooled leads.

Utilize advanced, cost effective induction heating technology with adaptive digital phase control providing very efficient operation in a wide frequency and load ranges.

CE certified with built in safety features (open coil detection, isolation fault protection, over current and over temperature protection).

Output regulation – Voltage, Power, Current.

Displayed parameters – Voltage, Power, Current, Temperature.

Limits Setting – Current, Volts, Power, Temperature Automatic, Remote or Local Control.

Variable ratio output isolation transformer for load matching to a wide range of loads and coils.]]>
Mon, 01 Sep 2014 13:54:47 +0200
<![CDATA[Custom Lenses for Critical Machine Vision Applications]]>
Drawing upon a highly experienced team of optical designers and engineers - Resolve Optics is able to design and produce custom lenses optimized for large format sensors that offer greater resolution and large aperture lenses that make maximum use of available light. Resolve Optics is also highly experienced at producing specialist machine vision lenses that provide wide fields of view with little or no distortion, optical designs and coatings that are balanced to give best performance at a desired wavelength or waveband and compact lens designs where the target application is space limited.

Resolve Optics Ltd has considerable experience of developing fixed and zoom lenses for vision applications including parts recognition, precise component placement, automated alignment and placement and automated inspection of manufactured components.

For further information please visit or to confidentially discuss a project contact Resolve Optics on +44-1494-777100 or

Resolve Optics has developed the rare capability to produce small production quantities of high performance, mounted lenses with the professional look, feel and quality equivalent to the best professional photographic and broadcast TV lenses. Over the last 20 years, Resolve Optics Ltd. have developed market leading applications expertise in a range of areas - most notably industrial machine vision, aerospace, broadcast TV, instrumentation, security and the nuclear industry.]]>
Mon, 01 Sep 2014 11:48:50 +0200
<![CDATA[Ultra-fast profile measurement of multiple parts with Xpress]]>
Xpress utilises the power of high resolution field of view (FOV) measurement to provide high accuracy, 2D X/Y measurements of multiple parts; typical measurement routines are completed in seconds – all at the touch of a button.

Intelligent software eliminates the part alignment task and automatically locates, recognises and orientates the parts being measured. Simply position your parts anywhere within the field of view and press RUN.

Ultimate simplicity continues with clear Go, No Go tolerance results, with full reporting capabilities for further investigation, if required.

‘Field of view’ non-contact measurement technology is ideally suited for fast measurement of small flat flexible parts, such as gaskets, washers, plastic and rubber extrusions; other common applications include O-rings, circlips, pressed / stamped parts, cutting tools.]]>
Mon, 01 Sep 2014 11:45:14 +0200
<![CDATA[Carbon monoxide transmitter for detecting CO concentration in air]]>
TÜV approval according to VDI 2053
R.F.I according to EN 50 081-1 resp. EN 50 082-2 B
RoHS Directive: 2002/95/EC
EMC Directive: 2004/108/EC
WEEE Directive: 2002/96/EC]]>
Mon, 01 Sep 2014 09:01:02 +0200
<![CDATA[Laser triangulation & optical matrix measurement: EHR® AluCheck]]> Geometrical evaluation and reliable detection of three-dimensional geometric errors.


The EHR® AluCheck System has been developed for the control of weld seams of aluminum and steel. By the usage of different sensors respectively combinations of these sensors it is possible to detect and classify all regular optical wed seam defects.


The function of the Weld Seam Control System EHR® AluCheck is based on the principle of laser triangulation and optical matrix measurement. Two types of system in one sensor allow the inspection of the surface and of the geometry.


• Automatic visual inspection
• Maintenance-free
• Secure quality control
• Approaches of both types of system in one sensor:
- Inspection of the surface
- Inspection of the geometry
• Absolute measuring process
• Integrated Fieldbus interface

System Variants

• 1x3D Sensor, stationary or robot-guided
• 1x2D/3D Sensor (Incident or transmitted light, type K), stationary or robot-guided
• 1x3D Sensor & 1x2D/3D Sensor (Incident or transmitted light, type S), stationary or robot-guided
• 2x3D Sensor, stationary or robot-guided

Technical data

Control and Inspection of Weld Seam for Steel and Aluminum

(Switch cabinet) 24 V DC ± 20 %

Power supply:
(Switch cabinet) 7A

Measuring method:
One side / Double side Weld Seam Control

Measuring principle:
2M, Laser triangulation, Laser class 2, EN 60825-1, Semiconductor laser

Protection class:
IP 66 (Switch cabinet), IP 54 (Controller and sensors)

Ambient temperature:
0°C ... +50°C during operation]]>
Mon, 01 Sep 2014 08:56:34 +0200
<![CDATA[Point-of Load Converters from MTM Power]]> Mon, 01 Sep 2014 08:33:32 +0200 <![CDATA[Selecting a drive made easy - a guide for design engineers]]>
Product Manager for air motors at DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO, Dagmar Dübbelde, has developed a simple guide with 6 steps to follow so that nothing is forgotten. “The selection of a pneumatic motor is not difficult. But particularly with pneumatic systems there are many factors which can decisively influence the power of an air motor. If, for example, when installing a motor it is found that too short a hose has been chosen then this will drastically reduce the torque of the motor” clarifies Dübbelde. “You can imagine that the developer does not necessarily have the length of hoses at the forefront of their mind when designing the machine, equally the connectors between the filter units and oiler are not considered to be particularly relevant. But it is exactly these throttle points which ultimately determine whether the machine works correctly and if the motor provides the right torque”.]]>
Mon, 01 Sep 2014 08:22:58 +0200
<![CDATA[ Automatic SMT T8 8 heads 15000cph high speed accuracy Pick and Place machine Mounter]]>
1. With super high precision moving platform technology

which is made by integrated design of Natural granite.

Make sure T8 can get to use for more than10 years

without any effect on moving precision. Meanwhile,

integrated structure ensures a very excellent function in

shock resistance.

2. World-class top speed motion systems: Import

European original magnetic levitation high-precision

linear motors and encoders, to minimize mechanical

wear and ensure X-axis with high-precision and

high-speed performance for long-term use.

High-speed performance can up to 4M / S.

3. The patented technology of non-stop scanning photos

makes high-speed placement come true. Maximum

vision mounting speeds up to 28000CPH and the actual

placement speeds up to 15000CPH.]]>
Mon, 01 Sep 2014 05:22:33 +0200
<![CDATA[8.4’’ Sunlight Readable Touch Screen Monitor]]> 1. Aluminum structure, rugged and light weight.
2. Gasket sealed front panel.
3. IP65 front panel.
4. LED backlit, 1000nits brightness, sunlight readable.
5. Vandal-proof projected capacitive touch screen.
6. USB touch controller, support Win7 and Linux.
7. HDMI, VGA and composite video inputs.
8. 100-240V AC power input.
9. Powder coated frame.

a. industrial control units
b. parking lot
c. vehicle]]>
Sat, 30 Aug 2014 04:35:17 +0200
<![CDATA[Compression Seal Fittings]]>
Conax Technologies designs and manufactures a complete line of pressure/vacuum mechanical compression fittings and assemblies for wires and probes for virtually every industry. A wide range of catalog standard compression seal fittings are available from stock, while unlimited custom designs are also available for unique wire or probe sealing applications.

Exclusive "Soft Sealant" Technology
Conax exclusive "soft sealant" technology enables easy assembly of the compression fitting by simply inserting the wire or probe and torquing the gland cap. Replaceable sealants permit repeated use of the stainless steel fitting for easy installation and service in the field. Our standard sealant materials include Lava, Teflon®, Neoprene, Viton® and Grafoil® and are designed, depending on compression fitting type, to seal pressures ranging from vacuum up to 10,000 psi/690 bar involving temperatures ranging from -400°F to 3000°F/-240° C to +1650° C. Other sealant materials are available for custom applications.

Wire and Probe Sealing
In wire sealing, we routinely accommodate in one gland from 1 to 16 conductors ranging from 24 AWG to 3/4"/.03mm diameter to handle a voltage range from the millivolt level up to 8000 volts and currents up to 400 amps. In probe sealing, from 1 to 40 probes, ranging in size from 0.020"/0.5mm to 1.250"/32 mm diameter, are routinely pressure or vacuum sealed in a single unit. Beyond these, we offer custom or special assemblies.]]>
Fri, 29 Aug 2014 18:28:32 +0200
<![CDATA[High Pressure Grinding Rolls]]>
Operating principle
High pressure grinding is achieved by an advanced type of grinding roll. The particles are broken by compression in a packed particle bed.This particle bed is created between two choke-fed, counter-rotating rolls. Between these rolls, a particle bed is pressed to a density of up to roughly 85% of the actual material density. This compression is achieved by applying high pressure of up to nearly 300Mpa, exceeding the compression strength of the feed material. During this compacting process the material is ground to a wide particle size distribution with a large proportion of fines, compacted into flakes.
The breakage process can be visualized as consisting of two distinct stages. In the first stage, the choke-fed material entering the space between the rolls is subjected to an acceleration to meet the peripheral roll speed. As a consequence of the narrowing gap between the rolls, the material is gradually compacted and the larger pieces and particles are precrushed. Furthermore, a certain degree of particle rearranging occurs, filling the interparticle voids.
In the next stage, the pre-crushed material enters a compaction zone.
This zone involves a gap between the rolls defined by a sector with an angle of about 7°. It is in this compression zone where the pressure occurs. The press force is acting principally on all particles passing the compression zone, through multiple point contacts between the particles in the compressing bed. This results in the disintegration of most particles.
During the process, microcracks are being generated within the particles, which results in the weakening of these particles for a subsequent grinding stage. Pressing in a particle bed reduces wear since the main grinding action does not take place between the roll surface and the material, but between the material particles in the particle bed.]]>
Fri, 29 Aug 2014 16:18:07 +0200
<![CDATA[AC input 2-phase Stepping Driver]]>
1) Low vibration
This driver features approximately 10% less vibration compared with conventional product.
Also a low-vibration mode function provides smooth driving, even with one-division (full-step) and two-division (half-step) coarse resolution settings. This allows vibrations to be suppressed without control system restrictions.

2) Handles a wide range of voltages
A wide range of input voltages can be handled, from 100 to 240VAC. This makes it possible to use the device in many different countries and regions.
The input voltage is automatically detected and the optimal motor characteristics are used for control.

3) Analysis function and device startup support
Using and optional encoder with the motor makes it possible to monitor information such as the current position and speed. It simplifies determining causes of vibration and step-out.

4) Motor brake control
Equipped with power supply for electromagnetic braking to automatically control open/close timing. No external power is needed for braking.

Machine Tools, semiconductor-related devices, food-related equipement and industrial sewing machines...

For further information on Sanyo Denki AC input 2-phase Stepping Driver, please contact us at +33 1 48 26 61 or email us at]]>
Fri, 29 Aug 2014 16:13:24 +0200
<![CDATA[Controlled process reliability with GEMÜ SUMONDO®]]>
The trend towards simplified upstream and downstream plant designs and the effective prevention of cross-contamination risks means that Single-Use disposable technology is becoming an increasingly high-profile and important field – especially in pharmaceutical process engineering.
Single-Use design is increasingly being used particularly in the manufacture of smaller batch sizes, which are required, for example, in research and pilot plants.

CIP/SIP processes are no longer required
The secondary processes for cleaning and sterilisation (CIP/SIP) that are well-known and required for classic stainless material plant designs are in practice no longer necessary at all with Single-Use plants and processes. The necessary purity is guaranteed through the sterilization by gamma rays of all the process components used. This not only reduces the investment costs of such a plant, but also eliminates extremely time-consuming cleaning validation for operating media that are no longer required.

GEMÜ SUMONDO® links the valve body and actuator together using patent-pending locking technology: After the application process, only the valve body is removed, the actuator itself can be reused repeatedly in the plant.
The valve body is manufactured from polypropylene in a cleanroom and is gamma irradiated up to 50 kGy. It isolates the working medium hermetically from the environment and from the actuator through an ultrasonically welded TPE diaphragm. The medium remains closed off from the environment by the welded diaphragm not only during operation, but also after removing the valve body.

Reproducible and documentable procedures
The major advantage of GEMÜ SUMONDO ® in comparison with conventional pinch valves lies in the exact controllability of processes. Using a tried and tested actuator design from conventional plant engineering, the actuator can also transmit feedback to the plant monitoring system as required to ensure complete monitoring of the controlled system. This means that pharmaceutical processes can be more easily documented, reproduced and validated.]]>
Fri, 29 Aug 2014 14:30:39 +0200
<![CDATA[HDselect - new multi-sensor HD camera by NET New Electronic Technology]]> Thus only one versatile camera controller is necessary to reach the goal of different applications of a customer. This is achieved through electronics developed by NET, which enable hot plugging functionality between camera controller and camera HD module. It is perfectly suitable for applications in the medical and industrial field, for example endoscopy, intra-oral diagnosis, and robotics.

HDselect is offered with two different high-sensitive CMOS color image sensors standing for brillant image quality and allowing smallest camera designs: a 1x1 mm Awaiba image sensor (44 fps, 250x250 pixels), and a 1/3" Sony image sensor (30 fps, 1280x1024 pixels).

HDselect features remote distances from camera head to camera controller of up to 5 meters and enables data transfer in 1080p/60 video quality from camera controller to e.g. monitor or computer. Native image signals in excellent quality without inaccuracy due to interpolation are transmitted via HDMI or USB 3.0 interface for image processing, display or recording.

The camera head electronics allow a separation from the camera controller because of Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) for image data transfer, which facilitates a miniature cable over remote distances to the camera controller at low noise levels. HDselect meets highest medical safety regulations as image date is transmitted safely over an electrically non-conducting boarder. The cost-effective FPGA performs hot plug recognition regarding different image sensors, real-time image pre-processing tasks, i.a. de-bayering, exposure control, shutter speed, and the embedding of the images at native frame rates/formats for USB 3.0 and HDMI.]]>
Fri, 29 Aug 2014 13:33:18 +0200
<![CDATA[HS series of Reflow oven for PCBs made by HB AUTOMATION]]>
Main features:
• Combination pin chain and mesh belt conveyors
• Motorized width adjust
• Flux collection system
• Windows operator interface
• Smema communication
• Light tower
• Uninterruptible power supply
• Guaranteed Lead Free process ready
• 300ºC high temperature processing capabilities
• Comprehensive warranty
• Automatic edge rail lubrication system
• Board counter• Board drop detection

1.Independent air velocity controlling system allows flexible processing control to easily handle complicated lead free soldering requirements.The HS-0802 has 2 ramp-up zones, 4 soaking zones, 2 reflow zones, and 2 cooling zones.

2.Efficient power design and heat management system greatly improves energy savings while lowering carbon emissions.
• Power savings of 15 to 20 %, due to large aluminum alloy heat plates.
• Double insulation around the body prevents heat loss
• Short warm-up time
• Low power consumption:
9 Kw to 10.5 kW (8 zones), 10 to 12.5 kW (10 zones)
• New and improved highly effective exhaust design with piping in each zone to extract flux.

3.The cooling configuration recycles the filtered air or N2 back to the oven chamber reducing thermal loss while getting better flux reclamation.
• Two powerful fans force recirculated cooled air into the cooling zone
• Total cooling length: 800 mm (31.5”)
• Filtration system is easily accessible for quick maintenance and Easy access to cooling panels for quick maintenance.

4.Center support system for preventing the deformation of PCB board puzzle ( Optional)
The unique retractable center support system is easy to use with maximum flexibility . It can hide itself when not used and will not hit the components on double sided boards or boards with long components leads.

.5.Efficient flux recovery system as a standard features is efficiency and easy for maintenance .

6.Closed loop nitrogen control system (Option)
To maintain stable ,user-selected oxygen PPM levels automatically. A wide range of PPM levels can be selected with nitrogen consumption rate as low as depending upon board size . An internal oxygen sensor and proportioning valve is used to minimize nitrogen consumption and related costs by up to 50% ! Use completely sealed design inside the chamber of oven to be effective protection for nitrogen, the nitrogen content of the minimum can be as low as 150 ppm. Under the circumstances of 300-800ppm oxygen ,
Fri, 29 Aug 2014 12:20:18 +0200
<![CDATA[DJB Launch New Miniature IEPE Triaxial AT/10 Accelerometer –]]>
Unlike similar products on the market the AT/10 still utilises three fully independent ceramic KONIC Shear sensing elements each with its own mass, this allows for much improved reliability and stability when compared to single ceramic designs, it also provides the perfect base for the integration of the high temperature electronics used to achieve a peak operating temperature of 185°C.

DJB UK’s Managing Director, Neill Ovenden, said of the new design…’The integration of the high temperature electronics and the three independent sensing elements has been a challenge in such a compact accelerometer. We are extremely happy with the final product which provides something completely new to the market and offers unrivalled levels of quality, reliability, performance and price.’….. ‘ We are close to launching a higher peak temperature for all our IEPE accels of 200°C it was important that we factored this next step into the scope of the AT/10 re-development.’

The AT/10 is available to order now in standard or high temperature form, sensitivities up to 100mV/g are available and associated cables are made to customer requirements at any length.]]>
Fri, 29 Aug 2014 11:51:31 +0200
<![CDATA[Solutions for mass manufacturing lightweight fiber-reinforced components]]>
T-RTM technology enables the use of thermoplastic matrix systems in the RTM process for the first time

(Munich, July 28, 2014) KraussMaffei is presenting its extensive range of premium-quality solutions for manufacturing fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) components at this year’s Composites Europe show (Düsseldorf, October 7-9, hall 8B, booth G14). As one of the few suppliers on the market, the leading technology company offers sophisticated machinery and molds for processing both thermoplastic and thermoset matrix systems. Development focuses primarily on creating solutions that can be used to mass manufacture lightweight components, for which there is a growing demand in vehicle construction. The most recent example is the further development of the RTM process to enable it to be used with thermoplastic matrix systems, something that has not previously been possible.

Use of thermoplastics in the RTM process

The high automatization potential of the RTM process makes it an especially attractive solution for mass manufacturing automotive components made from fiber-reinforced plastic. This technology has primarily been used to process thermoset matrix systems, such as epoxy resin, until now: "The use of thermoplastic matrix systems, which are generally more cost-effective than thermoset ones, has not been possible until now. This is mainly due to their comparably high viscosity when in a molten state, which more or less prevents pore-free impregnation of the dry semi-finished fiber products under acceptable processing parameters", explains Erich Fries, Head of the Composites/Surfaces Business Unit of the Reaction Process Machinery Division at KraussMaffei. In cooperation with Volkswagen AG and BASF SE, KraussMaffei has now succeeded in transferring the use of thermoplastic matrix systems to the RTM process.

In the so-called T-RTM process, a low-viscous, reactive caprolactam system is injected into a closed, isothermally heat-balanced mold that is lined with endless fiber-reinforced semi-finished textile products, where it is then polymerized into polyamide 6. The polymerization process takes place after the fibers have been saturated, the curing time for which is very short. The first products to have been manufactured using the T-RTM process are B-pillar reinforcement prototypes made at the FRP TechCenter of the Volkswagen Group Research Center in Wolfsburg, Germany.

A basic requirement for successfully developing the T-RTM process was comprehensive adaptation of the caprolactam systems currently in use. In addition to the required activator and catalyst, they also contain a number of additives and admixtures, which are later used to form the matrix systems adapted to FRP components. A special metering machine specifically adapted to processing the extremely low-viscous system was also required to ensure that the manufacturing process runs smoothly. The mixing and metering machine used by KraussMaffei is therefore fitted with a special mixing head, high-performance axial pumps and a fully electric temperature-control system.

Paintable CFRP components

The surface RTM process developed by KraussMaffei and its partners enables cost-effective mass production of paintable fiber-reinforced visible components for automotive construction. Paintable components are created by flow-coating the component surface produced by surface resin transfer molding with a polyurethane layer directly in the cavity, without the need for any additional intermediate steps. Costs can be reduced by as much as 60% per component, as there is no need for expensive post-mold finishing, which often needs to be carried out manually. The polyurethane for both the supporting part and its surface is poured in when the mold is slightly open (compression RTM). This produces only a very low flow resistance, which allows injection of the polyurethane system with comparatively high pour rates. Then the mold is closed, which presses the fibers into the resin.

"The demand for this technology has been very high since it was first presented at K 2013. We held a number of intense discussions even then, with OEMs and suppliers who wanted to use the process for mass production. Companies in the electric and electronic goods sectors are also showing a great deal of interest in the process", says Fries.

FiberForm process uses KraussMaffei injection-molding expertise

The development of KraussMaffei FiberForm technology also focused on creating fully automated production lines and reproducible manufacturing processes with short cycle times. FiberForm is a multi-functional processing method that combines injection molding with thermoforming of composite sheets to further improve the strength of fiber-reinforced plastic parts. It can be used to make seat shells and backs, instrument panel supports, convertible-top compartments, side-impact protection components, technical parts for the engine bay and semi-structural components. This opens up infinite potential for functional integration and part design since FiberForm can be combined with almost all special processes.

In the FiberForm process, endless-fiber fabric or textiles impregnated with a thermoplastic matrix are firstly heated, then shaped in the injection mold and finally over molded. "This allows ribs to be added for extra stiffness and other functions to be integrated into the process. Since production fits seamlessly into an injection molding operation, the process is ideal for mass manufacturing lightweight structural components," explains Stefan Schierl, Development Engineer of Technology Development at KraussMaffei. Like injection molding, the FiberForm process is easy to automate and can be used in fully automated production with compact manufacturing cells.

The controls for an infrared heater to heat the composite sheets have already been fully integrated into the machine’s control system (MC6). As the machine’s control system records important parameters, this enables the process and the quality of the parts made to be monitored with ease. KraussMaffei also offers the option to preheat the materials using a paternoster-design convection oven. "This technology is distinguished by the fact that the temperature is distributed evenly over the entire surface and thickness of the material during processing, which is also gentle and energy-efficient," says Schierl. These excellent features are of great importance when manufacturing hollow components with localized reinforcements, for example, as they allow a much greater freedom of design.

KraussMaffei at Composites Europe

Hall 8B, booth G14]]>
Fri, 29 Aug 2014 11:42:26 +0200
<![CDATA[jetStamp graphic 970 – Mobile barcode printing made easy!]]>
The jetStamp graphic 970 is a mobile hand-held ink jet printer that marks documents, packaging or products simply and quickly. In addition to number, date, time and text, this device can also print graphics and barcodes. With the MP ink, it is also possible to print on non-absorbent surfaces such as metal and plastic. The 970 is mobile, handy and easy to use and program.

Effective February 2014, the jetStamp graphic 970 and the REINER 940 by REINER will have a new function: the automatic advancing numbering and dating barcode. This makes it possible to supplement a barcode by date/time and number, which will change automatically during printing.
Print layouts can be designed on a PC using the specially developed software "PCset graphic". Numbers, dates, times, text, logos and barcodes can easily be placed at the required positions using drag and drop.

A total of four imprints made to individual requirements can be stored in the printer. Each imprint can be up to (W x H) 65 x 12.7 mm. Variable data such as consecutive number, time, date and consecutive barcode are automatically updated in the jetStamp graphic 970. Of course, the imprint can be changed any number of times. Then it is transferred to the jetStamp graphic 970 via a USB interface fast and simply. The software can be deployed on all standard Windows® operating systems.

The REINER 940 and jetStamp graphic 970 is equipped with Bluetooth. This interface can facilitate daily work flow if many different print layouts are needed to be changed on the fly with the devices over the course of a day. A new Smartphone and Android APP is demonstrated as well. The imprints, e.g., for a working day, are stored there. The employee can load the corresponding data for the subsequent work steps onto his printer then. This saves paths and time. The software also permits calling and displaying data or settings from the printer, as well as adjusting print settings as desired.

Mobile marking simpler than ever!]]>
Fri, 29 Aug 2014 10:43:41 +0200
<![CDATA[F6150SV Power System Simulator]]>
Evaluate your protection relays and schemes in their environment, using simulated power system conditions and events.

IEC61850 testing with 3 packets of 9-2 LE communication protocol and station bus messaging - one fiber and one copper IEC61850 communication port
Standard relay calibration and verification testing of High Burden and Microprocessor relays
Increased amplifier power output and ranges (enhanced ratings)
Protection scheme testing using State Simulation and Transient testing: powerful models made available in Protection Suite Software
Metering at 0.2 class CTs and Transducers
End to End testing of Communication Based Schemes with GPS time syncing
12 Source, (6-Voltage, 6 Current), configurable for Bench testing and proof of concept testing for complicated relaying schemes]]>
Fri, 29 Aug 2014 09:50:29 +0200
The unique, true-to-detail 3-D simulation graphic of the TNC 640 enables the operator to identify missing information or inconsistencies in the program prior to machining and without any risks to workpieces, tools or machines. This means he can detect critical situations in good time, quickly carry out any necessary modifications and avoid rejects and damage.

With the ADP (Advanced Dynamic Prediction) function as standard, the TNC 640 enables optimized motion control of the feed axes with 3- and 5-axis milling. ADP dynamically calculates the contour in advance and can therefore use acceleration-limited motion control with smoothed jerk to adapt the axis velocity in good time at contour transitions. The technology thus enables higher path velocities and shorter machining times, with simultaneously faultless surfaces and perfect contours.

The capability to combine milling and turning in any sequence on a single machine with the TNC 640 is also highly practical and efficient, with the control simply alternating between turning and milling mode according to the program, and completely independent of the machine and axis configuration. The operator defines both milling and turning contours using the standard path functions or with free contour programming, and turning programs are created as always with HEIDENHAIN conversational programming. In this way the TNC 640 not only saves space and money otherwise needed for a second machine, but it also avoids inaccuracies that may occur when rechucking workpieces.

HEIDENHAIN at AMB: Hall 4, Booth E12]]>
Fri, 29 Aug 2014 09:09:09 +0200
<![CDATA[Hioki Launches Impedance Analyzer IM7580]]>
As our society continues to become increasingly information-oriented, the speed of data transmission lines using technologies such as high-speed differential transmission to send and receive large amounts of data continues to increase. At the same time, increasingly high-frequency designs are being used for the common-mode filters and ferrite-core filters employed to improve skew (delay time shift) and reduce noise on those high-speed transmission lines.

The IM7580, which can perform measurement at high frequencies of up to 300 MHz, can be used to measure these increasingly high-frequency electronic components. At the same time, the instrument can significantly boost productivity for electronic component manufacturers thanks to its ability to test large volumes of components at measurement speeds as fast as 0.5 ms (0.0005 sec.).

Product Features
1. High-speed, 300 MHz high-frequency measurement
2. Productivity gains from highly stable, high-speed measurement at speeds as fast as 0.5 ms
3. Compact footprint for lower production costs
4. PASS/FAIL judgments based on a variety of judgment functions]]>
Fri, 29 Aug 2014 08:46:06 +0200
<![CDATA[Electric Double stage Worm gear actuator]]> IP68 and Immersion mode according tocustomers requirements.]]> Fri, 29 Aug 2014 08:07:24 +0200 <![CDATA[DC Planetary Gear Motor]]> Structure and Characteristic of DC motor
DC motor we use has good electric and mechanical performance.
Because of volume and metal brush commutator limit, the speed of DC motor is between 3000 to 12000 rpm normally. Faster speed will decrease motor life.
Low noise DC motor with ring varistor inside is adopted, which can decrease electromagnetic disturbance to environment.
DC motor life is depending on mechanical and chemical wear of metal brush and commutator. It can continuously run over 300 to 500 hours within rated load and speed.
The load torque of DC geared motor has direct relationship with speed and current. When the load increases, the speed linearly decreases and the current linearly increases. So the geared motor has better working near maximum efficiency, then it can obtain ideal running performance, working life and stable characteristic.
In general, the working environment of DC geared motor is the same as DC motor. If there are any special requirement, such as environment temperature, overload, and current limit, please illuminate in advance.
Working life of gearbox usually longer than DC motor, it can reach 1000 to 3000 hours.
Entire reduction ratio of gearbox is between 1: 10 and 1: 500. It can reach 1: 1000 with special design. However, the gearbox with bigger reduction ratio is not allowed “counter rotation”, which means the output shaft of gearbox cannot be the driving shaft and counter rotated forcedly.
The gearbox is combined with multi-pair of gears. Every pair includes gear wheel and pinion which is joggled one another. The first pinion is mounted on the motor shaft of DC motor. The bearing of gearbox output shaft is usually oil bearing made of brass or iron.

Electronic lock, Optic equipment, Medical apparatus
 Customize shaft
 Add lead wire for motor
 Special designed motor]]>
Fri, 29 Aug 2014 03:38:44 +0200
<![CDATA[ADI 2045TI Online Analyzer improves scrubbing process in carbon capture plants ]]> In the scrubbing process, a CO2-rich gas stream, such as a power plant’s flue gas, is «bubbled» through an amine solution. The CO2 bonds with the amines as it passes through the solution while nonacidic gases continue up through the flue. The CO2 in the resulting CO2-saturated amine solution is then thermically removed from the amines and is ready for carbon storage. The amines themselves can be recycled. The entire process is very energy intensive resulting in large operating costs. Hence, optimizing the amine activity and usage by online analysis is a critical step in reducing overall costs and measuring the efficiency of the CO2 capture at the same time.
The Applikon solution is based on an ADI 2045TI Online Analyzer and uses acid titration of amine and free and total CO2 in a caustic absorbing solution. The method has been tested with different capture chemicals and is compatible with laboratory tests.]]>
Fri, 29 Aug 2014 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[mvBlueLYNX-X Starterkit – The all-inclusive package]]>
The mvBlueLYNX-X smart camera with CMOS and CCD sensors and resolutions from VGA to 5 Mpix constitutes the main item. The camera features a 1 GHz Cortex-A8 ARM processor, a real-time DSP running at up to 800 MHz, 512 MB RAM and uses an embedded Linux-OS. This is sufficient to execute all image processing directly inside the camera, saving space and power “on site”. Furthermore there are enough interfaces to guarantee optimum network integration and easy device integration. Accessories include lens, tripod, cables, USB hub, power supply, and an interface box.

The interface box is used for fast and uncomplicated process integration and features terminal strips for all digital inputs and outputs as well as LEDs. Different software libraries may be chosen according to individual needs. Beside MVTec’s Halcon Embedded there are also software evaluation licenses for EyeVision from EVT. EyeVision offers function-based programming via drag and drop. Both libraries provide a multitude of functions for classical image processing tasks like pattern matching, QR code, DataMatrix, and Barcode reading, OCR, object detection, color recognition, error classification, etc.

This combination, with its flexible and high-performance hardware and software, will be delivered in an attractive case. The user does not have to go through the time-consuming process of selecting individual components. This offer is rounded off with free-of-charge group training courses of practical relevance in our headquarters in Germany.]]>
Fri, 29 Aug 2014 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Low Cost 4-axis USB Stepper Controller]]> This pulse/direction output controller is ideal for cost sensitive applications.
The small size (5" x 5" x 1") provides a compact, drop-in multi-axis solution for PC, PLC/HMI and stand-alone systems.

*Features & Benefits

- BASIC-like stand alone programming language
- With highly intuitive software and documentation, little or no software experience is required
- Multi-tasking of up to 4 different programs
- USB 2.0 and RS-485 communication
- Modbus-RTU available upon request

**Click "more information" for video demonstration]]>
Thu, 28 Aug 2014 18:40:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Bruker-NEW Vutara Super Resolution Microscope]]> Image deep 3D sections on live cells quickly and easily.

The Vutara 350 is the first and only system of its kind:
•Video-rate single-molecule localization microscopy
•Live-cell, super-resolution protocols and workflows
•Designed for biologists - expert images the day of installation
•Simultaneous four-color super-resolution imaging (including a 750 nm excitation option)
•3D super-resolution up to 15 um deep, with Z-stacking capability
•All raw data is stored and available in a non-proprietary format for inspection and novel analysis
•Comprehensive online protocol and support library to speed you to publication.]]>
Thu, 28 Aug 2014 17:12:25 +0200
<![CDATA[From module materials handling to innovative LFT plant technology]]>
Modular and highly efficient – the adapted SOMOS® D dryer system

At its trade show booth, ProTec will also highlight the performance and flexibility of the stationary module drying systems of the new energy-efficient SOMOS® D series by exhibiting a drying air generator SOMOS® D500 and two connected drying hopper module tables – one individual table with a 600-liter hopper (MT600) and one double table with an MT300 (300liter) and an MT100 (100 liter). The combination of several drying hoppers mounted on a single module table enables a compact, space-saving, and economical configuration of the drying system. The now complete series provides single, double, triple, and quadruple tables for the hopper sizes MT50, MT100, MT200, and MT300. Both of the largest drying hoppers (MT400 and MT600) are deeper and can therefore be equipped with matching deeper single and double module tables.

All module tables can be configured and combined in almost any manner, which also facilitates the expansion of existing drying systems. One drying air generator can feed up to 12 drying hoppers with dry air at a consistent low temperature of – 35 °C. In the process, the drying air throughput of a D-dryer can be flexibly adjusted to meet the current need, for example, for the D500, from 200 up to 500 m³/h. Other available frame sizes are: D300 for 100 up to 300 m³/h; D900 for 300 up to 900 m³/h; D1400 for 500 up to 1,400 m³/h.

The dry air generators can be conveniently operated using a Siemens S7 controller, which centrally regulates the drying hopper (up to 12) as well as the accompanying conveyors for filling the hoppers. The tried and tested ALAV (for adapting the volume of drying air to the current material throughput) and SUPER SOMOS (for adjusting the desiccant regeneration to the actual moisture content of the adsorbent) control mechanisms used in SOMOS® dryers guarantee high levels of energy efficiency.

A special feature of the SOMOS® GRAMIX E gravimetric dosing and mixing system (for throughputs of up to 300 kg/h and up to 5 components) on display at Fakuma is the integrated small-volume dosing for material throughput of up to approx. 2 kg/h. Because of its highly sensitive weighing electronics, the dosing system can now dose volumes of 200 g/h – equivalent to around three grams per minute – reliably and accurately. This precision is required, for example, to dose very small amounts of highly concentrated master batches.

SOLIDO – premium LFT pellets for lightweight construction

The SOLIDO system technology presented by ProTec Polymer Processing at the Fakuma trade show is suitable for manufacturing a broad range of long-fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) using a diverse polymer matrix and different types of fiber reinforcement. These composite materials are created with fibers of pellet length – lengths of 7 mm to 25 mm are the industry norm – using what is called the pultrusion process. With SOLIDO technology, the fiber strands – for example, glass or carbon fibers – are isolated in the impregnation tool to create the filaments. The individual fibers are then coated with the polymer melt (impregnated). After further processing, the LFT pellets manufactured in this way produce components with excellent surface quality and high mechanical strength.

The technology can be used to realize fiber content of up to 60 percent by weight and plant sizes with throughputs of up to 1.2 t/h. LFT pellets can be processed using injection molding and used for applications previously reserved for thermosetting plastics. In addition to high strength, stability and impact strength, lightweight components manufactured in this way exhibit excellent heat resistance. Automotive engineering in particular is currently a field of application for LFT. However, in future the advantages of this group of materials will not only have a lasting effect on the evolution of parts and components for the automotive industry. Even bioplastics can be "upgraded" in this way. In the form of LFT, they achieve the characteristics of technical plastics.]]>
Thu, 28 Aug 2014 14:48:23 +0200
<![CDATA[New diamond embossed finish for Marlon FSX]]>
At 2.8mm thick, the superior glazing material continues to offer the key features of Marlon FSX with exceptional strength, dual sided UV protection and excellent fire performance. Marlon FSX is 200 times stronger but less than half the weight of glass, and prevents 98% of damaging UV radiation from penetrating the sheet.

Marlon FSX diamond embossed is ideal for rooflights, vertical glazing, canopies, specialist glazing applications, and is suitable to cold bend on site. Temperature and chemical resistance make a resilient product, which also has design flexibility. The lightweight sheet is easy to cut, handle and install, lending itself perfectly to a range of decorative applications such as interior design, shop outfitting, screening and partitioning. Marlon FSX carries a 10 year warranty.]]>
Thu, 28 Aug 2014 13:07:15 +0200
<![CDATA[Lightweight Electronic Pipette Offers Enhanced Ease of Use]]>
Combining ultra lightweight ergonomic design with a highly intuitive user interface – VIAFLO II electronic pipettes are as easy to use as a single channel manual pipette but offer many advantages.

The VIAFLO II’s integral colour screen together with easy to navigate touch wheel user interface ensures set up and operation are both simple and fast. With the VIAFLO II touch wheel user interface, it’s a lot quicker and easier to change volumes than with a manual pipette. Forget about twisting/rotating a knob on the manual pipette to go from high to low volume (or vice versa). It’s slow and fatiguing. The touch wheel of the VIAFLO II pipettes can be operated single handed and you can jump from minimum to maximum volume within a second. Simply by running your finger across the Touch Wheel you can select your pipetting protocols and modify operating parameters such as volumes. All VIAFLO II pipettes include a choice of up to 10 predefined pipetting modes enabling a user to start working almost immediately with a minimum of parameters to define. For more demanding pipetting routines up to 40 personalized custom programs can be created and stored. The on-board help text provides easy-to-understand explanations of operating functions and options in the user interface’s language.

The ergonomic design of VIAFLO II electronic pipettes facilitates hours of tireless pipetting. With just one light press of the Run button a VIAFLO II electronic pipette can perform many procedures eliminating the time-consuming repetitive plunger motion required of manual pipettes. Available in single, 8-, 12- and 16-channel versions, VIAFLO II electronic pipettes offer an optimized precision pipetting solution from 0.5 - 1250 microlitres.

Together with INTEGRA’s wide range of GripTip pipette tips – VIAFLO II electronic pipettes form the perfect pipetting system. GripTips snap into place with minimal tip loading effort, providing a secure connection. GripTips never fall off and are always perfectly aligned, resulting in superior accuracy and precision results.

For further information please visit or contact INTEGRA Biosciences in Europe / Asia on telephone +41-81-286-9530 / email or in North / South America on telephone +1-603-578-5800 / email

INTEGRA Biosciences is a leading provider of high-quality laboratory tools for liquid handling, media preparation, sterilization and cell cultivation. The company is committed to creating innovative solutions which fulfil the needs of its customers in research, diagnostics and quality control within the life science markets and medical industry. Today, INTEGRA innovative laboratory products are widely used all around the world. More than ninety distribution-partners form a worldwide sales network providing responsive and competent services to customers. These distribution partners are supported by a highly motivated and experienced team of specialists at the company headquarters in Zizers, Switzerland and Hudson, NH, USA. INTEGRA is an ISO 9001 certified company.]]>
Thu, 28 Aug 2014 11:52:11 +0200
<![CDATA[Scientific Insights Into Lyophilization]]>
Due to run on October 27th, 28th and 30th 2014, in Princeton (NJ), Boston (MA) and San Francisco (CA), the one day seminar will provide novices with an informative freeze drying overview and the expert with up-to-date information on newer topics of interest to the lyophilization scientist. The agenda will cover topics including Lyophilization Basic Principles, Thermal Analysis, Controlled Ice Nucleation, Scale-Up of Freeze Drying Cycles and more.

Scheduled question and answer sessions, as well as breaks, provide attendees with the opportunity to have their own specific questions answered and to network with industrial colleagues. State-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation designed for use by freeze drying scientists will also be on display.

To learn more about the scientific program or register for ‘Insights Into Lyophilization 2014’ please visit or contact SP Scientific on +1-845-255-5000 /

GILYOS GmbH and the associated University of Erlangen Freeze Drying Focus Group are considered to be one of the premier academic groups in the world focused on lyophilization. For further information please visit and

SP Scientific is a leading manufacturer of laboratory to production scale freeze dryers / lyophilizers, centrifugal evaporators and concentrators, thermal control system and glassware washers. The company sells its products under well-known brands including VirTis, Hull, FTS Systems, Genevac, and National-Hotpack. SP Scientific has ISO 9001:2008 registered production facilities in the USA and Europe.]]>
Thu, 28 Aug 2014 11:46:56 +0200
<![CDATA[5"~8" Angle Polisher | WX-1412]]>
-Soft-grip handle can be positioned for right or left hand operation.
-Variable speed safety-lock lever throttle graduately increase the spped during operation.
-Compact and lightweight design.
-Insulated handle absorbs vibration and reduces cold air transmission to the operator.
-Rear exhaust.]]>
Thu, 28 Aug 2014 11:40:24 +0200
<![CDATA[Pressure transducers for WPC processing (Wood Plastic Composite) ]]>

The processing of WPC (Wood Plastic Composites) in the extrusion process necessitates a high resistance of the pressure transducers. The mixture of
wood (natural or recycled) and polymers such as PE, PP or PVC leads to a high viscosity and abrasiveness, factors which in turn often result in mechanical
defects of the sensor membrane after a short time.
In many cases, the membrane is more or less ground off by the abrasive melt, so that the sensor does not function any more.
Gneuss has developed a special technology for the transducer diaphragm, wich offers far longer service life than conventional sensors.

WPC sensors are characterised by the typical Gneuss advantages:

• Short delivery lead times, even for made-to-order designs.
• Compatible with practically all conventional sensors
• Excellent value for money
• Made in Germany
• Pre-calibrated prior to despatch (200° C)

Gneuss – your reliable partner for WPC processing]]>
Thu, 28 Aug 2014 11:03:14 +0200
<![CDATA[High-voltage tester 30 - 300 Hz | XZF series]]>

-On-site testing of XLPE terrestrial and submarine cables according to -IEC 60840 and IEC 62067
-On-site testing of GIS according to IEC 60517 and IEC 62271-203.
-On-site testing of transformer according to IEC 60076-3
-Withstand voltage testing
-Partial discharge measurements]]>
Thu, 28 Aug 2014 09:21:06 +0200
<![CDATA[DF-5708 wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometer]]> The instrument can be configured with 10 fixed beam splitters, and analyze 10 kinds of elements at the same time. Standard configurations are nine kinds of elements, i.e., Na, Mg, Al, Si, S, Cl, K, Ca and Fe, with P as the optional one. It can also be configured according to different application requirements of customers, with configuration of any ten kinds of elements from Na to U.

Technical parameters
-Analyze the category of elements: any ten elements from 11Na to 92U
-Analyze the quantity of elements simultaneously: 1 - 10
-Analyze the content range of elements: 1 ppm to 100%
-Measure the time for single sample: ≤ (2-5) min. (including time for changing sample and vacuum pumping)
-Analyze the sample surface: 35 mm (Max.)
-Sample size: 40 mm * 10 mm (H)]]>
Thu, 28 Aug 2014 08:15:57 +0200
<![CDATA[Fire alarm telephone weatherproof Phone sos telephone KNSP-11]]>
As Public telephone for indoor or outdoor, Taxi or bus stands or station, Highway call box, Railway, metro, ATM machines side, Tunnel, Port, Dock, Mines, Generation facilities...

A good ideal telephone for use in wet or corrosive atmospheres

DTMF(Dual Tone Multi Frequency)
Standard and SMART Analogue and VoIP-SIP options available
Matching with most PABX, PBX and PAX systems


1. Aluminum alloy die - cast body, Vandal resistant and tamper-resistant
2. Full keypad with memory, 10 button programmable speed-dial telephone, illuminated button optional. Waterproof keypad
3. Magnetic reed hook-switch
4. Telephone line powered.
5. Lightening protection to ITU-T K.21
6. Handset: high anti-knock resistance, weatherproof, armoured cable optional
7. Hearing Aid compatible receiver, Noise canceling microphone.
8. Handset integrity

3.Technical parameter
Ambient temperature
Defend grade
Relative humidity
Atmospheric pressure
Circumstance noise
less than 60dB(A)
Sound level of ringing
Standard frequency
697. 770. 852. 941Hz]]>
Thu, 28 Aug 2014 02:58:09 +0200
<![CDATA[Add-on to the very popular Arduino Series of µC development boards]]>
For use of this AS8510 Arduino reference design an Arduino Uno (or similar) host board is required:]]>
Thu, 28 Aug 2014 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Multi-Headed Linear Motor Positioning Stage]]>
- Multiple motors on single magnet track
- Multiple encoder heads reading a single encoder scale
- Single extrusion lengths up to 6.0 m long allowing for long strokes
- Multi-Axis of motion control
- Cable carrier for payload cables
- Custom strokes, forces, and feedback resolution configurations available

Single Motor Stage - SRS-032-05-013-01-EX
Dual Motor Stage - SRS-026-06-013-01-2EX
Triple Motor Stage- SRS-020-08-013-01-3EX

Please note that as long as the magnet track is long enough to allow for the required travel, there is no limit to how many independent brushless linear motors can share the same magnet track.

H2W Technologies is dedicated to the design and manufacture of linear and rotary motion products that are used in the motion control industry. The complete line of linear electric motors includes: single and dual axis linear steppers, DC brush and brushless linear motors, voice coil actuators, and AC induction motors. Also offered is a complete line of ball screw, lead screw and belt driven positioning stages.

Other motion control products include: limited angle torque motors for compact, limited angular excursion rotary servo applications, 3 phase brushless rotary servo motors with matching digital servo amplifiers and permanent magnet linear brakes for fail-safe, zero power braking for baggage handling and people moving applications as well as amusement park rides.

For additional information please contact Mark Wilson at H2W Technologies, 26470 Ruether Avenue #102, Santa Clarita, CA 91350; Tel: 888-702-0540, Fax: 661-251-2067, E-Mail: or visit the website at]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 21:59:42 +0200
<![CDATA[Low-Capacitance TVS Diode Array from Littelfuse Offers 15 Percent Lower Clamping Voltage than Alternative Technologies]]> CHICAGO, August 12, 2014 — Littelfuse, Inc., the global leader in circuit protection, has introduced the low-capacitance SP2574NUTG TVS Diode Array (SPA® Diode), designed to protect high-speed, differential data lines from damage due to ESD (electrostatic discharge), CDE (cable discharge events), EFT (electrical fast transients), and lightning-induced surges. The SP2574NUTG, which is part of the SP2574N Series of TVS Diode Arrays, can protect up to four channels or two differential pairs up to 40A (IEC61000-4-5) and 30kV ESD (IEC61000-4-2). Its low capacitance (just 3.8pF TYP from I/O to ground) and low clamping voltage (15 percent lower at 40A than other competitive solutions) make it ideal for protecting high-speed data interfaces, such as 1GbE applications found in notebooks, switches, servers, etc. It is also well-suited for use in WAN/LAN equipment, LVDS interfaces, integrated magnetics, and Smart TV applications.
“The SP2574NUTG helps design engineers protect state-of-the-art chipsets, such as Ethernet PHYs, from a variety of electrical threats that can lead to premature failure or soft errors,” said Chad Marak, director of the TVS Diode Arrays product line. “Its ‘flow-through’ design preserves signal integrity, reduces voltage overshoot, and simplifies PCB design.”
About Littelfuse
Founded in 1927, Littelfuse is the world leader in circuit protection with growing global platforms in power control and sensing. The company serves global customers in the electronics, automotive and industrial markets with technologies including fuses, semiconductors, polymers, ceramics, relays and sensors. Littelfuse has over 7,500 employees in more than 35 locations throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit the Littelfuse website:

Wed, 27 Aug 2014 21:44:54 +0200
<![CDATA[E INSTRUMENTS E8500-MK Portable Emissions Analyzer Marine Kit]]>
E8500-MK Marine Kit Includes:
- Electrochemical Sensors – O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2
- NDIR Sensors – CO2, CxHy, High CO
- True NOx (NO+NO2) Measurements
- 40”/1m Sampling Probe (2190°F/1200°C max)
with 10’/3m hose & Sintered Filter for probe tip
- Internal Thermoelectric Chiller with Automatic Condensate Removal
- Spare Parts: (10) Line Filters & (5) Condensation Filters
- Real-Time PC Software Package with Bluetooth
- Stack Gas & Ambient Air Temperature Measurements
- Draft & Differential Pressure Measurements
- Efficiency, Excess Air, and CO2% Calculated Values
- Protective Carrying Case]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 21:31:33 +0200
<![CDATA[Homogenizer mixer solution for flavor emulsions]]>
“Clearly, there hasn’t been a lot of downtime in all those years and the mixer has given ‘exceptional service,’” explains Matt Smith, Silverson sales director. “Our customer developed their entire product range using this particular mixer, and it’s become central to their manufacturing operation - the versatility and reliability of their Silverson Batch mixer has been key to their success.”

The versatility of the Silverson Batch mixer is such that a single machine can carry out a wide range of duties - blending, emulsifying, disintegrating, dissolving and homogenizing - through the use of easily interchangeable workheads and screens, available for each mixer. This flexibility is further enhanced by the use of a mobile hydraulic floor stand (local safety regulations permitting) for mixers in the small to medium range - models up to 25 hp. This allows the mixer to be easily moved from vessel to vessel and raised and lowered during operation to optimize performance - for example to create a vortex for wetting out powders with a tendency to float or ‘raft’ or, conversely, to minimize aeration. Robust, simple construction ensures Silverson Batch mixers are easy to operate, easy to maintain and easy to clean.

The Batch mixer has certainly been part of a winning formula in Kansas, where the manufacturer has just recently placed an order for another identical mixer from Silverson. “It’s a pleasure doing business with professionals who make our job easier,” says their president, adding the decision to purchase was easily justifiable based on the performance and reliability of their existing Silverson mixer.]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 18:30:15 +0200
<![CDATA[High temperature probe: CarboProbe HT (%O2)]]>
Based on the ZrO2 C-700 Electrolyte, the CarboProbe HT probe can handle temperatures up to 1700°C. All parts exposed to high temperatures are ceramic or platinum. This probe has a robust construction with a 17 mm diameter ceramic tube that protects the internal measurement device. This probe measures the oxygen concentration.

This probe cannot be used for the measurement of oxygen in carburising mixtures.


There are no maintenance parts required inside the sensor, if the platinum external connector is damaged it can be repaired without loss of signal quality.]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 17:30:38 +0200
<![CDATA[7 Levels Mono-Phase Reactive Power Control Relay]]>
It intervenes by activating a capacitor with suitable values if inductive power is drawn from the network. When it is energized after the connections of the device are completed, it controls the current transformer terminals by holding and releasing the stages respectively. After this test, it starts to intervene in the system. The memory input terminal is shorted out and the current transformer connection test is stored. It has the characteristics indicated below.

Single phase voltage and single phase current transformer.

It can compensate the inductive systems.


It shows the Cosφ value of the relevant phase to which it is connected on the display.

It functions through the method of holding and releasing respectively.]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 17:16:54 +0200
<![CDATA[B&K Precision Offers Entry-Level 100 MHz Scope at Exceptional Price Point]]> Offers Users Great Value with 7" Widescreen Color Display , 1 GSa/s Sampling Rate and 40 Kpts Waveform Memory

YORBA LINDA, CA, August 27, 2014 -- B&K Precision today introduces their new 2190D bench digital storage oscilloscope (DSO). This compact dual-channel DSO offers several measurement functions with 100 MHz bandwidth and 1 GSa/s sampling rate.

Building on the success of the discontinued analog model 2190B oscilloscope, the 2190D now provides users with digital features including a 7” widescreen color display, waveform memory up to 40,000 points, pass/fail limit testing, digital filtering, waveform recorder, and 32 automatic measurements. For educators, the 2190D offers a context-sensitive help feature and the ability to disable the Auto Set button along with Measure and Cursor menus.

Additional features include advanced triggering capabilities, FFT and math functions, multi-language interface, and remote PC connectivity via RS232 and USB. A USB host port is available on the front panel for saving setups, waveform data, screenshots, or CSV files to a USB flash drive. Users can save up to 20 oscilloscope setups and 10 different waveforms to internal memory. An optional USB-to-GPIB adapter can also be connected to the USB host port for GPIB connectivity. Each model comes standard with two passive 10:1 probes.

B&K Precision’s 2190D 100 MHz DSO is listed at a price of $399.

For additional technical specifications, accessories, and support documents, visit:]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 16:58:13 +0200
<![CDATA[Malvern specialists to deliver inaugural short course on polymer characterization at Interplas 2014 ]]>
The short course, which is a brand new feature at the show, focuses on the importance of differentiating between performance differences that result from changes in polymer structure and those due to molecular weight changes. This knowledge helps shorten development times and can help identify supplier problems more easily. Tutors Paul Clarke and Bassem Sabagh from Malvern will cover the fundamentals of the relevant polymer measurements, focusing on light scattering and on-line viscometry techniques and their use as part of multi detection gel permeation chromatography (GPC/SEC).

The course will cover the determination of molecular weight and distribution, intrinsic viscosity, molecular size and branching measurements for polymers and polysaccharides. Participants will hear how, in addition to calculating unambiguous molecular weight, combining light scattering with internal viscosity data delivers advanced information on structural characteristics, such as chain branching and cross linking. The course then offers practical guidance on employing this enhanced understanding to guide research throughout polymer development and quality control.

“We expect this short course to be of interest to anyone working with polymer solutions, including polymer researchers, scientists, lab managers and formulators,” said Paul Clarke, Industrial Portfolio Manager at Malvern, who has worked in the field of multi-detection GPC/SEC and light scattering for more than 25 years. “It will also benefit those already working with light scattering and GPC/SEC who may be looking to achieve more useful data from each analysis.”

Fellow tutor Dr Bassem Sabagh leads the separations analytical team at Malvern and provides technical support to customers in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Find out more about Malvern’s polymer characterization solutions at .

For details of the short course at Interplas 2014 visit

Malvern, Malvern Instruments and Viscotek are registered trademarks of Malvern Instruments Ltd]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 16:45:34 +0200
<![CDATA[Uncooled MWIR miniaturized module for infrared inspection and manufacturing process control]]>
Technical specifications:

- Electronic module system with control and communications interface for TACHYON 1024 FPA (2nd gen. FPA with ROIC, 32x32)
- FPA included with the module
- Integration time: selectable via software (100 – 500 us)
- Biasing voltage: selectable (1.25V to 2.5V)
- Maximum frame rate: 1000 Hz (@ minimum integration time) - slower speeds are possible using longer integration times
- Communication interface: USB 2.0, high-speed (up to 480 Mbps)
- Data transmission: raw data, 10 bits
- USB powered
- Dimensions of the electronic module (in mm): 36 (L) x 43 (W) x 17 (H)
- Metal housing available, with CS-mount optics interface, side connectors & fan (housing dimensions, in mm: 39 (L) x 46 (W) x 29 (H))
- SDK library for C (ask for more information)
- Optics: optional
- Modifications of the product: available upon request
- Applications: industrial (gas detection, machine vision, laser monitoring)]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 16:33:47 +0200
<![CDATA[Priorclave RCS Autoclaves Can Improve Lab Efficiency ]]>
The popularity of this front-loading autoclave is driven by a design that offers a large sterilising chamber yet requires a relatively small footprint and is by far one of the easiest to install since it is castor mounted for easy positioning and pass through a standard door.

With a 350 litre capacity chamber the RCS 350 laboratory autoclave is the perfect choice where tall, small and bulky items need to be sterilised since the rectangular chamber will accommodate many differing media types and sizes side-by-side in a single process. This can often improve the daily throughput of a busy laboratory.

All steam sterilising process parameters are easily programmed through the advanced Tactrol® 2 microprocessor control system, allowing for adjustment of temperature and time for simple cycles to fully featured multi-programme operation. This powerful controller allows unrivalled flexibility, monitoring and management of the process cycle, it guides operators through simple set-up procedures ensuring laboratories optimise the autoclave performance in relation to the media being processed and thus helping to reduce running costs.

Priorclave is a technical innovator in autoclave design and this is reflected in the RCS 350 autoclave with features such as lower loading heights, simpler set-up procedures and safer door opening mechanisms. The chamber door on the RCS 350 has a patented two hand-wheel door closure system, the lower hand-wheel on the chamber door is fitted with thermal and pressure locks to prevent opening at load temperatures above 80°C and pressures above 0.2 bar, thus averting potential accidents through discharge of hot, high-pressurised steam.

The RSC 350 can be supplied by Priorclave with a choice of steam generation – electrical or direct steam heated; alternatively they can be fitted with an in-house steam generator ideal where continuous sterilising applications take place.

As standard, the RSC 350 front loading laboratory autoclave is fitted with an automatic water-fill however as a dedicated autoclave manufacturer Priorclave is able to incorporate a number of options into the standard steriliser framework of these high capacity sterilisers such as water cooling jackets, pre-cycle vacuum in which multiple vacuum stages are programmed with interspersed heating to achieve greater steam penetration of difficult media as well as post cycle drying.

The RSC 350 autoclave also benefits from Biomaster protection, a tough special epoxy finish proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99% and is highly effective against MRSA, E coli, Listeria, Legionella, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Pseudomonas and over 50 other species.

Purchase of a RSC 350 autoclave means buying into British designed and manufactured laboratory autoclaves that have a global presence and are supported by one of the very best pre-and aftersales support service, a dedicated team ensures customers maximise the efficiency of their Priorclave wherever it is installed.]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 15:48:43 +0200
<![CDATA[The YTRON-Z Principle]]>
With the parameters of slot width, number and distance of the shear slots, number of rotor-stator-sets used, rotational speed and flow rate, the desired dispersing or homogenizing effect, can be infinitely adjusted.
Conventional batch processes often require recirculation and lead to a localised over-shearing of the products. This also lead irregular treatment of the batch. In contrast, the YTRON-Z ensures a homogeneously and reproducibly dispersed product in a single pass.

YTRON-ZP Shearpump

Dispersing and pumping effect combined in one unit
Figure with mobile frame and control panel

Special advantages:

To be used for dynamic mixing, diluting, emulsifying, desagglomerating Homogenizing of liquids
Individually adjustable by selecting specific rotor/stator combinations.
Dispersing and pumping effect combined in one unit.
Hygienic execution for use in Food and Pharma applications]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 15:05:31 +0200
<![CDATA[New Vibration and Process Monitor PCH 1420]]>
Each PCH 1420 vibration channel operates within 2 simultaneously running frequency bands. The bands are configurable from 0.7 Hz up to 11.5 kHz and will typically monitor the 10-1000 Hz area (ISO 10816-3), as well as the high frequency area, 2-10 kHz, where roller bearing resonances are detected. PCH has chosen to use several bearing fault detectors simultaneously, in order to detect faults as early as possible. Thus PCH 1420 offers broadband high frequency monitoring, Envelope, Kurtosis and Crest factor for bearing fault detection. All detectors are running simultaneously and are based upon inputs from up to 4 measuring points in real-time.

In case an alarm limit is exceeded integrated alarm relays can inform the user via a connected rotor light, beeper, to a control system or by directly shutting down the machine. PCH 1420 also delivers 4-20 mA signals relatively to the vibration level, which can be used for trending in the users control system. Trending is also possible by using the free software PCH Vibration Studio on a standard PC or laptop.

The included user software PCH Vibration Studio can also be used for recording of time waveform signals (raw data) and for FFT analysis of the recorded data.

More features in PCH 1420 supports Functional Safety requirements according to ISO 13849-1, and PCH 1420 can be further used as machine protection according to API670 norms for response time of no more than 100 ms.

The monitor is ideal for OEMs as well, where individual solutions can be developed upon demand.]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 14:37:56 +0200
<![CDATA[Meech Steps into Roger Bannister’s shoes to raise charitable funds]]> Meech International was one of 18 companies that volunteered a team of five competitors for ‘The Olympic Challenge’, a specially organised sports day held 17 July to raise charitable funds for the Oxfordshire High Sheriff’s Challenge.

‘Team Meech’ competed at the Roger Bannister stadium in Oxford, giving their all in a series of sports events, which ranged from archery, shot putt, baton relay, 1500 metres rowing, basketball, standing long jump, a swimming relay, to a 1500 metre run and welly wanging.

Chris Francis, CEO of Meech International, who attended the event said, “It was a great day out on behalf of a worthwhile cause. We had stiff competition but this did not diminish the competitive spirit of Team Meech, who were up for every challenge. Raising funds is important but equally important is reinforcing the collaborative efforts of local companies to help young people to find jobs and return to education.”

Meech, which has its headquarters in Witney near Oxford, formed the Meech Centenary Trust at the end of 2013 to help raise funds for local charitable organisations and community groups that support young people between the ages of 15 -25 including individuals with disabilities, to find work or get back into education in and around West Oxfordshire.

The Meech Centenary Trust is managed by the Oxford-based Oxfordshire Community Foundation (OCF), an accredited Registered Charity recognised as a leader in endowment building, philanthropy and local grant making.

OCF’s Chief Executive Jayne Woodley commented, ‘After many months of organising the challenge with the High Sheriff, it was great to see it finally come to life. Team Meech put their heart and soul into every event and on what turned out to be an extremely hot day, they fared very well indeed. We’re delighted to have their support as it really does make a difference to the lives of the young people we want to help.”]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 13:39:41 +0200
<![CDATA[Kuhnke Solenoid Valves: Controlled opening and closing]]>
Whether we are talking about flow rates of up to 260 liters per minute in energy supply systems or the control of small dosages for applications in the field of medical technology – solenoid valves are the enabling technology for the precise management of process media in the form of fluids or gases. Their function is to electronically control processes by converting electric signals into mechanic functions used to open and close valves.

Kendrion Kuhnke is one of the leading technology partners in this field. At its Malente premises in the Schleswig-Holstein region of Germany, the company develops and produces solenoid valves for more than 50 years. During all this time, the company was known as a pace maker in this technology field. For example, it is considered one of the founders of the new field of miniature pneumatics which developed in the earls 1960s.

“Today, our focus in on small to miniaturized solenoid valves,” Daniel Grosse, Manager Fluid Technology at Kendrion Kuhnke explains the position of his company. He knows exactly what kind of requirements are at the center of interest today: “Whether they are used as switching solenoid valves for compressed air and water or for the proportional control of gases – our solenoid valves demonstrate their advantages, wherever best-possible performance needs to be packed into a minimum of space.”

Especially for the medical and dental technology, Kuhnke has developed specialized solenoid valves. They are integrated into the metering and mixing units of therapeutic devices. Such applications do not only need to conform to especially high hygienic standards. They also require extreme low-noise operation.

The same is true of laboratory technology, where solenoid valves are used to control actuators and guarantee the exact flow of gases and fluids. In this field, one vital aspect is the compatibility to a wide range of process media.

Solenoid valves also play a vital role in fuel cells, as well as cogeneration and biogas plants. Kendrion Kuhnke not only holds all certificates required for this technology area. The company is also known for product characteristics, such as durability and availability in combination with low power consumption.

For further information, please visit]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 13:13:14 +0200
<![CDATA[20 years of NORD in the Czech Republic]]> Wed, 27 Aug 2014 12:34:38 +0200 <![CDATA[See how to create space solutions from containers...]]>
CONTAINEX office cabins can be combined to modular buildings of any size.

Your advantages:
buildings up to 3 storeys high
individual floor layout
Equipment for various applications
Painting according to CTX-RAL-chart

Possibile uses: office complex, site offices, sales offices, bank branches, repair shops, storage rooms, petrol stations, restaurants, pharmacies, school classrooms, kindergartens, training classrooms, canteens, VIP areas, organisation offices, media centres, concierge boxes, locker rooms, military camps, mobile hospitals, first aid rooms, waste sites, laboratories/research areas and many more.]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 12:19:13 +0200
<![CDATA[IXARC Rotary Encoders - Designed For Challenging Environments]]> POSITAL is excited to introduce the new IXARC high performance magnetic encoder in a heavy duty version. With an IP68/IP69K rating, high shock and vibration resistance and high load bearing shafts, these encoders are built to last in the most abusive environments.

Water Proof for Harsh Environments
Water damage is a common problem for many sensors, but not for the IXARC heavy duty rotary encoder. Whether it is pressure washing an excavator or salt spray on a ship, with an IP68/IP69K environmental rating and optional stainless steel housings, these sensors are built for years of reliable use.
Compact and Robust Housings

The IP68/IP69K IXARC heavy duty rotary encoder has a diameter of only 36/42 mm which makes it a compact solution for many applications with limited installation space. Moreover, its rugged housing, hardened shaft and extraordinary sealing provide protection against wear and corrosion.

SSI and Incremental Interface
IXARC High Performance encoders are available with incremental and SSI interfaces to suit your application.

Incremental Interface
- Up to 16384 pulses per revolution
- Available with HTL(Push-Pull)/TTL(RS422)

SSI Interface
- Available with resolutions up to 16 bit singleturn and 22 bit multiturn
- Ability to configure preset and counting direction

With over 120,000 IXARC encoders available, POSITAL offers unique sensors to meet the needs of industries such as:
- Mobile Machines
- Material Handling
- Marine
- Metal Forming
- Mining
- Oil & Gas]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 12:12:05 +0200
<![CDATA[E-Series Screw Jack Brochure]]>
The new look brochure provides detailed information on the Metric Machine Screw Jack, Stainless Steel Machine Screw Jack and Metric Ball Screw Jack.

The Metric Machine Screw Jack is available in many standard models with a wide range of capabilities; there is a standard model for almost any requirement.

The Stainless Steel Machine Screw Jack is designed for use in harsh and corrosive environments.

The ball screw jack version provides a high efficiency screw jack delivering higher performance or reduced power consumption.

The E-Series Screw Jacks range in capacity from 5kN to 1000kN as standard, with translating and rotating options.

Application examples, performance data and dimensions are provided in the brochure. As well as this, special designs, screw jack accessories and an Engineering Guide are included.

The English version of the brochure is now available to view and download from our website, follow the link.]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 11:51:27 +0200
<![CDATA[Cefem Industries will attend the Innotrans show to be held in Berlin from September 23 to 26 2014]]>
Working only on customer specifications, rail is a natural application of our expertise.

On this occasion, please visit us on our stand located:

Hall 17 - Stand 110

This very special moment will allow you to expose us your requirements for future railway developments.]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 11:41:16 +0200
<![CDATA[Small individual components to large combinations, extensive knowledge, extensive ability, extensive products:]]>
jbj Techniques deal with customer needs; products for new systems design and support, and most importantly limiting existing machinery downtime.

jbj Techniques Limited celebrating 40 years this September, established 1974, manufacturer and distributor of quality products for mechanical & fluid power transmission.

Extensive knowledge, extensive ability, extensive products.

Customer needs are the centre of our business.]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 11:28:33 +0200
<![CDATA[Float Level Controller—DDTOP]]>
Main technical parameters
Contact capacity: AC 220VA, DC50W
(intrinsically safe type is only for 24V);
Power supply: AC 220V, DC 24V;
Permissible current: AC 1A, DC 2A;
Contact type: SPDT (one is normal open, one is normal close)
Ambient temperature: -40oC~+80oC
Operating temperature: -40℃~+135℃
Medium density: ≥0.45g/cm3
Wetted material: 304, 316L or on request
Flange standard: HG/T20592-2009
HG/T20615-2009 or on request
Power supply inlet: M20×1.5 (female thread) or on request
Explosion-proof: Explosion isolating ExdⅡBT4, intrinsically safe ExiaⅡCT4
Protection class: IP67
Relative equipment: Safety barrier (see safety barrier recommendation sheet)]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 05:34:22 +0200
<![CDATA[YTG804 gas-lubricated mechanical seal]]>
1. Pressure: 0~20MPa
2. Temperature: -104~180(350)℃
3. Speed: 1000~18000 r/min
4. Shaft Size: 50~200mm
5. Linear Speed: up to 160m/s

1. Metal material: 316L/hastelloy C
2. Seal rings: SSIC/carbon
3. O-rings: C-rings or Karez

Design features:
1. Adopt the advanced hydrodynamic groove design to ensure reliable operation.
2. Rotary seal ring material is light, minimizing the impact of seals on the compressor rotor dynamic performance.
3. Tandem structure with intermediate comb can assure secondary leakage gas emission to the atmosphere does not include process gas.
4. Non-contact operation, long life (more than 5 years), low power consumption; cartridge seal for easy installation on site.

1. Ethylene Equipment:cracking gas compressor, ethylene compressor, propylene compressor, etc.
2. Ethylene Follow-up Equipment: epoxy ethane compressor, glycol compressor, butanol and octanol compressor.
3. Fertilizer Equipment:ammonia compressor, synthesis gas compressor, carbon dioxide compressor, etc.
4. Methanol Equipment: feed gas compressor, natural gas compressor, CO2 compressor, synthesis gas compressor.
5. Oil Refining Equipment:catalyze and coking rich gas compressor, hydrotreating and hydrocracking recycle hydrogen compressor, etc
6. Natural Gas Power Generation Industry:natural gas compressor.
7. Coal Chemical Equipment: synthesis gas compressor, propylene compressor, CO2 compressor, etc.

Long-term Cooperation With The Following Engine Company
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 03:47:39 +0200
<![CDATA[DC planetary geared motor,OD 22mm]]>
Gearbox OD: 22mm
Rated voltage: 3 to 24V DC or customized voltage
Gearbox length: 18.1 to 39.3mm
Reduction ratio: 1:3.4 to 1:2548
Rated torque: 6 to 588mN*m
Rated speed: 4 to 2,350rpm

The typical applications:

Household appliances
Office equipment
Electric toys and models
Medical appliance
CCTV cameras
Automotive products
Building automation
Industrial automation and more

Primary Competitive Advantages:

Green Product
Prompt Delivery
Small Orders Accepted

Planetary gearboxes have the highest continuous torque capacity of all types of gearbox.
At the same time they have a very compact form, low-weight, and excellent efficiency.Self-centering planet gears ensure a symmetrical force distribution
The ring gear also forms the housing of the gearbox.The gearbox output shaft is supported in two ball bearings so that it can withstand high-axial and radial loads
The gearboxes are customized, e.g. for used in especially low ambient temperatures, or as high-power gearboxes with reinforced output shafts, or with special lubricants for very long service lifespan
For high-torque, high-performance applications, the ideal combination would be the robust Dongguan silent planetary gear heads combined with micro motors
For applications requiring medium to high-torque, Dongguan silent offers planetary gear heads with high-performance metal construction
Planetary gear heads are offered with several shaft bearings including sintered, ceramic, and ball bearings

Main Export Markets:

Eastern Europe
North America
Central/South America
Western Europe
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 03:33:23 +0200
<![CDATA[Halogen leak detector HLD-200+]]>

Main Features:

• Single light diode displays the leak degree in large range in the form of "Gradually Lights The Light".
• Providing 6 levels of sensitivity to set the real-time cycle adjustment
• Battery checked function with tricolor display
• Detect all kinds of halogenated refrigerants.
• Easy operation with pushbutton
• The high effective true mechanical pumping provides positive airflow through sensing tip, which can improve the sensitivity and response speed.


1 The leak-detect in vocation of freeze, refrigeration, and air-conditioner.

2 The leak-detect for Air-Conditioner in the car.

3 It will respond to all Halogen gases (including Chlorine and Fluorine). Including CFCS E.g. R12, R11, R500, R503 Etc.
HCFCS E.g. R22, R123, R124, R502 Etc
HFCS E.g. R134a, R404a. R125 Etc.
And other mixtures, E.g. AZ-50, HP62, MP-39, Etc.

4 Detect Ethylene Oxide Gas leaks in hospital sterilising equipment (it will detect the Homogenate carrier gas.

5 Detect SF-6 in high voltage circuit breaks.

6 Detect most gases including Chlorine ,Fluorine And Bromine (Halogen Gas).

7 Detect cleaning agents used in dry cleaning applications such as Per Chloroethyl.

8 Detect halogen gases in fire-extinguishing system.]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 01:08:22 +0200
<![CDATA[SSP series screw impeller sewage pump]]>
Typical applications:
• Industrial effluents
• Raw unscreened sewage
• Viscous sludges
• Return activated sludges
• Drainage/Stormwater
• Process Waste

The impeller comprises a single spiral vane, with large open passages, which makes a long slow turn from the axial inlet to the radial outlet. The design provides optimum hydraulic performance giving.]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[NEW Monitor AMI Hydrogen QED ]]>
The analyzer is fitted with the SwanSensor Hydrogen, a precise measuring cell which was developed for the well-known AMI INSPECTOR Hydrogen. As a special feature, the new monitor is equipped with a faraday electrode and control unit for the automatic and/or manual verification. Together with the automatic air pressure and temperature compensation this new monitor is a highly reliable, precise and accurate instrument.

With its wide measurement range from 0.1 to 800 ppb or 0 to 50% saturation (at 25°C) the AMI Hydrogen QED is the ideal instrument for state of the art corrosion trend tracking in your water steam cycle.

Monitor for the continuous measurement of dissolved hydrogen in water steam cycles. Integrated auto verification with faraday electrode setup.
Range: 0,1 - 800 ppb or 0-50 % saturation (at 25°C).
Automatic air pressure and temperature compensation.
Faraday electrode and control unit for the automatic or manual verification.
Factory tested, ready for use.

Parameters such as pH, oxygen, iron, hydrogen and others are directly related to corrosion control and frequently used for monitoring corrosion.

Hydrogen monitoring is becoming important in corrosion monitoring for water steam cycle. Corrosion occurs in the presence of water contact with iron at high temperature. According to the Schikorr reaction, hydrogen is released as a by-product during the formation of the magnetite and hematite layer in the power plant. Therefore its concentration is a direct measure of the rate of corrosion.]]>
Wed, 27 Aug 2014 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[Non-contact thickness measurement gauge launched]]>
The Microtrak 3 TGS is a non-contact laser thickness gauge system that can measure up to 40 mm thickness with 0.06% FSR linearity, ideal for measuring to a wide range of material types such as fiberglass, plastic, sheet metal, composite materials and paper products. The MicrotrakTM 3 TGS is the ideal tool for automated thickness control with features that simplifies thickness applications through high speed internal sampling and digital thickness computation, reducing error often encountered traditional analog summing methods. Additionally, Microtrak 3 TGS can measure high frequency motions because no part of the sensor needs to stay in contact with the object, making them ideal for high speed production line applications.]]>
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 21:16:19 +0200
<![CDATA[Installed once – sealed twice]]>
An underwater roll-up system is without any doubt the most elegant solution to move a swimming pool cover. It requires no space at the surface, as it disappears when rolled up and is almost invisible under the water (Fig. 3). Nevertheless, with this solution, the technical challenge is that the winding shaft, together with the electrical drive, remains permanently under water (Fig. 2) Therefore, to avoid expensive maintenance and repair work, long-term watertight and maintenance-free drives are a must.

This sounds obvious, but it is not so: "Many of the drives available today on the market do not meet these requirements and show failures due to leaks after some time" explains Stefan Schmid, PoolCoverDrive Product Manager at the drives specialist Framo Morat in Eisenbach. "These often occur in the cable or cable entry area." So the Black Forest manufacturers developed a reliable solution in the form of a dual-housing tubular motor: Schmid explains: "We can offer our customers a system that is absolutely watertight and corrosion-resistant thanks to the AQUASEAL technology".

Dual housing, double tightness
How have these high watertightness requirements been met? The motor-gear unit is housed in a watertight metal housing that is enclosed in a second, also watertight and corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing (Fig. 1). A special chlorinated water and saltwater-resistant shaft seal ensures that no water can enter through the drive shaft side. As the housing sealing, the shaft sealing has a redundant design, and an additional grease barrier is inserted between the two sealing lips.
The electrical connection that uses stainless steel connectors meeting the IP68 protection level is also watertight. A special internal encapsulation of the connection wires prevents reliably from water ingress into the inside, even when disconnected or in case of cable sheath damage. Advantage: Unlike conventional drives, the PoolCoverDrive does not require replacement if its cable is damaged. The electrical connection is ensured by a connection cable with a reinforced chlorinated water and saltwater-resistant PVC sheath and by shielded signal lines.
The complete encapsulation of the drive leads to another risk of corrosion due to the development of condensation water inside the housing. This is prevented thanks to a measure that is both simple and efficient, that will of course not be revealed for competition reasons: "The decisive point for the user is that no risk of corrosion has to be feared for the drive, neither from the outside nor from the inside. And this for a very long time."
The Swiss company Bieri Alpha Covers AG, the pilot user of this new drive solution, is very impressed by its thought-out design: "Our functional and tightness endurance test runs have all been positive", says Torsten Blaser, Manager of Bieri Alpha Covers. "This is why we already use Framo Morat’s tubular motor in our present roll-up systems."

In order to detect material defects or assembly errors and to correct them on site of necessary, Framo Morat moreover invested in a tightness test station especially developed for the PoolCoverDrive. Every drive is subjected to a 100% tightness test before delivery. "This test station is surely a unique feature in this branch of activity. It allows us to almost exclude early failures that would occur shortly after commissioning" according to Stefan Schmid.

Non-contact holding brake prevents from seizing

Besides the absolute watertightness and corrosion resistance, the swimming pool application poses another challenge: since the pool covers – at least in our latitudes – remain closed for several months every year, the holding brake shall not seize during theses long standstill periods, which would lead to a premature replacement of the drive. Framo Morat solved this problem with a wear-free, contactless permanent magnet brake that generates a holding torque exceeding 350 Nm when the motor stands still. "This prevents the pool cover from unwinding due to its buoyancy, but the contactless operation also prevents the seizing of the brake linings after long standstill periods" confirms Stefan Schmid. "The motor starts immediately, even after several months of standstill, as if it had been in operation the day before."
With a rated torque of 300 Nm at a winding shaft speed of 3 RPM, the PoolCoverDrive is designed for pool widths up to 12 m. It can be used with all usual controllers, the supply voltage is 24 VDC. With two pulses per motor revolution (which corresponds to 2000 pulses per output shaft revolution) the encoder resolution has been kept as low as possible to avoid overloading the controller with a huge flow of data. The two signals – with a 90° phase shift – offer the possibility to process, in addition to travel information, also the direction of rotation of the drive. If the direction of rotation is not required, the second signal can be used for redundancy: even in case of a – highly improbable – failure of one of the two Hall sensors, the drive has not to be removed from the water, a simple reconnecting of the signal wires on the controller is sufficient.
Torque is transmitted to the winding shaft be means of a rotary plastic disk out of chlorine-resistant POM mounted on the drive shaft. A stainless steel pin ensures positive torque transmission from the output shaft to the plastic disk. At the opposite end of the motor, a POM plastic ring serves as a bearing for the winding shaft. A square flange is used for the installation of the drive in the pool and as a backdriving torque support (cp. Fig. 1). The drive disk and bearing ring diameter is adapted customer-specifically to the winding shaft diameter.

About Framo Morat
Framo Morat develops and realizes drive ideas from single spur wheels over planetary gears and worm gears, up to complete geared motors. Together with the sister company F. Morat & Co. GmbH, which specializes in plastic injection molding, we manufacture in the Eisenbach "Gear Valley" technically complex drive solutions which combine both the advantages of metals and those of technical plastics. Today, the Companies of the Franz Morat Group, which also includes subsidiaries in the USA and in the Netherlands, count about 550 employees.]]>
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 17:37:22 +0200
<![CDATA[MAXON EMEA expands sales network in High Growth Regions]]> Tue, 26 Aug 2014 15:02:23 +0200 <![CDATA[Haas grinding machines equipped with Waldmann LED machine luminaires]]> The enthusiasm for technology among Haas engineers is demonstrated by the continuous development of trend-setting grinding machines and grinding processes ever since 1934. Scarcely any product or process produced by the mechanical engineering company is therefore more than three years old.

Those who set trends also expect innovations from their suppliers. The individual parts of the Haas grinding machines are therefore always of the highest technical standard. And because lighting is an important consideration in relation to safety and precision of manual activities in machines, the classic tube luminaires used previously have been replaced by modern MACH LED PLUS machine luminaires from Waldmann. Not only does this translate into energy savings of 70 percent in terms of consumption, the lighting quality in the machine workroom is also significantly better. With such a cleverly designed product as the MACH LED PLUS, the switch to the LED solution was effortless. This is because the luminaire diameter of 70 mm and option to connect to 100/120/220-240 V make it compatible with the classic tube luminaires.]]>
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 12:55:38 +0200
<![CDATA[Relays that protect electrical equipment and installations against transient overvoltage]]>
Class B (Class I)
Compact equipments for all distribution systems.
Visual indication of a fault in the equipment.
High discharge capacity via “Spark gap” technology.
With thermal separation device.
Remote signalling of the protection status.

Class B+C (Class I+II)
The same characteristics that Class B (Class I) but plug-in protection modules wihch facilitate maintenance.

Class C (Class II)
The same characteristics that Class B+C and using individual devices instead of compact ones, they can be installed in:

(1) TN-S System:

2 units of VP C40 275/1 1F+N+PE
3 units of VP C40 275/1 2F+N+PE o 3F+PE
4 units of VP C40 275/1 3F+N+PE
(2) TN-C System:

2 units of VP C40 275/1 2F+NPE
3 units of VP C40 275/1 3F+NPE
(3) TT System:

1 unit of VP C40 275/1 + 1 unit VP C40 250/NPE 1F+N
2 units of VP C40 275/1 + 1 unit VP C40 250/NPE 2F+N
3 units of VP C40 275/1 + 1 unit VP C40 250/NPE 3F+N o 3F]]>
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 12:26:40 +0200
<![CDATA[DIRIS B-30 Wireless power monitoring device]]> The DIRIS B-30 is connected to current sensors (RJ12 connection) that are suitable for all types of installation: solid TE, split-core TR, and flexible TF current sensors.]]> Tue, 26 Aug 2014 12:25:29 +0200 <![CDATA[Low-cost automation for machine tools - cassette buffer magazine and gripper from AMF]]> Here we offer you an efficient alternative to expensive robots or automation cells. Existing shift models can be supplemented simply and flexibly by one or more worker-free shifts. This dramatically increases your machine run time and makes your entire production more economical.

The advantages at a glance:
> Economical and flexible automation solution
> Production of different workpieces in one loading
> Simple control by means of M-commands
> Cassette buffer magazine serves as storage and/or transport unit
> Combined application of various gripper types

Talk to us about it!]]>
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 11:49:22 +0200
<![CDATA[Self-service beer dispenser with faytech’s touch screen monitors]]> Tue, 26 Aug 2014 11:12:54 +0200 <![CDATA[GESERCO - CLM Portable mini Lab ]]>
The GESERCO CLM kit is a stand alone kit designed for monitoring on the engine operation site 6 major characteristics of the lubricating oil:

Water contents
Carbon matters contens
Residual detergent capacity
Residual dispersant capacity
The tests are simple and rapid, and the kit includes comprehensive information allowing the engineer to make immediate decisions for maintaining and safeguarding the Motor.]]>
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 10:36:22 +0200
<![CDATA[Character COG LCD Module]]>
The 16*2 character dot matrix is JIYA Grand launch of this product a standard without buyers pay the tooling costs.

This product uses the compact COG (chip on glass) package with interface site using a metal PIN connections, so that the entire volume of the product compared to the traditional COB products smaller, lighter, less power consumption.

Monochrome FSTN, positive, half transparent appear, black on a white background,

Dimensions 49.7*25.30 (mm),
Character size is 2.21*4.68 (mm),
Dot size is 0.41*0.55 (mm),
Operating temperature:-20-70 ℃
Storage temperature is-30-80℃,
Driver ic ST7032,
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 10:21:40 +0200
<![CDATA[Indexable inserts cut the mustard]]>
Tübingen, 25 August 2014 – Powerful, precise, reliable – that’s the principle of success behind the Walter BLAXX family of indexable milling tools. With new cartridges for the F2010 face mill, Walter is making the performance of tangential indexable inserts available for adjustable face milling as well.

With the new FR751M and FR752M cartridges, Walter is combining tried-and-tested technology with the latest developments in machining. A range which includes shoulder mills, porcupine cutters and slitting cutters, the Walter BLAXX family of cutters has been proving itself in the market for a good one and a half years now. The F2010 face mill with adjustable axial runout, on the other hand, is a classic among the Walter range. Its great advantage: thanks to its flexible cartridge construction, the tool is always up-to-date with the latest developments in machining technology. The basic body remains the same, but the cartridges containing the insert seats can be easily exchanged.

Tangential indexable inserts (LNHU) and Tiger•tec Silver® cutting material technology form the backbone of Walter BLAXX. Up to 30 percent higher feed rates are possible. What’s more, the cutters also possess precision-ground indexable inserts with a high level of accuracy, and high-precision tool bodies. Machinists using Walter BLAXX often no longer require a separate finishing tool: These are all benefits that Walter customers now no longer have to go without when face milling.

What makes the F2010 a proper Walter BLAXX? Wolfgang Vötsch, Senior Product Manager for Milling at Walter AG knows three answers:

A true great: Our Walter BLAXX shoulder mill produces precise, almost step-free 90° shoulders. However, the system is only available for tool diameters up to 160 millimetres. The F2010 face mill, on the other hand, can be used up to a diameter of 315 millimetres. Customers who use both systems contacted me, asking: When will the cartridges finally be available with the high-performance Walter BLAXX tangential inserts?

Finesse: The F2010 can also be used for fine finishing. The cartridges can be used to adjust the axial runout of the indexable inserts axially with micrometre precision. This allows the user to achieve a particularly fine milling pattern and a high-quality surface finish. In this application, the Walter BLAXX tangential geometries with Tiger•tec Silver® cutting material can demonstrate their strengths to the full.

Sharp blades: Walter BLAXX indexable inserts undergo continuous further development. At present, we offer the L55T as a universal geometry and the L85T, which has a particularly sharp cutting edge for machining aluminium. The inserts are available in three sizes. We provide the F2010 cartridges for two of them. Users can cover small and medium cutting depths, that’s to say 8 and 12 millimetres, and depending on the particular application, switch between the universal and aluminium geometry.]]>
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 09:36:49 +0200
<![CDATA[ Elmo Showcases its Extreme Motion Control Servo Drives at UAV Bordeaux Show 2014]]>
Elmo’s field proven Gold ExtrIQ Line is a standard series of durable motion control products designed, manufactured and tested for complex applications requiring high performance in harsh environments from -40° C to + 70° C, mechanical vibrations up to 14 grms and with space limitations. The entire Gold ExtrIQ Line maintains unmatched servo performance, compact sizes, high efficiency, negligible EMI, reliability and answers any servo requirement. The durability is verified by the most severe Environmental, EMC and Safety Standards.

Elmo’s Gold Bee NANO servo drive, the newest member to the Gold ExtrIQ Line, delivers an ultra-high current of 50A/100VDC and provides over 4000 watts in 8.7 cm3 (0.53 inch3) will be on exhibit. This powerful and reliable servo drive weighs just 22 grams (0.77 oz.).

Also on exhibit will be the super compact Gold Eagle operating from a DC power source in ultra-high current. The servo drive delivers up to 11500 watts of continuous power. It operates in current, velocity, position and advanced position modes, in conjunction with a permanent-magnet synchronous brushless motor, DC brush motor, linear motor or voice coil.

Another impressive solution on display will be the Gold Hornet Series, ultra-miniature servo drives. This advanced and integrated high power density servo drive weighs 106 grams (3.74 oz.) and delivers up to 1600 watts of continuous power and 3200 watts of peak power.

Elmo’s feature rich Gold Lion Controller is a ready-to-use embedded motion controller specifically designed for servo drives in harsh environments resulting in high-level customization that offers tremendous design flexibility.

Elmo Motion Control together with its French representative A2V Mecatronique will exhibit at the UAV Show taking place September 9-11, 2014 in Bordeaux-Merignac Aeroparc. An impressive series of robust motion control products for harsh environments will be on view at Booth #91.]]>
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 07:31:13 +0200
<![CDATA[High Power Wire Wound Resistors with power up to 20kW]]>
- support multi-resistances per resistor requirement ( Multi-Terminals )
- support very small ( milli ohm ) and high resistance range
- support Precision Resistance tolerance

- Accept both large and small quantity orders and credit cards.
- Prompt Delivery, within 2 - 9 days! e-mail us for pricing.]]>
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 06:31:58 +0200
<![CDATA[BT-90 Nano particle size analyzer]]> 1. Size range: 1nm∼9500nm (In connection with sample)
2. Concentration: 0.1mg/ml ∼ 100mg/ml (in connection with sample).
3. Tank capacity: 0.5ml, 8ml.
4. Temperature control range of cell: 15°C∼45°C.
5. Laser source: solid optical fiber laser, 20 mW, 635 nm
6. Angle of scattering: 90°.
7. Detector: PMT (photomultiplier).
8. Correlator: 200 pcs physical channels
9. Connection Port: USB
10. Operating System: Win XP, Win7.
11. Environmental conditions: 10°C ~ 75°C, humidity 0% ~ 95%, no condensation]]>
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 05:00:46 +0200
<![CDATA[Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Sheet Metal]]>
Product Features
Imported high-precision grinding pinion and rack drive
Imported high-precision double linear guide
AC servo motor drive system
Fixed cutting worktable
Capable of carrying pipe cutting device

Technical Parameters
Cutting Area(Length×Width) 3000mm×1500mm
X-axis Travel 3048mm
Y-axis Travel 1524mm
Z-axis Travel 150mm Monitor 15″LCD
X/Y Axis Geometric Positioning Accuracy ≤0.05mm
X/Y Axis Repeat Positioning Accuracy ≤0.03mm
Max Table Load 800Kg
X/Y Axis Max Positioning Speed 60m/min
Weight 8T
X/Y Axis Max Acceleration 1G
Total Capacity 50KVA
Cutting Width 0.1mm-0.5mm
Cutting Roughness Ra3.2-25.4um
Nominal Voltage 380V
Thickness Range 0.5mm-20mm
Min Unit 0.001mm]]>
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 03:22:53 +0200
<![CDATA[Cost-effective, precision distance measurement]]>
The new capaNCDT 6110 is successor to the capaNCDT 6100. The compact controller stands out due its high performance and low cost, which makes it particularly suitable for OEM and high volume applications. System resolution is 0.015 % FSO at a bandwidth of 1 kHz. The standard system components are available from stock. The capaNCDT 6110 is compatible with all sensors of the capaNCDT series.

Capacitive displacement measurement is one of the most precise methods of non-contact displacement measurement. The sensor and target act as electrodes of an ideal plate-type capacitor. The change of distance between the plates influences the total system capacity. The distance to the measurement object may be determined proportionally via the amplitude of the alternating voltage on the sensor. Typical capaNCDT 6110 applications can be found in automation systems, semiconductor production, mechanical engineering, medicine and test cells.]]>
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 00:00:00 +0200
<![CDATA[FRITSCH • Milling and Sizing! - Innovations at POWTECH 2014!]]>
Convince yourself and discover the new models of the FRITSCH premium line as well as further interesting innovations in the field of particle sizing live during POWTECH 2014!
Hall 5 • Booth 5-362

FRITSCH Size-reduction
- Jaw Crusher PULVERISETTE 1 premium line
The most powerful FRITSCH Jaw Crusher ever: up to 3 kW drive power ensure an exceptionally high throughput during pre-crushing of hard and very hard brittle materials.

As well as 2 further models of the new high-tech laboratory mills FRITSCH premium line – at present in the final test phase
- Planetary Mono Mill PULVERISETTE 6 premium line
Premium performance for wet and dry grinding, mechanical alloying, mixing and homogenising with reliable results down into the nano range.
- Variable Speed Rotor Mill PULVERISETTE 14 premium line
Due to the multi-functional tool system, the Variable Speed Rotor Mill premium line combines 3 instruments in one – impact rotor, cutting rotor and knife insert.
You should be excited!

FRITSCH Particle Sizing
- Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer
For analysis of particle shape and size of dry, free-flowing powders and bulk solids in a measuring range from 20 µm to 20 mm. Ideal for easy quality control and the fast alternative to sieving.

- AutoSampler for Laser Particle Sizers ANALYSETTE 22 MicroTec plus and NanoTec plus
Ideal for the automation of measurement series: 26 positions for 40 ml containers are available for complete sample feeding, automatic measurement and cleaning.

- Small Volume Wet Dispersion Unit for Laser Particle Sizers ANALYSETTE 22 MicroTec plus / NanoTec plus
The NEW Small Volume Wet Dispersion Unit is suitable for all kinds of dispersion liquids and needs only 50 ml liquid for the whole measuring circuit. Automatic measurement, cleaning and analysis are guaranteed.
You should have a look!

Laboratories worldwide rely on our quality and experience – for fast industrial applications as well as for especially accurate results in industry- and research laboratories.

Drop in! You will be surprised!
POWTECH 2014 – Hall 5 • Booth 5-362

Our experts are looking forward to your questions and gladly advise you in all laboratory technology related enquiries.]]>
Mon, 25 Aug 2014 17:35:33 +0200